Wednesday, May 17th, 2023


Simms’ Top 40 QB Countdown Continues Today with Nos. 31-35 and Culminates with the Top Four on Monday, June 12; In-Depth Breakdowns for Each Ranking Weekly on Chris Simms Unbuttoned Podcast

Jordan Love (No. 31), Jarrett Stidham (No. 32), Taylor Heinicke (No. 33) Gardner Minshew (No. 34), and Mike White (No. 35)

“I’m thinking Jordan Love’s going to open up some eyes this year…I think the Packers are going to be revived.”– Simms on Love at No. 31

“He has an NFL power-type arm. It’s not Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen, but it’s better than Kirk Cousins’.”– Simms on Stidham at No. 32

STAMFORD, Conn. – May 17, 2023 – 2020 first round pick Jordan Love of the Green Bay Packers and a pair of QBs in their first seasons with new teams, Jarrett Stidham of the Denver Broncos and Gardner Minshew of the Indianapolis Colts, highlight the latest installment of Chris Simms’ countdown of the top 40 quarterbacks in the NFL, available now on the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast and on “PFT Live.”

Simms’ quarterbacks ranked 31-40:

What is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)
31. Jordan Love, Green Bay
Buzzworthy Backups
32. Jarrett Stidham, Denver
33. Taylor Heinicke, Atlanta
34. Gardner Minshew, Indianapolis
35. Mike White, Miami
36. Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis
37. CJ Stroud, Houston
38. Bryce Young, Carolina
Show Me More, Sophomores
39. Sam Howell, Washington
40. Desmond Ridder, Atlanta


Over the course of the next month, Simms will unveil a group of quarterbacks on each Chris Simms Unbuttoned episode and discuss his rankings on “PFT Live” with Mike Florio, culminating Monday, June 12 with his top four quarterbacks.

Simms, a third-round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2003 NFL Draft who played eight NFL seasons, will also offer in-depth player breakdowns and rankings explanations throughout each week on Chris Simms Unbuttoned.

Simms has had recent success in projecting quarterbacks – including those coming out of college by naming Patrick Mahomes as his most exciting prospect in 2017, listing Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen as his top-two QBs in 2018, and having Justin Herbert as his No. 2 QB in 2020.

The rankings will continue Monday, May 22, with numbers 30-26 on the next episode of Chris Simms Unbuttoned.

The following are highlights from this week’s edition of Chris Simms Unbuttoned:

No. 35: Mike White, Miami Dolphins

“He’s got some abilities and skills where you go, ‘He could be a starter in the NFL.’ He’s bigger than people realize. He can push the ball with ease…but he can lose control of the football within pushing it as well. He has all the things to be good in the NFL, but I think it needs refining and improving in a few areas. He’s tough in the pocket…he takes some huge hits. That toughness is the reason maybe he’s not a fringe starter right now. He’s a below-average athlete for a 2023 quarterback but a damn good backup.”

No. 34: Gardner Minshew, Indianapolis Colts

“I think Anthony Richardson will be the starter, but Minshew is your perfect backup. He doesn’t need a lot of reps to hit the ground running. He’s a very accurate thrower, especially in the short-to-intermediate game. He’s not a great athlete, but he’s really good with people around him in the pocket. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a starter…he’s not going to make a bunch of ‘wow’ throws. He brings a little pizzazz and leadership that some of the other guys don’t. For a backup quarterback, he’s got something where guys want to follow him.”

No. 33: Taylor Heinicke, Atlanta Falcons

“He’s the ultimate scrapper. I think he’s better than the guy they’re deeming the starter [Desmond Ridder]. Just like Minshew, he’s got a great feel for the game overall. Unlike Minshew, he’s a better athlete. Heinicke has a real ability to not only move in the pocket but get out of the pocket and be scary that way. He’s got a clutch ability that’s real and a little bit of that pizzazz and fire that people want to follow. My one problem with Heinicke is he misses some 10- and 12-yard throws where I go, ‘You can’t miss that, he’s wide open’ … I think that’s going to be a nice challenge with him and Desmond Ridder.”

No. 32: Jarrett Stidham, Denver Broncos

“Jarrett Stidham has NFL starting quarterback traits. A lot of them. His only thing is that not everybody’s seen it and he hasn’t gotten to play a lot. There’s a reason that Josh McDaniels got that job with the Raiders and got Jarrett Stidham right away. He’s another guy like Mike White who’s bigger than you think and has an NFL power-type arm. It’s not Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen, but it’s better than Kirk Cousins’. His arm is legit and his ability to read and process the field is damn good, too. The athleticism is much better than people realize, too. Coming out of college, he reminded me of Tony Romo. If there was something to happen [to Russell Wilson], I think this is a guy who could make things very interesting.”

No. 31: Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers

“I’m a believer in his ability. His arm is special…when he gets all of it and rips it, it moves through the air. He’s improved his mechanics, he’s comfortable in the offense, he’s a good athlete, he’s got very good size to see up over the line or throw through lanes – I’m thinking Jordan Love’s going to open up some eyes this year. He’s really watched (Aaron) Rodgers in a lot of ways. You watch his mechanics and it’s like, ‘You don’t have to be exactly like Rodgers. Be Jordan Love. You don’t have to have both feet off the ground.’ But he’s getting to the point where he can do it. I think the Packers are going to be revived because of Jordan Love.”

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