Super Bowl XLIX Media Guide

Media Information

The NBC Sports Communications Department is available to assist media with information, photos and interview requests for Super Bowl XLIX.

The NBC Sports Communications office is located at the Phoenix Convention Center, Second Floor (200 level), Conference Room 213 B, from Monday, Jan. 26-Saturday, Jan. 31. On game day, Sunday, Feb. 1, the NBC Sports Communications Department will be located on-site at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Office Information

Monday, January 26 to Saturday, January 31: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mountain Time
Phone: 602-223-5115

Sunday, February 1: 9 a.m.- game conclusion Mountain Time
Phone: 203-326-6076, 203-326-6070

Press Events


NBC Sports Group executives and producers will join members of the Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl Pre-Game Show broadcast teams for the NBC Sports' Super Bowl XLIX press conference on Tuesday, Jan. 27, at 5 p.m. ET/3 p.m. MT at the Super Bowl Media Center.

  • WHO:
    • NBC Sports Group Executives and Producers (Mark Lazarus, Chairman; Sam Flood, Executive Producer; Fred Gaudelli, Super Bowl XLIX Producer; Drew Esocoff, Super Bowl XLIX Director)
    • Super Bowl XLIX Broadcast Team (Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya)
    • Members of the Super Bowl Pre-Game Show Broadcast Team (Bob Costas, Josh Elliott, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison and Hines Ward)
  • WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 5 p.m. ET/3 p.m. MT
  • WHERE: Super Bowl Media Center, Press Conference Room "B"


NBC Sports' Super Bowl XLIX broadcast team of Al Michaels (play-by-play), Cris Collinsworth (analyst), and Michele Tafoya (sideline reporter), and Super Bowl XLIX producer Fred Gaudelli will preview Super Bowl XLIX on a media conference call, Tuesday, Jan. 27 at 2:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. MT.

  • WHO: Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya, producer Fred Gaudelli
  • WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 27, at 2:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. MT
  • NUMBER: 785-830-1926
  • PASSCODE: 8679918


Members of NBC Sports' Super Bowl Pre-Game Show broadcast team, featuring Dan Patrick (co-host), Tony Dungy (analyst), Rodney Harrison (analyst), and executive producer Sam Flood will preview Super Bowl XLIX on a media conference call on Wednesday, Jan. 28, at 3 p.m. ET/1 p.m. MT.

  • WHO: Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, executive producer Sam Flood
  • WHEN: Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 3 p.m. ET/1 p.m. MT
  • NUMBER: 719-457-2646
  • PASSCODE: 5988356


For talent headshots and photography please access:

NBC Sports Communications Staff

Greg Hughes SVP, Communications
Cell: 404-394-3700
Chris McCloskey VP, Communications
Cell: 347-331-3593
Dan Masonson VP, Communications
Cell: 917-501-9205
Alex Rozis Director, Communications
Cell: 415-609-0749
Carol Ko Director, Internal Communications
Cell: 347-996-9919
Patricia Gounardes Publicist, Internal Communications
Cell: 917-435-8836

Interview Requests:
For Super Bowl XLIX Pre-Game Talent and Executives: Chris McCloskey
For Super Bowl XLIX Talent and Executives: Dan Masonson
For Technology: Alex Rozis
For Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski: Alex Rozis, Carol Ko

NBCUniversal Super Bowl Programming

Monday, Jan. 26
The Dan Patrick Show9 a.m. ETNBCSN
Pro Football Talk5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
Titulares Y Mas11:35 p.m. ETTelemundo
Tuesday, Jan. 27
The Dan Patrick Show9 a.m. ETNBCSN
Pro Football Talk5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
NHL Live7 p.m. ETNBCSN
Titulares Y Mas11:35 p.m. ETTelemundo
Wednesday, Jan. 28
The Dan Patrick Show9 a.m. ETNBCSN
Pro Football Talk5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
NHL Live7 p.m. ETNBCSN
Feherty Live10 p.m. ETGolf Channel
Titulares Y Mas11:35 p.m. ETTelemundo
Thursday, Jan. 29
NFL Turning Point1:30 a.m. ETNBCSN
The Dan Patrick Show9 a.m. ETNBCSN
Access Hollywood11 a.m. ETNBC
Pro Football Talk5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
NHL Live6:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
Feherty Live10 p.m. ETGolf Channel
Titulares Y Mas11:35 p.m. ETTelemundo
Friday, Jan. 30
The Dan Patrick Show9 a.m. ETNBCSN
Access Hollywood11 a.m. ETNBC
Pro Football Talk5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
Nightly News with Brian Williams6:30 p.m. ETNBC
Hardball with Chris Matthews7 p.m. ETMSNBC
Morning Joe8 p.m. ETMSNBC
The Soup10 p.m. ETE!
Titulares Y Mas11:35 p.m. ETTelemundo
Saturday, Jan. 31
Premier League Live7 p.m. ETNBCSN/NBC
NBC Sports Radio12:00 p.m. ETRadio
Super Bowl Special3:30 p.m. ETTelemundo
Road to the Super Bowl4:00 p.m. ETNBC
Ritmo Deportivo4:30 p.m. ETTelemundo
Cris Collinsworth Special5:00 p.m. ETNBC
Nightly News with Brian Williams6:30 p.m. ETNBC
NFL Super Bowl Zone7:30 p.m. ETNBC Affiliates
Best of Saturday Night Live8:00 p.m. ETNBC
NFL Honors Award Show9:00 p.m. ETNBC
Titulares Telemundo11:00 p.m. ETTelemundo
Sunday, Feb. 1
Premier League Live7:30 a.m. ETNBCSN
TODAY 8:00 a.m. ETNBC
Meet the Press9:00 a.m. ETNBC
Super Bowl Pre-Game12:00 p.m. ETNBC
NHL Live1:00 p.m. ETNBCSN
Super Bowl XLIX6:00 p.m. ETNBC
Super Bowl en Espanol5:00 p.m. ETNBC Universo
Sunday Sports Report10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN
Titulares Telemundo11:00 p.m. ETTelemundo
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPost-Super Bowl XLIXNBC

NBC Sports Group Super Bowl XLIX Overview

Super Bowl Ratings History

Super Bowl Teams/Scores Stadium/City Network Broadcasters Rating Share AA-P2+ TA-P2+
  (000s) (000s)
I ('67) Green Bay (NFL) 35 Memorial Coliseum NBC/ Ray Scott, Jack Whitaker 23.0 44   34.7
  Kansas City (AFL) 10 Los Angeles, CA CBS Frank Gifford, Pat Summerall   50.4
  Curt Gowdy, Paul Christman,
  Charlie Jones (NBC)
II ('68) Green Bay (NFL) 33 Orange Bowl CBS Ray Scott, Pat Summerall 36.8 68   105.8
  Oakland (AFL) 14 Miami, FL
III ('69) New York (AFL) 16 Orange Bowl NBC Curt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis 36.0 70   54.5
  Baltimore (NFL) 7 Miami, FL   Kyle Rote
IV ('70) Kansas City (AFL) 23 Tulane Stadium CBS Jack Buck 39.4 69   59.2
  Minnesota (NFL) 7 New Orleans, LA   Pat Summerall
V ('71) Baltimore (AFC) 16 Orange Bowl NBC Curt Gowdy 39.9 75   58.5
  Dallas (NFC) 13 Miami, FL   Kyle Rote
VI ('72) Dallas (NFC) 24 Tulane Stadium CBS Ray Scott 44.2 74   67.3
  Miami (AFC) 3 New Orleans, LA   Pat Summerall
VII ('73) Miami (AFC) 14 Memorial Coliseum NBC Curt Gowdy 42.7 72   67.7
  Washington (NFC) 7 Los Angeles, CA   Al DeRogatis
VIII ('74) Miami (AFC) 24 Rice Stadium CBS Ray Scott, Bart Starr 41.6 73   63.2
  Minnesota (NFC) 7 Houston, TX   Pat Summerall
IX ('75) Pittsburgh (AFC) 16 Tulane Stadium NBC Curt Gowdy 42.4 72   71.3
  Minnesota (NFC) 6 New Orleans, LA   Al DeRogatis
X ('76) Pittsburgh (AFC) 21 Orange Bowl CBS Pat Summerall 42.3 78   73.3
  Dallas (NFC) 17 Miami, FL   Tom Brookshier
XI ('77) Oakland (AFC) 32 Rose Bowl NBC Curt Gowdy 44.4 73   72.0
  Minnesota (NFC) 14 Pasadena, CA   Don Meredith
XII ('78) Dallas (NFC) 27 Louisiana Superdome CBS Pat Summerall 47.2 67   102.0
  Denver (AFC) 10 New Orleans, LA   Tom Brookshier
XIII ('79) Pittsburgh (AFC) 35 Orange Bowl NBC Curt Gowdy, 47.1 74   96.6
  Dallas (NFC) 31 Miami, FL   John Brodie, Merlin Olsen
XIV ('80) Pittsburgh (AFC ) 31 Rose Bowl CBS Pat Summerall 46.3 67   97.8
  Los Angeles (NFC) 19 Pasadena, CA   Tom Brookshier
XV ('81) Oakland (AFC) 27 Louisiana Superdome NBC Dick Enberg 44.4 63   94.1
  Philadelphia (NFC) 10 New Orleans, LA   Merlin Olsen
XVI ('82) San Francisco (NFC ) 26 Silverdome CBS Pat Summerall 49.1 73   110.2
  Cincinnati (AFC) 21 Pontiac, MI   John Madden
XVII ('83) Washington (NFC) 27 Rose Bowl NBC Dick Enberg 48.6 69   109.1
  Miami (AFC) 17 Pasadena, CA   Merlin Olsen
XVIII ('84) L.A. Raiders (AFC) 38 Tampa Stadium CBS Pat Summerall 46.4 71   105.2
  Washington (NFC) 9 Tampa, FL   John Madden
XIX ('85) San Francisco (NFC) 38 Stanford Stadium ABC Frank Gifford, Don Meredith 46.4 63   115.9
  Miami (AFC) 16 Stanford, CA   Joe Theismann, Tom Landry
XX ('86) Chicago (NFC) 46 Louisiana Superdome NBC Dick Enberg 48.3 70   127.0
  New England (AFC) 10 New Orleans, LA   Merlin Olsen, Bob Griese
XXI ('87) N.Y Giants (NFC) 39 Rose Bowl CBS Pat Summerall 45.8 66   122.6
  Denver (AFC) 20 Pasadena, CA   John Madden
XXII ('88) Washington (NFC) 42 Jack Murphy Stadium ABC Frank Gifford 41.9 62 80.2 114.6
  Denver (AFC) 10 San Diego, CA   Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf
XXIII ('89) San Francisco (NFC) 20 Joe Robbie Stadium NBC Dick Enberg 43.5 68 81.6 111.0
  Cincinnati (AFC) 16 Miami, FL   Merlin Olsen
XXIV ('90) San Francisco (NFC) 55 Louisiana, Superdome CBS Pat Summerall 39.0 63 73.9 108.9
  Denver (AFC) 10 New Orleans, LA   John Madden
XXV ('91) NY Giants (NFC) 20 Tampa Stadium ABC Frank Gifford, 41.9 63 79.5 112.1
  Buffalo Bills (AFC) 19 Tampa, FL   Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf
XXVI ('92) Washington (NFC) 37 Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome CBS Pat Summerall 40.3 61 79.6 119.9
  Buffalo (AFC) 24 Minneapolis, MN   John Madden
XXVII ('93) Dallas (NFC) 52 Rose Bowl NBC Dick Enberg 45.1 66 91.0 133.4
  Buffalo (AFC) 17 Pasadena, CA   Bob Trumpy
XXVIII ('94) Dallas (NFC) 30 Georgia Dome NBC Dick Enberg 45.5 66 90.0 134.8
  Buffalo (AFC) 13 Atlanta, GA   Bob Trumpy
XXIX ('95) San Francisco (NFC) 49 Joe Robbie Stadium ABC Al Michaels, 41.3 62 83.4 125.2
  San Diego (AFC) 26 Miami, FL   Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf
XXX ('96) Dallas (NFC) 27 Sun Devil Stadium NBC Dick Enberg, 46.1 68 94.1 138.5
  Pittsburgh (AFC) 17 Tempe, AZ   Paul McGuire, Phil Simms
XXXI ('97) Green Bay (NFC) 35 Louisiana Superdome FOX Pat Summerall 43.3 65 87.9 128.9
  New England (AFC) 21 New Orleans, LA   John Madden
XXXII ('98) Denver (AFC) 31 Qualcomm Stadium NBC Dick Enberg, 44.5 67 90.0 133.4
  Green Bay (NFC) 24 San Diego, CA   Paul McGuire, Phil Simms
XXXIII ('99) Denver (AFC) 34 Pro Player Stadium FOX Pat Summerall 40.2 61 83.7 127.5
  Atlanta (NFC) 19 Miami, FL   John Madden
XXXIV ('00) St. Louis (NFC) 23 Georgia Dome ABC Al Michaels 43.3 63 88.5 130.7
  Tennessee (AFC) 16 Atlanta, GA   Boomer Esiason
XXXV ('01) Baltimore (NFC) 34 Raymond James Stadium CBS Greg Gumbell 40.4 61 84.3 131.2
  NY Giants (NFC) 7 Tampa, FL   Phil Simms
XXXVI ('02) New England (AFC) 20 Louisiana Superdome FOX Pat Summerall 40.4 61 86.8 131.7
  St. Louis (NFC) 17 New Orleans, LA   John Madden
XXXVII ('03) Tampa Bay (NFC) 48 Qualcomm Stadium ABC Al Michaels 40.7 61 88.6 138.9
  Oakland (AFC) 21 San Diego, CA   John Madden
XXXVIII ('04) New England (AFC) 32 Reliant Stadium CBS Greg Gumbel 41.4 63 89.8 144.3
  Carolina (NFC) 29 Houston, TX   Phil Simms
XXXIX ('05) New England (AFC) 24 ALLTELL Stadium FOX Joe Buck, Troy Aikman 41.1 62 86.1 133.7
  Philadelphia (NFC) 21 Jacksonville, FL   Cris Collinsworth
XL ('06) Pittsburgh (AFC) 21 Ford Field ABC Al Michaels 41.6 62 90.7 141.4
  Seattle (NFC) 10 Detroit, MI   John Madden
XLI ('07) Indianapolis (AFC) 29 Dolphin Stadium CBS Jim Nantz 42.7 64 93.2 139.8
  Chicago (NFC) 17 Miami, FL   Phil Simms
XLII ('08) New York Giants (NFC)17 University of Phoenix Stadium FOX Joe Buck 43.1 65 97.5 148.3
  New England (AFC) 14 Phoenix, AZ   Troy Aikman
XLIII ('09) Pittsburgh (AFC) 27 Raymond James Stadium NBC Al Michaels 42.0 64 98.7 151.6
  Arizona (NFC) 23 Tampa, FL   John Madden
XLIV ('10) New Orleans (NFC) 31 Sun Life Stadium CBS Jim Nantz 45.0 68 106.5 153.4
  Indianapolis (AFC) 17 Miami, FL   Phil Simms
XLV ('11) Green Bay (NFC) 31 Cowboys Stadium FOX Joe Buck 46.0 69 111.0 162.9
  Pittsburgh (AFC) 25 Arlington, TX   Troy Aikman
XLVI ('12) N.Y. Giants (NFC) 21 Lucas Oil Stadium NBC Al Michaels 47.0 71 111.3 159.2
  New England (AFC) 17 Indianapolis, IN   Cris Collinsworth
XLVII ('13) Baltimore (AFC) 34 Mercedes-Benz Superdome CBS Jim Nantz 46.4 69 108.7 164.1
  San Fransisco (NFC) 31 New Orleans, LA   Phil Simms
XLVIII ('14) Seattle (NFC) 43 Metlife Stadium FOX Joe Buck 46.7 69 108.7 164.1
  Denver (AFC) 8 East Rutherford, NJ   Troy Aikman

The History of the NFL on NBC

1939 – NBC broadcasts the first-ever NFL game on network television to the approximately 1,000 sets in New York City, a contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field.

1955 – NBC replaces DuMont as the network for the NFL title game, paying a rights fee of $100,000.

1961 – NBC awarded a two-year contract for radio and television rights to the NFL Championship Game for $615,000 annually.

A bill legalizing single-network television contracts by professional sports leagues is introduced in Congress by Rep. Emanuel Celler. It passes the House and Senate and is signed into law by President John F. Kennedy.

1963 – NBC awarded exclusive network broadcasting rights for the 1963 AFL Championship Game for $926,000.

1964 – The AFL signs a five-year, $36-million television contract with NBC to begin with the 1965 season.

1966 – The rights to the Super Bowl for four years are sold to CBS and NBC for $9.5 million.

1970 – Four-year television contracts, under which CBS would televise all NFC games and NBC all AFC games (except Monday night games) and the two would divide televising the Super Bowl and AFC-NFC Pro Bowl games, announced.

1977 – NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle negotiates contracts with the three television networks to televise all NFL regular-season and postseason games, plus selected preseason games, for four years beginning with the 1978 season. NBC received the rights to all AFC regular-season and postseason games (except those in the ABC Monday Night package) and to Super Bowls XIII and XV. Industry sources considered it the largest single television package ever negotiated.

1982 – The NFL signs a five-year contract with the three television networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to televise all NFL regular-season and postseason games starting with the 1982 season.

1986 – Chicago defeats New England 46-10 in Super Bowl XX on Jan. 26. The NBC telecast replaces the final episode of M*A*S*H as the most-viewed television program in history, with an audience of 127 million viewers, according to Nielsen figures, in addition to drawing a 48.3 rating and a 70 share.

1987 – New three-year TV contracts with ABC, CBS, and NBC are announced for 1987-89 at the NFL annual meeting in Maui, Hawaii.

1990 – New four-year TV agreements are ratified for 1990-93 for ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and TNT at the NFL annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. The contracts totaled $3.6 billion, the largest in TV history.

1998 – NBC ends a 33-year relationship with professional football declining to bid for the AFC package.

2005 – NBC is awarded the rights to the NFL's Sunday Night primetime package, which includes the 2009 and 2012 Super Bowls. Flexible scheduling is offered for the first time. The NFL in primetime (ABC's Monday Night Football concluded its 36th and final season in 2005) is the second longest-running network primetime show in history behind 60 Minutes.

2006 – NBC returns to the NFL, broadcasting its first NFL regular season game since 1997, the Thursday Night season opener between the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the Miami Dolphins. That Sunday night, "NBC Sunday Night Football" makes its debut, as Peyton's Indianapolis Colts meet Eli's New York Giants in the "Manning Bowl."

2007 – "Sunday Night Football" leads NBC to primetime wins in 11 of 16 Sunday nights.

2008 – "Sunday Night Football" leads NBC to primetime wins in 13 of 16 Sunday nights, is the No. 1 program of the season among the coveted 18-49 demographic and is the No. 1 program during November sweeps. Additionally, Week 15 Giants-Cowboys game draws 23.1 million viewers, the most ever for a "Sunday Night Football" game.

2009 – "Sunday Night Football" leads NBC to primetime wins in 15 of 16 Sunday nights, is the No. 1 program of the primetime television season among the coveted 18-49 demographic and is the second most-watched show in primetime.

  • Super Bowl XLIII is seen by a then-record 98.7 million viewers.
  • NFL and NBC agree to extension through 2013 season.

2010 – "Sunday Night Football" averaged 21.8 million viewers, ending the fall television season and the most-watched show in primetime, the first time on record (since the advent of people meters in 1987) that a sports series has been the most-watched show from the start of the primetime TV season to the end of the NFL regular season, and defeated its nightly competition every week.

2011 – The NFL and NBC agree on a landmark nine-year media rights extension making NBC the home of "Sunday Night Football" through the 2022 season. The agreement also includes the addition of a Thanksgiving night game, three Super Bowls, a Wild Card and Divisional Round playoff game, enhanced flex scheduling, Spanish-language rights, increased digital rights and increased use of NFL and NFL Films footage.

"Sunday Night Football" averaged 21.5 million viewers and became the first sports series to rank as primetime's No. 1 TV show in the full (Sept.-May) television season. In addition, 13 NBC primetime NFL games surpassed 20 million viewers, the most in the six-year "Sunday Night Football" history.

The critically acclaimed "Football Night in America," the most-watched sports studio show on television, had its best season ever, averaging a record 8.9 million viewers.

NBC's telecast of Super Bowl XLVI (Giants defeated Patriots) averaged 111.3 million viewers to rank as the most-watched program in U.S. television history.

2012 – "Sunday Night Football" averaged 21.4 million viewers and ranked as primetime TV's No. 1 show for the second consecutive full (Sept.-May) television season.

The Week 17 Cowboys-Redskins "Sunday Night Football" game on NBC ranked as the most-watched and highest-rated NFL regular-season primetime game ever on NBC and the most-watched NFL regular-season primetime game on any network in 16 years.

2013 – Carrie Underwood's performance of "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" debuts on NBC's Kickoff Weekend "Sunday Night Football" telecast. The "Sunday Night Football" bus is introduced.

"Sunday Night Football" averaged 21.7 million viewers to rank as primetime TV's No. 1 show for the third consecutive full (Sept.-May) television season. "SNF" averaged more than 21 million viewers for the fourth consecutive year, marking the first such four-year stretch for the NFL primetime package since 1993-96.

Six NBC NFL telecasts averaged at least 25 million viewers – the most in a season since the "SNF" package debuted on NBC in 2006 and the first time since 2005 that any fall primetime show had six episodes topping 25 million viewers in the Sept. 1-Dec. 31 time period ("Desperate Housewives" and "CSI").

NBC "Wild Card Saturday" was the most-watched Wild Card Saturday ever, averaging 30.8 million viewers.

2014 – Despite the most-lopsided games since NBC acquired the NFL primetime package in 2006 (average victory margin of 18.3 points), "Sunday Night Football" averaged 21.3 million viewers – on pace to be primetime TV's No. 1 show for the full (Sept.-May) television season for the fourth consecutive year.

"SNF" ranked No. 1 in the Adults 18-49 demographic for the seventh consecutive fall TV season.

NBC televised its first NFL Divisional Playoff Game in 17 years, averaging 34.0 million viewers for Ravens-Patriots which ranks as the third-most watched Saturday AFC Divisional game on record.

Michaels and Collinsworth at the Super Bowl

When NBC broadcasts the Super Bowl on February 1 in Phoenix, the men behind the microphones will be the multi-Emmy Award-winning duo of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. They will call their second Super Bowl together. Their first Super Bowl call was Super Bowl XLVI on NBC in February 2012, which was the most viewed program in U.S. television history at the time.

For Michaels, who has been called "TV's best play-by-play announcer" by the Associated Press, this marks his ninth Super Bowl and his third for NBC.

For Collinsworth, the most honored studio analyst in sports television, this is his third time calling a Super Bowl. He previously called Super Bowl XXXIX for Fox in a three-man booth with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Collinsworth also played in two Super Bowls as a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals (XVI, XXIII).

Michaels and Collinsworth Super Bowl History

Super Bowl XXII San Diego Washington 42 Denver 10 ABC
Super Bowl XXV Tampa N.Y. Giants 20 Buffalo 19 ABC
Super Bowl XXIX Miami San Francisco 49 San Diego 26 ABC
Super Bowl XXXIV Atlanta St. Louis 23 Tennessee 16 ABC
Super Bowl XXXVII San Diego Tampa Bay 48 Oakland 21 ABC
Super Bowl XL Detroit Pittsburgh 21 Seattle 10 ABC
Super Bowl XLIII Tampa Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 23 NBC
Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis N.Y. Giants 21 New England 17 NBC
Collinsworth – Broadcaster
Super Bowl XXXIX Jacksonville New England 24 Philadelphia 21 Fox
Super Bowl XLVI Indianapolis N.Y. Giants 21 New England 17 NBC
Collinsworth – Player with Cincinnati
Super Bowl XVI Pontiac, MI San Francisco 26 Cincinnati 21
Super Bowl XXIII Miami San Francisco 20 Cincinnati 16

Super Bowl XLIX By the Numbers

1ND1 - NBC Sports' state-of-the-art, remote production unit designed and built by NEP. The Emmy Award-winning Sunday Night Football production team, led by Fred Gaudelli (coordinating producer) and Drew Esocoff (director), will use ND1 to produce Super Bowl XLIX.
2Combination of plane and helicopter providing aerial footage
3Number of Super Bowls Cris Collinsworth has called (Including XLIX)
5Number of 4K cameras being used to cover the game
8Separate set locations NBC Sports Group will use for coverage.
9Number of Super Bowls Al Michaels has called (Including XLIX)
10Live hours of Super Bowl XLIX coverage on NBC on Sunday, Feb 1 (Super Bowl XLIX 3, pre-game 6 and postgame 1).
12Mobile units
18Number of Super Bowl's NBC has broadcast (Including XLIX)
19Number of NBCUniversal shows onsite in Phoenix
29Years Al Michaels has been the voice of the NFL's primetime broadcast package
33Miles of camera and microphone cable
45Combined Sports Emmy Awards for Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, Michele Tafoya, coordinating producer Fred Gaudelli, and director Drew Esocoff.
82Cameras. Super Bowl (46), Pre-game (26), Super Bowl Central (10)
500NBC Sports Group employees on site in Glendale, Ariz.
1,500Meals served to crew members on gameday
37,200Miles Sunday Night Football mobile production trucks have travelled this season
173,800Feet of camera and microphone cable

Super Bowl Camera Placement Map

Super Bowl Camera Placement Map PDF

NBC @ Super Bowl

NBC Sports Group will present its most comprehensive social media campaign ever to promote NBC's coverage of Super Bowl XLIX, including around-the-clock coverage across all of NBC Sports' social media platforms.

NBC will broadcast Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, Feb. 1 from Glendale, Ariz. Coverage kicks off at Noon ET.

NBC SPORTS "SOCIAL CENTRAL": During Super Bowl week, the NBC Sports social media team will be everywhere from Media Day to the sidelines on Super Bowl Sunday, covering every moment and play of #SB49. During gameday, NBC Sports' "Social Central" will be a communications hub for all things social, spanning from "Super Bowl Central," NBC Sports Group's primary home for studio programing during Super Bowl week, located in downtown Phoenix, Ariz., and University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., to NBC Sports Group's International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn. Members of the NBC Sports social, digital, and marketing teams will be primed and ready to cover and react to any moment from pre-game through the final whistle and trophy presentation, including a social team member embedded with on-air production to relay any breaking news. Social media and digital content will be updated in real time.

PATRICK PETERSON TO SERVE AS SOCIAL MEDIA & DIGITAL CORRESPONDENT: Arizona Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson, a four-time Pro Bowler, will serve as NBC Sports Group's social and digital media correspondent during Super Bowl week. As a member of the hometown Cardinals, Peterson will document his Super Bowl week on behalf of NBC Sports through his social media accounts. He will also film several videos around the city that will be pushed out through the SNF social media accounts and on, including attempting to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record for most selfies taken in one hour.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® ATTEMPT: NBC Sports Social will be at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, Ariz., Tuesday, Jan. 27, as Patrick Peterson attempts to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record for the most selfies taken in one hour. Peterson will snap as many selfies as he can with the students from Deer Valley High School to break the current record of 657 selfies. In addition, the Sunday Night Football bus will be at the school and open to students after the record attempt. Fans can follow GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® on Twitter: @GWR and Instagram: Guinnessworldrecords.

DUDE PERFECT: NBC Sports Group has teamed with trick-shot experts and comedy stars Dude Perfect to create a trick shot video that will debut Sunday, Feb. 1, during NBC's Super Bowl pre-game show. Participating in the trick shot video will be Giants rookie WR Odell Beckham Jr. and two-time Super Bowl winner, Super Bowl XL MVP, and NBC NFL analyst Hines Ward. The content will be pushed out on NBC Sports' social media platforms, and the trick-shot video will be available on following its release.

TUMBLR: As announced yesterday, NBC Sports Digital recently launched a Super Bowl-centric NBC Sports Tumblr page that will showcase Super Bowl XLIX's television advertisements immediately after they air on NBC. Prior to Super Bowl Sunday, the page will be populated with original content created by NBC Sports' marketing media team, as well as from re-blogging NFL-related Tumblr posts. On game day, the new page will transform into a hub for Super Bowl TV ads, and can be accessed at

#MYSUPERBOWLPICK: NBC Sports will ask influencers, celebrities, athletes and fans to tweet and post who they anticipate will win the game using #MySuperBowlPick to help drive the conversation around game day. In addition, social media handles from various NBCUniversal properties and celebrities will offer their picks.

Using the "Twitter Mirror," NBC Sports will collect photos and picks from celebrities and athletes on-site at "Super Bowl Central" and at University of Phoenix Stadium to be featured on-air. The SNF social media accounts will also be tracking fan picks to see which team is leading the social vote.

AROUND-THE-CLOCK COVERAGE: NBC Sports will cover Super Bowl XLIX from various Sunday Night Football and NBC Sports social media accounts to make sure every fan has access to the content they want leading up to the game.

  • Facebook: The NBC Sports and Sunday Night Football Facebook accounts will provide users with news from ProFootballTalk, shareable images, videos, and chats with NBC Sports Group commentators.
  • Twitter: @SNFonNBC will provide real-time news and photos from Phoenix as well as #MySuperBowlPick content through the "Twitter Mirror." @ProFootballTalk and @NBCSports will post news and information on the game, and behind-the-scenes content from PFT Live.
  • Instagram: SNF on NBC and NBC Sports Instagram accounts will be one-stop shopping for photos throughout Super Bowl week with behind-the-scenes access to NBC's production, including photos of NBC Sports Group commentators and sideline coverage documenting the game from kickoff through the celebratory confetti.
  • Vine: The NBC Sports social team will create content around Phoenix with on-site Vine influencers that will be posted on the Sunday Night Football and NBC Sports Vine accounts throughout Super Bowl week.
  • Pinterest: For fans on Pinterest, has Super Bowl themed boards to help plan the best Super Bowl party. On-site content from will also be housed on Pinterest during Super Bowl week.

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