Monday, December 14th, 2020

GOLF Channel Notable Quotes – 2020 U.S. Women’s Open Final Round

Golf Central – Final Round

Champions Golf Club (Cypress Creek Course) – Houston, Texas

Monday, December 14


75th U.S. Women’s Open – Final Round Leaderboard

A Lim Kim -3
Jin Young Ko -2
Amy Olson -2
Hinako Shibuno -1
Megan Khang +1

On A Lim Kim (3-under, winner)

Brandel Chamblee – “You don’t see this every day – in fact, it’s been 25 years since someone came from five behind to win the U.S. Women’s Open…she didn’t just birdie the last holes, she birdied the last three holes. What she did today was stand up at the biggest moment of her life and do something that, well, you’d have to rack your brain to come up with anything comparable.”

Dan Hicks – “You think back to Charl Schwartzel at the Masters with a four birdie-in-a-row finish. This is right up there…she’s the only golfer to birdie 16, 17 and 18 here at Cypress all week long, and she did it with the heat on.”

Paige Mackenzie – “We’ve seen these dramatic finishes at this championship…(the U.S. Women’s Open) manages to produce the best golf because players are pushed to the limit. And when players are pushed, you often get the best player coming out when their back is against the wall.”

Chamblee – “She’s not just a long hitter, she’s a phenomenal putter. This is one of the coolest strokes I’ve seen in a long time. It reminds me a little bit of Rickie Fowler.”

Amanda Blumenherst – “She had a very relaxed demeanor and physically was relaxed with the putting stroke. One of the reasons she was relaxed is because she started the day in ninth place…when you don’t have that spotlight in that final group, there is something extremely freeing and relaxing about being able to come back…while you want to be in that final group, and everyone says that they do…she could just play relaxed.”


On Amy Olson (2-under, T-2nd)

Hicks – “I know she came up one shot short, but everybody gained even more respect for Amy Olson for what she was able to do today amidst these incredibly trying circumstances.”

Mackenzie – “The difference between her runner-up finish at Evian and here is that she didn’t lose this event, A Lim Kim played tremendous down the stretch…a lot to be proud of today.”

Chamblee – “She didn’t win but she won a lot of friends and a lot of fans over the last few days…I can’t help but think she gained a lot of confidence about playing with all of the world watching her and certainly most of the world pulling for her.”

Blumenherst –“There seemed to be a sense of calm while she was playing today…having something bigger to play for and having that sense of, ‘It’s not always about golf…’ I saw that with Amy today. At the Evian when she lost in 2018, she was getting so anxious on the 72nd hole and was all over the place. Today, from the first tee shot to the last putt…she had such confidence and that just impressed me so much, because she could have just mentally checked out.”