Sunday, May 17th, 2020


NBC Sports Notable Quotes
TaylorMade Driving Relief
Seminole Golf Club
Juno Beach, Fla.
Sunday, May 17

**TaylorMade Driving Relief re-airs tonight at 7 pm and 11:30 p.m. ET on GOLF Channel**

Dustin Johnson & Rory McIlroy: 11 skins, $1,850,000 (Benefiting American Nurses Foundation)
Rickie Fowler & Matthew Wolff: 7 skins, $1,150,000 (Benefiting CDC Foundation)

Total raised:
$3,000,000 UnitedHealth Group
$1,000,000 Farmers Insurance Birdie/Eagle Bonus Pool
$450,000 TaylorMade Long Drive Bonus
$1,053,959 Viewer Donations (through conclusion of telecast)

$5,503,959 Grand Total Raised

Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson speaking with NBC Sports’ Steve Sands following their victory (McIlroy and Johnson won six skins – $1.1 million carryover – by McIlroy hitting closest to the pin on the par-3 17th, the 19th hole of the match)
Rory McIlroy – “I didn’t know whether to tell the ball to get up, get down, stay long or stay short. I wouldn’t be known for my wedge play so I was feeling a little bit of pressure. Matt hit a decent shot in, it is only 120 yards but it is a tough shot. Just to see it land on the green and stay there, because on these Seminole greens the ball can do some funny things when you think it is in a good spot.”
McIlroy – “Really happy. It was an awesome day playing with DJ, Matt, Rickie, all of us out here playing for a great cause. It has been awesome. Nice to get back on the golf course and to get back to some normalcy.”
Dustin Johnson – “Today ranks right up there. Not only how much UnitedHealth Group donated but also how much was raised from the people watching and calling in. It is incredible what we did today. It is very nice to be a part of something so cool. And just to get out and play golf again and be a little bit competitive was a lot of fun.”

On Rory McIlroy winning the match
Rich Lerner – “Rory McIlroy is number one in the world for a reason. A 1.1 million dollar shot right there.”

On TaylorMade Driving Relief
Mike Tirico – “We’ve waited so long for live sports and drama. Well, we got it with today’s finish.”
Rich Lerner – “First live golf telecast since the first round of the PLAYERS. 66 days ago.”
Mike Tirico – “It’s fun watching the best players in the world carrying their own bags. To see them carrying their own bags is a neat little wrinkle for us watching the return to live sports.”
Rich Lerner – “Love seeing the number one player in the world strapping a bag to his back.”

On Rory McIlroy
Paul Azinger – “Nice to see Rory getting his voice activation system going on the second hole. He’s got a little heckle in him.”
Jerry Foltz – “Matt Wolff just located his ball up on the side of the hill and Rory just said, “Hey Matt, thanks for doing your part to social distance.”
Rich Lerner – “14 clubs and a sizeable needle today.”

Rory McIlroy speaking with NBC Sports’ Steve Sands walking up 18
Rory McIlroy – “I’m really proud. It is a huge effort from everyone involved to put this on. Jimmy Dunne, the club president, TaylorMade, UnitedHealth Group that are a partner of mine…we are really proud to just be a part of an event to entertain people at home on a Sunday afternoon but also to raise money for people who really need it.”

On Matthew Wolff
Matthew Wolff – “Hey DJ, is this a waste bunker? Oh never mind.”
Rich Lerner – “As it relates to long drive, they are playing a game of ‘Wolff’ down at Seminole.”

Bill Murray speaking with NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico
Bill Murray – “This my very first experience with Skype. Kind of why the camera looks like this a little bit and I’m trying to balance myself.”
Murray – “They look almost human. I never understood why someone would wear black pants when it is 102 degrees out. They look like they are enjoying themselves and are in college again.”
Murray – “This is like a cathedral of Donald Ross courses. I grew up caddying at a course that Donald Ross did the bunkers on. So, I’ve always loved the way his bunkers looked. And (Seminole Golf Club) is like the cathedral of Donald Ross.

President Donald Trump speaking with NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico
President Trump – “This is the beginning of live events. We want to get sports back. We miss sports. We need sports in terms of the psyche of our country. That’s what we’re doing. We’re getting it back.”

Jon Rahm speaking with NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico
Jon Rahm – “I think we are all itching to be out there. We all want to be competing and traveling again and putting on good entertainment for the fans. I sure wish I was there. They are all putting on a show. I’m glad I can enjoy this like everybody else.”
Rahm – “It is an unbelievable golf course. It is a golf course that will test all parts of your game. It is a tough test and a great golf course. It makes sense why Mr. Hogan always would practice at Seminole to get ready for the Masters.”

Matthew Wolff speaking with NBC Sports’ Sands during the match
Wolff – “Obviously I am a lot more comfortable than when we started today. I care so much and trying to raise so much money and I felt like I was a little nervous stating of the day but definitely settled down. Happy to raise so money with the long drives but Rickie has been making putts and definitely carrying me a little.”

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