Sunday, September 20th, 2020


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Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open – Final Round

Winged Foot Golf Club (West Course), Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Sunday, September 20

120th U.S. Open – Final Round Leaderboard

Bryson DeChambeau -6
Matthew Wolff E
Louis Oosthuizen +2
Harris English +3
Xander Schauffele +4


On 120th U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau

Brandel Chamblee – “The future just happened. This beefed-up, bulked-up Bryson just changed the game…there’s been some seismic championships that have happened in this game…I would argue that this one will eventually change the game either in the way it’s played – I think both actually – or perhaps in the equipment that it’s played with because the golf world’s abuzz with is this good or is this bad? It can’t decide. But what is, I think, amazing, is to see the transformation that he’s made, the risks that he took. He risked it all to have it all.”

Chamblee – “There’s a definitive before and after with Bryson. We saw what he was and he is unrecognizable in body and in technique to the player that he was. If you’re not paying attention to this and you’re in professional golf, you’re going to get left behind…it is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in the game.”

Chamblee – “Dick Schaap wrote the book ‘The Massacre at Winged Foot’ – this was ‘The Mass That Massacred Winged Foot.’”

Justin Leonard – “This week was a showdown between the modern golfer and a classic course that has been modernized. This U.S. Open is proof that all of the metrics about getting it down there as far as you can…there was doubt, including from myself, that this would work in a major championship…this week proved, at least in my mind, that if there was any doubt it should be erased.”

Leonard – “I think it will affect how every player in the field looks at a golf course. They may not be willing to go through the transformation, take the risk that Bryson did, to completely change everything…but I think they are taking notice of club choices off of tees, of ‘I need to be a better player out of the rough’…it will be fascinating to see the players that do change…if you’re not taking notice of this and you’re playing on the PGA Tour, you’re really putting yourself behind the 8-ball.”

Chamblee – “If you’re not an early adopter to this, you’re missing out. This is as seismic as the metal wood was in the transformation from wood to metal.”

Rich Lerner – “Head and shoulders, and biceps, better than everyone at Winged Foot…he crushed consensus and won the U.S. Open, not only with power, but with a wrecking ball and a razor.”

DeChambeau post-round interview with Todd Lewis – “I had a chance to play with Phil (Mickelson) on Monday or Tuesday. He shared some amazing insight into this golf course. He told me how unbelievable his short game was that whole entire week, it was the best of his career. I thought about that, and I said, ‘I’m going to take a little bit of time during the practice rounds to work around the greens.’ I’m in shock right now. It’s amazing.”

Lewis to DeChambeau – “Do you feel like you are a revolutionary participant in the game today?”

DeChambeau – “Let’s just say that every day I’m going to try and do my absolute best. Let today’s garbage be better than yesterday’s. Moving forward I’m going to try a 48-inch driver. I’m going to keep pushing the boundaries and keep finding little, distinct advantages.”


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120th U.S. Open – Final Round

Winged Foot Golf Club (West Course), Mamaroneck, N.Y.

Sunday, September 20

On 120th U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau

Paul Azinger – “Nobody that’s ever played this game has thought like Bryson DeChambeau…is Bryson’s philosophy going to drip down to the other players that play this sport? What are the guys in high school going to do? Are they going to swing for the fences? He’s shaping the future of golf I think.”

Chamblee – “He may just change the very nature of the way this game is played…this is  to change the way people prepare to play major championship golf.”

Dan Hicks – “He’s the 225th different major champion – perhaps the most different of them all…they said it couldn’t be done, and they said it couldn’t be done here at Winged Foot.”

Azinger – “Self-believe comes first. Bryson has more self-belief maybe than anybody that’s ever played the Tour, because he’s doing everything so counter-intuitive to what everyone’s taught over the years…people would just declare that he’s got it wrong, that he’s doing the wrong thing…that he’s wrong, that he can’t win this way.”

Azinger – “He’s proving there’s no shortcut to success. This guy works as hard as anybody in the game…he’s one of the few guys who takes information in and it makes the game simpler for him.”

Hicks – “There were a lot of people who doubted him. I had my own ideas about it. I just didn’t think he could do it around a place like this. So far, it’s paying off huge.”

Azinger – “The dollar will never hurt his drive. I think Bryson is going to be a trophy hunter. Like Tiger Woods, like Justin Thomas. These guys have one goal, one thing in mind, and that’s to win.”

Azinger – “It’s the intestinal fortitude – the stuff you can’t see – that Bryson showed us today.”

David Feherty – “Is there a Nobel Prize for golf? If there was, you have to think this man would win it.”


On Matthew Wolff (Even, 2nd Place)

Azinger – “He came out of the gates hitting it great. Bryson just outplayed him.”

Hicks – “His first two major starts – a tie for fourth and a second.”

Azinger on Wolff’s eagle on 9th hole – “It’s like match play between these two!”


USGA CEO Mike Davis to Steve Sands on the 120th U.S. Open

Mike Davis – “When it was March and April, we really didn’t think we would be playing a U.S. Open at Winged Foot…To not have fans is obviously disappointing, but to play this championship for that coveted trophy, that Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal, it inspires the players. It’s good for the game…it’s amazing we are playing.”

Davis – “This weather is allowing us to set the course up where Winged Foot is one of the stars.” 

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