Monday, April 3rd, 2023


Coverage From Augusta National Golf Club Begins Today at 2 p.m. ET; Primetime Coverage Every Night on GOLF Channel and Peacock

Transcript – Live From Commentators Brandel Chamblee, Notah Begay III and Rich Lerner

Live From Features Include Ryan Lavner on 2022 U.S. Amateur Champion Sam Bennett, Jaime Diaz on Augusta’s 13th Hole and Rich Lerner on Bond Between Scottie Scheffler and His Wife Meredith

STAMFORD, Conn. – April 3, 2023 GOLF Central Live From The Masters surrounds the 2023 Masters with more than 50 hours of studio coverage on GOLF Channel and Peacock from Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga., this week, beginning today at 2 p.m. ET.

Nearly 20 hosts, analysts and reporters will contribute to this week’s comprehensive studio coverage, highlighted by the Live From The Masters primetime team of host Rich Lerner and analysts Brandel Chamblee and Paul McGinley.

In addition to 50+ hours of live coverage, encore presentations of Live From the Masters will air on GOLF Channel following live telecasts each evening.

Live From The Masters Broadcast Team

    • Host: Rich Lerner / Mike Tirico / Cara Banks / Steve Sands / Anna Jackson / George Savaricas
    • Analyst: Brandel Chamblee / Paul McGinley / Brad Faxon / Notah Begay III / Mark Rolfing / Arron Oberholser /
    • Reporter: Todd Lewis / Jamie Diaz / Damon Hack / Rex Hoggard / Eamon Lynch / Ryan Lavner
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Live From will include a variety of features surrounding this year’s Masters tournament, including:


Last week, Live From The Masters commentators Brandel Chamblee, Notah Begay III and Rich Lerner previewed the upcoming 2023 Masters on a media conference call. Following are highlights from the call. Click here for a full transcript.

Chamblee on Tiger Woods: “How Tiger plays will captivate us beyond belief, because what I saw earlier in the year from Tiger made me look towards the Masters with great anticipation. I never, ever thought I would see Tiger Woods play golf again the way he played at the Genesis…if you look at the combination of the power that he had there and so many of the iron shots that he stacked up on top of one another, and the fact that he showed some great putts on the greens, it certainly has the world of golf’s attention as we enter the Masters.”

Begay III on Woods: “He can still win. I mean, let’s not forget that. It’s not a question of ability. It’s a question of can he get through 72 holes and still maintain some strength and mobility in his leg on that final day. I think that’s the biggest question. The fact that he was able to play at the level (at the Genesis) after basically being on the bench for six months, to come out and make a cut, I just can’t even get my mind around that. I know he’s Tiger Woods, but it is the PGA TOUR, and a high degree of play is required to compete at that level.”

Chamblee on Rory McIlroy: “There’s still a lot of hurdles for him to be able to win the Masters. The first one I think is just mental. Going up against the best players in the world is one thing, but going up against the history books is another… He’s got to get over that mental hurdle in round number one. It could be as simple as the first round is more important than the final round… Having said that, he’s monumentally talented and can get around these hurdles. But the first round is the most important day of the week for Rory next week.

Lerner on impact of changes to No. 13: “No. 13 is certainly one of the most consequential holes in the history of the sport, and so long as it feels that way and we feel the weight of that shot right there, then I think it will have been a success… so long as it’s a middle to maybe long iron, then I think the integrity will have been restored.”

Lerner on Jason Day: “I’m a huge fan of what Jason Day is doing now… we shouldn’t dismiss the fact that he was a great player at one point. I understand that was a fairly long time ago…He had fallen all the way to 175 in the world last October, and you get that far down it’s easy to dismiss a guy. But as he’s played better, I’m reminded of how competitive he was, how physical he was and is on the golf course…there’s just a little bit more nuance and softness to the overall package which I think suits him at this point in his career what with the injuries he’s going through, but let’s not forget just how good he was and the level at which he won.”