Saturday, July 9th, 2022


American Century Championship

Friday, July 8, 2022

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Edgewood Tahoe


TJ Oshie

Quick Quotes


Q. 21 points. Currently in the lead. So walk me through your round. We’ll get to your finish. But walk me through your opening nine, how you started and how your round progressed?

TJ OSHIE: First, I’m playing with the Carr brothers. I played with Derek last year, I think, and it’s such an easy group of guys. Usually I’m extremely nervous at this tournament which is why I’m lucky if I’m in the red numbers by the end.

But no, the nerves kind of settled down with those guys. I was just hitting some shots. The putter was really hot tonight. The front nine, I really thought maybe I would just have a really good nine holes, and then kind of fall off. But ended upcoming in strong.

Q. Tell me about coming in. So tell me about your eagle on 18. So just walk me through that hole.

TJ OSHIE: I had a double on 15. And then a really good look at eagle on 16. And a couple good putts on 17. Feeling some momentum. Get really nervous on 18 because there’s a lot of people walking on the right. I tried to hit just a big draw so I made sure I stayed away from them. I wasn’t necessarily worried about the fairway. Ended up hitting a 50-degree wedge. A little over 12, 13 feet, and didn’t really know where the putt was going to go. So my caddie just told me hit it straight and I found the cup.

Q. You mentioned about how playing with the Carr brothers it helped calm your nerves on kind of going on. You played here a few years. Tell me about the crowd here, I mean, the fans are just tremendous here today. What was it like playing with essentially full fans back today?

TJ OSHIE: Honestly, it’s amazing. American Century and NBC, they do such a great job with the fans. And even just everyone here is so nice with even autographs. Just a lot of support out here for really everyone. Obviously going with Derek, there’s a lot of Raiders fans that were here. So played in front of mostly Raiders fans today. But the crowd’s really phenomenal. I’m so lucky just to be able to come out here and play.

Q. Anything you’re going to work on this afternoon, getting ready for tomorrow?

TJ OSHIE: No. This is my family trip. So we make this like a family trip. I’ve never been even close to sniffing even the leaderboard. So we’ll go out, have some fun, play in the pool. I’ll maybe throw some heat packs on the old low back and get ready for tomorrow.