Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

NBC Sports Next Forms Partnership with PLAY Sports Coalition

Coalition unites youth sports industry to ensure equity, accessibility to sports programs across the country 

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN / April 27, 2022 NBC Sports Next, the sports technology division of NBC Sports and home to the sports software platform, SportsEngine, announced today it has formed a new partnership with the PLAY Sports Coalition. 

The PLAY Sports Coalition is a movement representing more than 3,600 national and local youth sports leaders focused on ensuring that youth sports survives and thrives, providing support and resources in the areas of funding, advocacy and movement building. The PLAY Sports Coalition seeks to unite sports-based youth development organizations and build alignment in the critical areas that are impacting these organizations the most. Its mission is to ensure youth sports programs thrive as part of a vital movement to help repair a society that needs community, connectivity and joy.

The multi-year partnership names NBC Sports Next as a founding partner of PLAY Sports Coalition. Additionally, Trish Sylvia, Vice President of Advocacy and Engagement for NBC Sports Next, will represent the organization on the PLAY Sports Coalition board of directors. 

“We are thrilled to welcome NBC Sports Next to the PLAY Sports Coalition,” stated Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, acting Executive Director, PLAY Sports Coalition. “Working together, this Coalition demonstrates how our industry can pursue collaboration over competition in the interest of service to young people and bridge divides to help them reach their own potential, in and beyond the sports they play.” 

“We are very honored and excited to form this partnership with PLAY Sports Coalition,” said Brett MacKinnon, SVP & General Manager, youth and recreational sports, NBC Sports Next. “Through our work with our youth sports platform, SportsEngine, we believe strongly in the power that sports has to set a positive course in the lives of youth athletes. We are proud to be able to stand with PLAY Sports Coalition in helping unite our industry and ensure that youth sports continues to thrive.” 

The partnership with PLAY Sports Coalition is part of NBC Sports Next’s commitment to helping create equity, accessibility and affordability to sport through the company’s Better Together initiative. The mission of Better Together is to strengthen communities and company culture through focused programs that attract diverse talent, and promote inclusion and equity through education, resources and community impact.  NBC Sports Next believes strongly in the positive momentum gained through the formation of national partnerships such as PLAY Sports Coalition that enable organizations to bring their collective resources together, engage with and advocate for the communities they serve, promote equity and leverage their platforms for good



About PLAY Sports Coalition

PLAY Sports Coalition is a unique coalition of thousands of stakeholders across the national and community youth sports industry united to be an active advocate of support for youth development programs, young athletes, working families, coaches and volunteers across all 50 states, particularly those in under-resourced areas. It was formed in April 2020 to unite a fragmented industry and continues to be an active advocate of support for youth development programs, young athletes, working families, coaches and volunteers across all 50 states, particularly those in under-resourced areas. The mission of the PLAY Sports Coalition is to ensure the youth and local sports industry thrives by providing families, and especially youth, equitable access to play opportunities for physical and mental health, character and leadership development. We believe it is a vital movement that will serve a key role in repairing a society that needs community, connectivity and joy.

About NBC Sports Next

NBC Sports Next is a subdivision of NBC Sports and home to all NBCUniversal digital applications in sports and technology within its three groups: Youth & Recreational Sports, Golf, and Betting & Gaming. NBC Sports Next, known for its sports technology product innovation, equips more than 30MM players, coaches, athletes, sports administrators and fans in 40 countries with more than 25 sports solution products, including SportsEngine, a youth sports club, league and team management platform; TeamUnify, swim team management services; GoMotion, sports and fitness business software solutions; TourneyMachine, tournament management solutions for youth sports; GolfNow, the leading online tee time marketplace and provider of golf course operations technology and services; GolfPass the ultimate golf membership that connects golfers to exclusive content, tee time credits, coaching, tips and other benefits; and NBC Sports Edge, a leading platform for fantasy sports information and betting-focused tools. NBC Sports Next is fueled by its mission to innovate, create larger-than-life events and connect with sports fans through technology to provide the ultimate in immersive experiences.