Friday, June 26th, 2020


Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson Round Out Numbers 3-5 in the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown

“There is no weakness to Patrick Mahomes’ game right now…He’s the most creative thrower I’ve ever seen.” – Simms on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes at No. 1

“Let’s start respecting the greatness of No. 3 up in Seattle…He’s one of the greatest one-man shows in the NFL. He does everything for his football team.” – Simms on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson at No. 2

STAMFORD, Conn. – June 26, 2020 – Chris Simms ranks Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes as his number one quarterback in the NFL, while Seattle’s Russell Wilson ranks number two as Simms’ top 40 quarterback countdown concludes on the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast and “PFT Live” this week with the QBs ranked 1-5.

There is no weakness to Patrick Mahomes’ game right now. There is none. There’s literally nothing,” said Simms about ranking Mahomes No. 1. “I’ve never seen anybody like him in my life.”

Simms, a third-round pick of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2003 NFL Draft who played eight NFL seasons, also unveiled his quarterbacks ranked three through five this week: Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers at three, Houston’s Deshaun Watson at four, and Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson at five.

Simms’ complete Top 40 QB Countdown:


1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City 21. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland
2. Russell Wilson, Seattle 22. Daniel Jones, New York Giants
3. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay 23. Sam Darnold, New York Jets
4. Deshaun Watson, Houston 24. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams
5. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore 25. Drew Lock, Denver
6. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia 26. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati
7. Matt Ryan, Atlanta 27. Andy Dalton, Dallas
8. Dak Prescott, Dallas 28. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami
9. Matthew Stafford, Detroit 29. Teddy Bridgewater, Carolina
10. Cam Newton, Free Agent 30. Gardner Minshew, Jacksonville
11. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee 31. Nick Foles, Chicago
12. Kyler Murray, Arizona 32. Case Keenum, Cleveland
13. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota 33. Jameis Winston, New Orleans
14. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh 34. Tyrod Taylor, Los Angeles Chargers
15. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay 35. Jarrett Stidham, New England
16. Drew Brees, New Orleans 36. Taysom Hill, New Orleans
17. Philip Rivers, Indianapolis 37. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers
18. Josh Allen, Buffalo 38. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago
19. Derek Carr, Las Vegas 39. Dwayne Haskins, Washington
20. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 40. Tua Tagovailoa, Miami


The rankings will continue next week with numbers 23-30 on “PFT Live” and Chris Simms Unbuttoned.

The following are highlights from Chris Simms’ quarterback rankings:

No. 5: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

Simms: “Awesome, exciting, one of the most explosive players in football. Certainly, dangerous in so many different ways. The skillset is vast. The running is electric — it is as good as anyone we have ever seen at the quarterback position other than Michael Vick. The throwing continues to go on an upward arc. He is a natural thrower…Is he a polished passer yet? No…There are still inconsistencies with that…His great running ability is setting up some great passing looks sometimes too, to maybe fool us into thinking he is a little bit better of a thrower than he is…I don’t think he is ready to carry the team with his right arm…That is basically the last piece we need to see from him to where he could be the number one or number two quarterback next year.”

No. 4: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

Simms: “They don’t come more talented, more cool under pressure, than Deshaun Watson…He can maybe be a little bit more of a precise short-ball thrower…If he fixes that stuff, the sky is the limit. Another guy, like Lamar Jackson, where…he could challenge to be the best quarterback in the game. He is an unbelievable deep-ball thrower. He has got unbelievable toughness, and when the play breaks down, you could argue Deshaun Watson is as good as anybody in football to make something happen when nothing is there…The best thing about him is he is arguably one of the best deep-ball throwers in football. That, to me, is where I just think he is special…That is where he really stresses defenses out because we know he can scramble, but then you’ve got to go, ‘We better worry about the other 50 yards behind us, because he can bomb it over us that way too.’”

No. 3: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Simms: “This is the first time since 2010 that I am going into a season where I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football…Why did he fall to three? There are two guys in front him who are really special and in the primes of their careers. Rodgers, he is on that part where it is starting to go downhill, (but he’s) still special…Do I think his skills are declining a little bit? Yes… but it doesn’t matter. It is still a special arm…It is still one of the best arms in the game…His escapability was a little less than what we normally see from him…I think he is too careful with the football. I think that is the biggest reason or the biggest thing about his game that I don’t like right now…Yeah, the window was tight, but you are freaking Aaron Rodgers. Throw it in there…This is the greatest gunslinger we have seen in the history of the sport, (and) who takes care of the football…He will win you a lot of games, and he really doesn’t lose you a lot of games because of that too…He is still arguably the most-gifted thrower, passer in the game. There is no offense, no play, nothing exists other than maybe the Lamar Jackson-offense that Aaron Rodgers couldn’t run. He can make every throw off every platform to a degree that there is only a few people in the history of the league that could do it (how) he does.”

No. 2: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Simms: “Let’s start respecting the greatness of No. 3 up in Seattle…He’s one of the greatest one-man shows in the NFL. He does everything for his football team, let alone he plays quarterback for a team that doesn’t play a quarterback-friendly style of football…(The Seahawks) have to get out of this mold of, ‘We’re still the Legion of Boom in 2013.’ Put the ball in Russell’s hands from start to finish in every game. Put the pressure on teams that way…With an offense that’s not necessarily the most creative passing game in football — it’s very elementary — and Russell Wilson, he makes it happen with pinpoint passing. He might be the best deep-ball thrower in the game, and then, of course, we know his adlibbing and ability to escape the pocket.”

No. 1: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Simms: “Where do you start? There is no weakness to Patrick Mahomes’ game right now. There is none. There’s literally nothing…I’ve never seen anybody like him in my life. Yeah, you’d like it from a quarterback school standpoint of him being a little more strict technique-wise, but it’s what makes him him. And certainly, when his technique is right, I mean, come on. It’s a walk in the park…He’s truly a special, special talent. He’s the most creative thrower I’ve ever seen, and that’s crazy because Aaron Rodgers is really creative, but I’ve never seen a guy who could do it with more different ways…He’s got more delivery points and ability to get it done than anybody I’ve ever seen play quarterback in my entire life…This is another aspect that I love: his deep drop. He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee at quarterback. I don’t even call it a drop. He just floats back there. It’s unlike any other quarterback in football. It’s really, in a lot of ways, brilliant.”

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