Thursday, July 16th, 2020


Final Installment of Six-Part Initiative Details Side of New England Patriots Head Coach the Public Doesn’t Get to See Through Conversations with His Closest Confidants 

Podcast Features Interviews with Doug Flutie, Rodney Harrison, and Charlie Weis; Introduction from Mike Tirico 

Original Storytelling Franchise, Which Began May 28, Explores New & Forgotten Aspects of Well-Known Sports Topics

NEEDHAM, MA, July 16, 2020 –NBC Sports Regional Networks’ six-episode podcast anthology series, “Sports Uncovered,” which re-examines some of the most memorable and compelling storylines and events in sports history, continues today with the debut of the sixth and final episode, “The Bill Belichick You Don’t Know” from NBC Sports Boston. The podcast features some of the famed NFL coach’s closest confidants revealing the side of Bill that the public doesn’t normally get to see, and is now available for download here.

Bill Belichick has been New England’s head coach since 2000, and, over his 20 seasons at the helm of the Patriots, has won 267 games, six Super Bowl championships — the most by a head coach in NFL history — and is famous for his unique approach to addressing media and press conferences. He is known for his serious stares, long pauses, and general irritation with communication.  “The Belichick You Don’t Know” Podcast — narrated and led by NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran — catches up with former players and coaches to better understand the lighter side of Bill that the media and the public don’t get to see.

The podcast features exclusive comments and recollections by many NFL icons, including:  former Patriots defensive back and NBC Sports’ Football Night in America analyst Rodney Harrison, former Patriots quarterback and NBC Sports Notre Dame Football analyst Doug Flutie, former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich, former Patriots quarterback Vinny Testaverde, and more.



Among the highlighted quotes from the “The Bill Belichick You Don’t Know” podcast:

    • Rodney Harrison on Belichick’s lighter side:
      • Coach is absolutely fantastic – every year during the holidays, he sends us gifts and baskets. He’s an easy-going guy; conversations are always light; he doesn’t really take himself too serious, as much as other people think that he’s this really serious guy; he’s caring; he’s just an open relaxed guy.”
    • Charlie Weis on Bill Belichick’s fun personality off the field:
      • He’s got a good sense of humor. It’s just that…that’s not him the football coach. That’s him the person, and he’s always been able to divide church and state. I mean this is the same guy that’s close friends with Bon Jovi….he’s the same guy that me and him were at a charity event for my charity and we’re singing background to ‘Wanted dead or alive.’ So, I mean…it’s the same guy.”
    • Rob Ninkovich on Bill Belichick throwing snowballs following a win:
      • So I’m walking out after the game, walking to my truck. All of a sudden, a snowball comes flying in, and I’m like, ‘Who the heck is throwing snowballs?’ and it was Bill throwing snowballs at guys. It was just kind of like a fun moment where you were like, ‘He’s not so bad…he’s not so bad’”
    • Martellus Bennett on how Belichick is funny like Larry David:
      • Larry David…like curb your enthusiasm…that’s how Bill is.”
    • Matt Cassel on Belichick ripping players:
      • “He was critiquing Asante Samuel’s play about how we need to be more physical, and this runner was running out on the video and Bill goes, ‘That’s it Asante, hit him with a pillow, ok let’s throw marshmallows at him next time.’”
    • Rob Ninkovich on Belichick busting player’s chops:
      • “He’d say, ‘This guy is out here looking for Easter eggs’ when a guy would have his head down. Hunting for Easter eggs…that’s always his line.”
    • Rob Ninkovich on Belichick knowing how to get respect from players:
      • Bill is probably the master of understanding balance. You can’t be too friendly with your players; it just doesn’t work that way as far as the respect thing. I think that he just makes it very clear that, yeah, he can laugh and have a good time, but at the end of the day he’s going to do what he feels is best for the team. He can easily flip the switch and go into the ‘winning at all costs’ Bill Belichick.”
    • Matt Cassel on the line between player and coach:
      • “There’s a clear distinct line that Bill draws between player and coach. The respect you have for him as a coach is because he doesn’t blur those lines.”


NBC Sports Regional Networks’ “Sports Uncovered” podcast series began on May 28 and utilizes exclusive, in-depth interviews with prominent participants, witnesses and experts to explore new, underreported or forgotten aspects of well-known topics centered in each of the NBC Sports Regional Networks markets.

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