Friday, July 10th, 2020


American Century Championship
Friday, July 10, 2020
Kyle Williams
Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Kyle Williams.

Q. First round last year, I believe you had 12 points. Last year Romo ‘s 26; you have 25 today. You’ve been filling some shoes.

KYLE WILLIAMS: It’s a good start, that’s for sure. Being here again for another year, getting a little more comfortable on the greens, and I really hit some good wedge shots today. That’s really what it came down to. I hit some wedge shots really close that were basically kicking.

Hopefully just continue to get more comfortable, especially putting out here, which is a tricky thing, and look forward to tomorrow. A lot more to go.

Q. Take us through your holes, which holes did you birdie. Or did you have any eagles?

KYLE WILLIAMS: Really got going — I missed a short birdie, fourth hole of the day, and just the next hole just backed it up and made one from about a foot. Just hit it really close.

Birdied both the par-5s on the back 9, which we started on 10, but really kick started me. And like I said, really just hit some good wedge shots. Hit them close. When you hit them that close, you better be making them, especially with the kind of field that’s here.

Q. 16 and 18 you birdied, then?


Q. That was your front nine today?

KYLE WILLIAMS: 2-putt 16 from 12 feet, 12 feet for eagle, and just tapped in, which was a comfortable feeling.

Q. What did you hit in on 16?

KYLE WILLIAMS: I hit a hybrid, like a 3 hybrid.

Q. Any other holes with birdies on the other side?

KYLE WILLIAMS: You know, I think the most important one was last one of the day. Birdied 9, had 80 yards in and hit a little sand wedge to about a foot and a half.

Hit the wedges good today, hit them really close, where you really didn’t have many chances to miss them when you hit them that close. I don’t expect it to go that way all weekend. So hopefully my putter will follow suit.

Q. So 16, 18, 9. Looks like you liked the waterholes.

KYLE WILLIAMS: At least when I can see it. It’s working out so far. Long way to go. Looking forward to a fun weekend.

Q. How do you feel being in the hunt with the guys who have won it before. Romo’s been there the last two years obviously and he’s always the guy to look out for, along with Mulder and Smoltz.

KYLE WILLIAMS: Sure, I had a really good Saturday last year, moved up the board. I was within the last couple of groups, just didn’t play well enough. Didn’t putt very well.

So hit the ball really well all last year, just couldn’t get the ball in the hole. So really in my practice time here the last couple days, have spent most of my time on the greens, getting comfortable, get a good feel for them.

I’ve been lucky I’ve been able to play in some golf events here and there especially since I’ve retired. So it won’t be from being nervous or being in the hunt. I can hit good shots and bad shots. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing. Like I said, it’s a great field, really good start for me today, looking forward to a good weekend.

Q. Any particular message for the quarterbacks in this group? Usually the quarterbacks are the ones that have excelled in this event. And I think this is the lowest score by a defensive lineman that we’ve ever had.

KYLE WILLIAMS: Well, I’m here holding it down for the 300-plus pound guys. I may not be there anymore, but I used to be. So I’m a card-carrying member. So big boys can play too.

Q. I wanted to ask what your weight is now. You were at 300 when you played?
KYLE WILLIAMS: Honestly, I haven’t been on a scale, but I’m probably 290. I’m not much into working out. I had to do that for a living for a long time. I don’t partake in that much.

Q. You played 13 years in the NFL, plus college, plus — and obviously a big guy. How did you get through all the bumps and bruises of the NFL and still be at the high level of golf that you’re at?

KYLE WILLIAMS: I’m not without my issues, especially in the mornings when I wake up, a little creaking and popping, takes me longer to warm up.

I was always a baseball player growing up, started playing a little bit as a kid, really got into it in college. And just really grinded it out and found the golf game. I think I enjoy working on my game more than I do actually playing. So just reps and reps for me, really.

Q. The oddsmakers only had I think seven guys listed ahead of you. Did they know something about you since last year? You did well last year.

KYLE WILLIAMS: I’m not totally sure you guys would have the information better than I would. But I think I scored 23 or 24 points on Saturday last year. Had a good round. And really my first and last round last year were just riddled with 3-putts that really just kind of crippled me. So I’ve been able to play, qualified and played in a USGA event. So I play a good bit of golf and been able to play well at times. So that’s probably what the odds saw.

Q. Should the SEC follow the Big Ten’s lead in playing conference-only games? What’s your thoughts?

KYLE WILLIAMS: Here’s my issue with that: It goes even deeper, is these teams are playing nonconference opponents that rely on, lack of a better term, payday to float the boat for their athletic department. It’s such a hard decision. I’m glad I’m not in the decision-making chair.

I just hope that we have some semblance of normally through sport this fall. I know that there’s going to be a lot of people tuned into this golf tournament this weekend because they’re looking for something to watch and view. So I’m hoping that we get some games in, however that may be. And I hope that’s the last resort that they go to conference games only.

Q. By the way, you did have 24 points in the second round last year and eight in the final round. So the putter got you last year.

KYLE WILLIAMS: It was really not a good day. I’m glad you brought that up with me right now. (Laughter).

Q. Anything I can do to offend a 300-pound defensive lineman.
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