Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Notable Quotes: Golf Central Live From the Masters (First Round)

GOLF Channel Notable Quotes

Golf Central Live From the Masters – First Round (In Progress)

Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

Thursday, Nov. 12

**First Round play was suspended due to darkness and will resume Friday morning**

On Paul Casey (7-under, leader)

Brandel Chamblee – “It was an extraordinary day of golf…he’s one of those players that is good enough to get in that position, but whatever it takes to punch it through when he’s in position, hasn’t quite been there…when he has worked himself into a Top 5 position at The Masters, he has really struggled…he’s had eight first round leads in his career. He’s never broken 70 in the next round…I love Paul’s game, I really do. He’s just one of those players that struggles. So I would say, ‘Good round. Do it again.’”

Justin Leonard – “He’s got all the tools to be here. Maybe it’s a good thing this is in the first round. You wouldn’t think he would continue to build on a two-shot lead after the first round. If he does, it will be one of the great performances in Masters history. But he’s off to a great start, he hasn’t played well since the shutdown, coming back he’s already looking forward to 2021. Maybe that serves him well, he’s just enjoying the opportunity.”

On Tiger Woods (4-under, T-5th)

Chamblee – “He did what he needed to do in Round One, which is stay in touch with the leaders…a big part of the process today was that he didn’t have a single three putt and that has really plagued him the last three years…without having great distance…he’s got to do it a different way. He’s got to be just as precise as he was today. It was a thing of beauty to watch.”

Leonard – “In the beginning of his career, he was Nolan Ryan. He could do things that nobody else could do with the golf ball. Now he’s more of a Greg Maddux. He’s got to mix his pitches, he’s got to paint the corners of the plate, he’s got to fool the hitters. I saw him today hit a lot of little knockdown shots…he has to do things differently. (Brandel Chamblee) spoke of it the last couple of days, the softer conditions bring the medium-length hitters back into the fold. Today it was certainly soft and Tiger Woods is certainly now a medium-length hitter.”

Leonard – “The round of golf he played today was Tiger-esque. There’s no other way to put it.”

On Justin Thomas (5-under thru 10, T-2nd)

Chamblee – “To whatever extent he has struggled at Augusta National, it is because of that short stick…he looks like a different man, a changed man. Through 10 holes, just 14 putts.”

Leonard – “He gets to play a lot of golf tomorrow and his game is in pretty good shape. With that ability off the tee…with the way he can chip it and now he’s putting good, if we could go back to last night, I might have picked Justin Thomas to win.”

On Bryson DeChambeau (2-under, T-21st)

Leonard – “Showed a lot of grit today, that’s a really tough start. 2-over through his first five holes, really brought it back nicely on the first nine…it’s a new golf course for Bryson because he’s hitting the ball 20, 30, 40 yards longer than when he played here in 2019.”

Chamblee – “On No. 5, he was able to go right over the bunker. He hit something in the neighborhood of 350 yards. Justin Thomas got up there and tattooed one, looked like to me, down the right side and it went over 300 yards. Justin Thomas had 202 in on No. 5. Bryson DeChambeau had 141. You cannot beat that. You cannot beat that. Nobody can beat that. If he drives it like he did at the U.S. Open, you cannot beat that.”

On Xander Schauffele (5-under, T-2nd)

Leonard – “I don’t know in what area he’s exceptional, other than the fact that there’s no way in which he’s deficient.”

Rich Lerner – “He’s the decathlete.”

Leonard – “He’s the five-tool player, he’s the decathlete, there’s no weakness in his game.”

On Webb Simpson (5-under, T-2nd)

Leonard – “He’s only 35. The beard makes him look 45. He’s 7th in the world…I know he’s won a U.S. Open and he won a PLAYERS’, but he won two times last year in big events, lost a third back in the fall in a playoff. He might be playing the best golf of his career.”

On low first round scores

Chamblee – “This was an historic day here. The lowest first round scoring average ever, prior to today, was 1992, when the scoring average was 72.06…as we speak right now, the scoring average right now is 71.77. They’re on pace to have the lowest-scoring average for Round One.”

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