Monday, October 19th, 2020


“It is time to change the narrative about Ryan Tannehill…Tannehill’s a top 10 quarterback in the NFL, period.” – King

“It’s a wild story. It’s been a fun ride. A ton of fun, really…This is a team where the players really like each other, and that shows up on Sunday.” – Tannehill on the Titans

“(Jamel Dean’s interception return-touchdown) changed the game, and maybe the balance of power in the NFC.” – King on Tampa Bay’s 38-10 win over Green Bay

STAMFORD, Conn. – Oct. 19, 2020 – Peter King speaks with Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill following Tennessee’s overtime victory against Houston to move to 5-0 in this week’s edition of Football Morning in America, available now exclusively on King also recaps the news from Week 6, speaks with Panthers head coach Matt Rhule and Buccaneers cornerback Jamel Dean, and hands out his weekly awards.

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The following are highlights from this week’s edition of Football Morning in America:


King on Tannehill: “It is time to change the narrative about Ryan Tannehill. He is not an injury-prone quarterback of middling ability who you keep around while you search for the franchise guy. Tannehill’s a top 10 quarterback in the NFL, period…An excellent downfield thrower, a strong leader, a player who hangs in against the strongest rushes and still makes plays.”

King: “Tannehill, since taking over as Titans quarterback one year ago this week, is the missing piece for a team that can grind it out and be explosive in the passing game too.”

Tannehill to King on his time in Tennessee: “It’s a wild story. It’s been a fun ride. A ton of fun, really. What’s great for us is we’re not only having fun on Sundays. We’re having fun every day. This is a team where the players really like each other, and that shows up on Sunday.”

King on the Titans offense and their switch to start Tannehill over Marcus Mariota last season: “That changed the course of current Titans history and gave the best teams of the AFC an unexpected major rival…(Offensive coordinator) Arthur Smith is the daring choreographer who never met a calculated risk he didn’t like, the kind of ethos that will have him high on the list of head-coaching candidates come January. (Derrick) Henry is the 2019 rushing champ who might be on the way to two straight.”

King on Derrick Henry: “In the definition of Man Among Boys in any dictionary you’ll find, there’s a picture of the unassuming, unemotional Henry with that unique cone-shaped ponytail. He’s just bigger and better than everyone else.”

Tannehill on the Titans’ direct snap to Henry on their game-winning touchdown in overtime yesterday: “That’s Arthur, man. I didn’t know when he’d call it, but we had it ready, and he picked the right time to call it… If nobody walked out on me? Maybe Derrick rips me a pass and we win that way. How incredible would that have been?”


King on Buccaneers-Packers: “All along, since March, this season has been about getting aboard the Brady-Gronk train. This is the first time in a while I’ve seen (Aaron) Rodgers so befuddled…For once, the Tampa defense was the headline act.”

King on Buccaneers cornerback Jamel Dean’s interception return-touchdown: “(Jamel Dean) changed the game, and maybe the balance of power in the NFC.”

Dean to King on preparing to face Aaron Rodgers: “(Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles) basically told us that he’s the best quarterback that he’s seen. Everything revolves around him. He is the guy. When I heard that, I’m like, I gotta prepare like I never prepared before…The minute (Davante Adams) motioned over, I automatically knew the route was coming. I did a whole lot of film study this week.”

Dean on the Buccaneers’ defense: “All anyone’s been doing is talking about the offense. We’re just in the shadows. Today, we basically brought light to the defense.”

King on the Panthers: “Carolina, 0-2 with (Christian) McCaffrey and 3-1 without him, was typically competitive Sunday in a seven-point loss to 5-1 Chicago…Matt Rhule can coach, and his players, up and down the roster, can play.”

Rhule to King on how he coaches his players: “We practice like a college team. Our twos [second-teamers], we expect our twos to get reps. When practice is over, the two offense stays out and runs through the script one more time…If we can be a place that develops young players, if we can take undrafted free agents and rookie players and develop them, then when they’re called upon, they’ll be ready.”

King on the Bears: “I think at some point we’re not going to be able to say yeah-but about the Bears, a 5-1 team with the second-best NFC record after six weeks…Lot of season left, of course, but Nick Foles and this defense don’t beat themselves”

King on the 49ers: “The 49ers still aren’t fixed…but that was a quality win and strong performance Sunday night, holding off the Rams…Kyle Shanahan knows what ails his team, and knows how to game plan when he has some disadvantages. Great coaches know there’s a way to win every game, despite the zits your own team.”

King on the Browns: “At 4-2, the Browns are still serious wild-card contenders in the AFC, but they must start playing to the level of top competition (Baker Mayfield particularly) to be any sort of January threat.”


Offensive Players of the Week: Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco, Trey Burton, Indianapolis, & Derrick Henry, Tennessee.

King on Burton: “Played a vital role in three touchdowns for the Colts as they came back from a 21-0 deficit to beat Cincinnati…Lots of players had more than Burton’s 59 yards on Sunday. Not many had the impact.”

Defensive Players of the Week: Malik Reed, Denver, & Jamel Dean, Tampa Bay.

King on Reed: “The Broncos had a lot of big defensive plays in snuffing out the New England offense, but none bigger that Reed’s sack with 69 seconds left in the game.”

Coaches of the Week: Todd Bowles, Tampa Bay, & Arthur Smith, Tennessee.

King on Bowles: “Bowles told his defenders during the week that, yes, Aaron Rodgers was the best they’d face, by far, and motivated his players to work hard away from the facility to learn Packer tendencies…For the game, Tampa held Green Bay to 201 total. Great design by Bowles.”

Goats of the Week: Baker Mayfield, Cleveland, & Kirk Cousins, Minnesota.

King on Mayfield: “With a real chance to make Browns-Steelers a rivalry again, and a real chance to break Cleveland’s 16-game losing streak in Pittsburgh, Mayfield came up tiny.”

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