Friday, November 13th, 2020

Notable Quotes: Golf Central Live From the Masters (Second Round)

GOLF Channel Notable Quotes

Golf Central Live From the Masters – Second Round (In Progress)

Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

Friday, Nov. 13

**Second Round play was suspended due to darkness and will resume Saturday morning**

On Dustin Johnson (9-under, T-1st)

Brandel Chamblee – “There’s nobody in the game that makes golf look simpler than Dustin Johnson and that was the case today…we talk all the time about how carefree he looks – well I guess it’s easy to be carefree when you know where it’s going, and he certainly knew where it was going today.”

Justin Leonard – “The one concern I have with DJ is the difference between the time it takes him to hit a driver or an iron shot or a chip around the green – the difference between that and his putting routine…part of it I think is the difficulty this week without the greens book…this is anything but a normal week at The Masters because they don’t allow those books. I’m sure he’s come up with some sort of system, but it isn’t what he’s used to.”

On Justin Thomas (9-under, T-1st)

Leonard – “He’s making the adjustment around the greens to suit the conditions of the golf course…just really fun to watch. It’s almost not fair when you’ve got that many tools to play with.”

On Jon Rahm (8-under thru 12, T-5th)

Chamblee – “It’s very likely that tomorrow when he finishes his (second) round, he will have a lead of one, two or maybe even three shots with so many gettable holes right in front of him.”

Leonard – “Two years ago, you could see the frustration…I’d be worried about it (but) I’m not worried about it anymore. He’s shown me enough determination and grit…Jon Rahm is a real student of the game and I think of any Major championship, the history and willingness to get into it pays off most at The Masters…I have no doubt that he will win here at some point in his career and I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s multiple times.”

On Tiger Woods (4-under thru 10, T-22nd)

Chamblee – “Numerous things have impressed me about Tiger Woods…when you see Tiger Woods working it in both directions, it certainly gives you hope for this weekend.”

Leonard – “He needs to get it to 6-under…the four or five shots back doesn’t concern me, but just the number of players and quality players at the top of the leaderboard. I think he’d feel great if he could get into the clubhouse at 6-under through two rounds. He’s got to hope the greens firm up, the pace comes up, and the course gets a little tougher because that’s when real experience pays off.”

On Bryson DeChambeau (1-over thru 12, T-61st)

Leonard – “He’s looked off.”

Chamblee – “I thought you were going to say awful.”

Leonard – “The driver’s been fun to watch. Where he hit it on No. 2, where he hit it on No. 5…but the iron game hasn’t been very good.”

Chamblee – “I think his play has been a reminder just how great a golf course this is and how there’s so much integrity to its design.”

On 2020 Masters Through Friday

Leonard – “A lot of surprises…surprising how soft and slow the golf course still is. A little surprised at how bunched up the leaderboard is. A little surprised that we’ve got massive hitters and a couple shorter hitters (at the top of the leaderboard)…I thought somebody would break out because the scoring is so good.”

Chamblee – “I can’t remember the last time I saw this many great iron shots the first two days at The Masters. Ordinarily these greens are about as hard to hit as a Gaylord Perry spitball. They’ve been more like slow-pitch softball.”

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