Sunday, July 12th, 2020


American Century Championship
Sunday, July 12, 2020
Mardy Fish
Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Mardy, congratulations. Twice at Diamond Resorts. What’s the difference between trying to win that tournament and trying to win this tournament?

MARDY FISH: Two completely different golf courses; two different completely golf styles of play. This one is much harder for me because of my ball flight. I hit the ball right-to-left. Lefty. And every hole is left-to-right.

I’ve wanted to play well here for a long time. It just doesn’t suit my eye very well. So I haven’t put it all together. And thankfully I put it all together yesterday, because it wasn’t today and it wasn’t Friday.

Q. You were asked yesterday about putting. So if your putting woes, if you don’t mind, are resolved, how big a problem are you for these guys out here?
MARDY FISH: If I could putt, yeah, a big problem. And I felt great yesterday. I hit some good putts today. I got lucky on 7 to make a long 40-footer or so off the green.

And just kind of kept Kyle — he kept it close, and I just sort of kept him at arm’s length the whole time. I don’t think we got any closer than four or five points.

And that can change quickly here because there’s a lot of opportunities. Certainly late. So even if you’re coming down with a four- or five-point lead, eagle, I had six-foot eagle putt there, that’s doable, for sure.

And so you never know. And so it was nice to have that lead on 18 to not have to worry about it too much.

Q. Did the absence of spectators help your concentration?
MARDY FISH: I focus in pretty good anyways. I’ve played a lot of matches in Davis Cup formats for the U.S. in some pretty hostile places, Colombia and Switzerland, and all over the place. And they’ll yell in your overhead and yell in your serve. So I’m used to that kind of stuff.

Q. So if we talked to somebody who has played with you over the last five years, let’s just say, would they say putting used to be a weakness and is not anymore? Not asking you, I’m asking what do you think John Smoltz or somebody like that would say.
MARDY FISH: I think he would say ball-striking, I can hit it with most people. And then if I can make some putts, I can play really well. I can score pretty well. I didn’t light it on fire today or the first day. So I had one great day. But it was enough.

Q. PowerShares, I think you’re ranked fourth, I think?
MARDY FISH: I’ll play anybody right now.

Q. Does your focus on golf hurt your tennis game? How much focus do you have on that?
MARDY FISH: You know what hurts my golf and tennis game are the kids. They take a lot of time up. Golf takes a long time to play. So getting out there and playing for five hours, I don’t want to leave them at home especially during this whole quarantine thing.

This is the least amount of golf I’ve played going into one of these things. So maybe there’s something to that. Maybe there’s something to riding in the cart with no caddie, maybe. I’m used to that. I do that at home on my home course there in LA. Who knows. But maybe I was just due for a win here.

Q. Now that you’ve checked this box, does that change anything as the way you look at your future, your immediate future in terms of playing golf and having —
MARDY FISH: No, I’m pretty busy. I stay busy right now with a lot of different things. And obviously family at home. Not until I’m 50. I’ll try the Senior Tour but nothing before that.

Q. Are you serious, is that something —
MARDY FISH: Yeah, I’d love to. Yeah, of course.