Tuesday, May 5th, 2020


“There’s no perfect rule that’s going to fit everybody…Some kids do not want to go to college, and that’s ok. I think that we’ll still have college basketball.” – Roy Williams on high school players foregoing college to play in the NBA’s G-League

“I was born here, I was bred here, and I balled here. (CeeDee Lamb) will meet all of those criteria because I thought he was the best receiver in the Draft.” – Michael Irvin on Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb wearing number 88

“The day you stop trying to prove that you belong, that’s when you retire…I want to be the best in my last game.” – Calais Campbell on proving himself to his new teammates in Baltimore

 “It’s not an overwhelming majority that want to resume this regular season, especially the players that are far on the outside (of the playoffs) looking in.” – Kathryn Tappen on NHL players’ desire to resume the season

STAMFORD, Conn. – May 5, 2020 – Mike Tirico hosted today’s episode of Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN and was joined remotely by:

    • UNC men’s basketball coach Roy Williams
    • Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Calais Campbell
    • President of Seminole Golf Club (which will host the TaylorMade Driving Relief event) Jimmy Dunne
    • NBC Sports’ Kathryn Tappen
    • NBC Sports Chicago’s Bulls Insider C. Johnson


The Rich Eisen Show followed Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN, as host Rich Eisen was joined by:

    • Pro Football Hall of Fame WR & NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin
    • NASCAR driver Chase Elliott
    • Former Bulls center & NBC Sports Chicago analyst Will Perdue
    • Actor Thomas Lennon from Quibi’s “Reno 911!”


Following are highlights from Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN:

Roy Williams on the biggest challenge his team has faced during the pandemic: “The first hurdle to get over was the fact that our players were finishing the second half of the semester online and we were scared to death, because we couldn’t be there checking class…We have a Zoom call every Sunday night with our team.”

Williams on recruiting: “We’re Zooming with some prospects. We’re watching tape on prospects, but it’s not the same to me as going out and actually seeing them in person…Summer is a big time for us recruiting and getting our freshman on campus, so we just don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Williams on high school players going to the G-League and the NBA’s eligibility rule: “There’s no perfect rule that’s going to fit everybody…It’s an NBA rule. They’re making the rules that they think is best for their sport and that’s what they’re going to do. They don’t really care about college basketball. We say all nice things, but they’re not really our partner and I’m not saying they should be…Some kids do not want to go to college, and that’s ok. I think that we’ll still have college basketball.”

Williams on Michael Jordan and “The Last Dance”: “My players know about Michael, but they’ve been just totally focused on watching it…I think they’re getting an even greater appreciation of the greatness of Michael because all they know is Kobe (Bryant) and LeBron (James)…It’s great fun to me. I did live through it…I felt like I was part of it, I was there.”

Calais Campbell on being traded to Baltimore: “It’s part of the game. One of the best things about starting over in a new place is you have to go out and prove yourself all over again…When you have a new setting, you have to go out and earn the respect.”

Campbell on feeling like he needs to prove himself: “The day you stop trying to prove that you belong, that’s when you retire. As long as I’m suiting up, I want to show that you’re only as good as your latest memory. I want to be the best in my last game.”

Campbell on playing for the Ravens: “Just from virtual meetings, you can tell there’s a different aura about this place. Play like a Raven — people take it to heart.”

Campbell on being named the 2019 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year: “It’s everything. That’s the most prestigious award in all of sport and just to have my name mentioned in the same breath as Walter Payton alone, not even counting the guys who’ve won it before me, it’s a great group of people to be surrounded by…You don’t need to have any special talent to give back, it’s really just about caring about people and caring about a cause.”

K.C. Johnson on former Bulls GM Jerry Krause’s unpublished memoirs that he received: “It humanizes Jerry and it’s a slice of history that the family has so graciously allowed us to publish at, giving his perspective of things…He just had a side to him that was sentimental at times, humorous at time.”

Johnson on Krause’s relationship with Michael Jordan: “I know there’s a lot of differences, and they certainly had a strained relationship throughout their time in Chicago, but at the end of the day, they’re actually a little bit more similar than some people might imagine…They’re both always chasing championships even if it involves unpopular decisions or unpopular practices…In that regard, to me, he’s very similar to Michael.”

Johnson on the NBA era portrayed in “The Last Dance”: “We’re seeing a different era in the NBA when you went through teams…You didn’t go join super teams.”  

Kathryn Tappen on the NHL’s plans to resume the season: “They are meeting today to discuss four possible sites…and have teams coming to those cities to play divisional rounds and of course in the postseason…All of those conversations are very important. It is looking like a possibility that this could really start to happen. Bring players back maybe by the end of May and start training camps in June.”

Tappen on the NHL Draft: “They discussed the possibility of moving up the Draft to June 5…Moving the Draft up would allow for some off-ice business to basically take precedence right now when we don’t have the sport playing, so that when we do resume playing, it’s one less thing on the calendar we’re going to have to worry about.”

Tappen on players’ desire to restart the season: “It’s not an overwhelming majority that want to resume this regular season, especially the players that are far on the outside (of the playoffs) looking in right now…A lot of players are concerned about safety, number one, and injuries number two…I would say that players are hesitant.”

Jimmy Dunne on hosting the TaylorMade Driving Relief event at Seminole Golf Club: “The reality is we were all kind of searching for something to try to help and bring some relief to the COVID-19 situation…We were all kind of thirsting for a way to be helpful. This was a little larger than we had anticipated, but we’re delighted to do our part.”

Dunne on what makes Seminole Golf Club so special: “It’s been around for closing in on 100 years now. It’s a little old school. We like brown, we don’t love green everywhere. We like the ball to be played on the ground. We like firm and fast conditions…I think a lot of golf fans and sports enthusiasts will enjoy the day.”

Dunne on his friendship with Tom Brady: “I am rooting hard for two number 12s. (Notre Dame QB) Ian Book…and I’m going to be rooting hard for Tampa. I’m trying to buy some TB12 Tampa Bay jerseys, but they’re all sold out…We and a lot of people are excited to have Tom as a Florida resident.”

Following are highlights from The Rich Eisen Show on NBCSN:

Michael Irvin on Andy Dalton signing with the Cowboys: “It means they got to save good money. They have a good backup, because they only had Cooper Rush as the backup (last year), and you get a veteran like Andy Dalton. It’s a smart decision when you get it at a guarantee of $3 million.”

Irvin on Dalton being the backup QB for the Cowboys: “It’s not anything I am jumping the moon about. It’s a good situational price for the Cowboys, and good backup for Dak (Prescott)…This is Dak Prescott’s team, but every team needs a backup just in case.”

Irvin on Dak Prescott’s contract situation with the Cowboys: “I don’t think anyone would have him leaving. $34 million is on the table and he was a fourth-round draft pick that made $2 million last year…We will get Dak Prescott on the football field. He’s a smart man and will not let that get away.”

Irvin on Cowboys first-round pick WR CeeDee Lamb wearing No. 88: “I absolutely love it. To wear 88, you have to be ‘born’…that means drafted or signed by the Cowboys, only the Cowboys — bringing it as a Cowboy. I was born here, I was bred here, and I balled here. (CeeDee Lamb) will meet all of those criteria because I thought he was the best receiver in the.”

Irvin on Lamb: “He’s the best pickup for Dallas because of what he does and the positions he can play. He can play the slot and outside. Right now, Dallas has no production from the slot on the roster right now because that went to the Houston Texans with Randall Cobb.”

Irvin on former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant: “When Dez (Bryant) first got released by the Cowboys, it was like the divorce that he really didn’t want. He just soured in the pain. I know this because at the time, teams we’re calling and trying to bring Dez in.…The pain of not being a Cowboy was so great that he never set his mind back on playing football again for someone else…It blows my mind with the talent that Dez still has that he hasn’t been on a football team since he got released from the Cowboys.”

Chase Elliott on his preparations for Darlington: “It’s really interesting. There’s not a lot we can do with the rules being the way they are and having limited practice nowadays. NASCAR has never seen anything like what we are about to see this year. Showing up and just racing without any track time and without any prep inside the cars is super unorthodox.”

Elliott on if he feels safe racing at Darlington: “I do, and they are going about it in a manner that is cautious enough that I feel fine. From the racing side of things, we have run five races this year…After a period of time in the race, I think everyone will be back in form and especially by the second or third race, everyone will be up to speed.”

Elliott on the upcoming NASCAR schedule: “I think plans for Darlington are changing rapidly, so I don’t know how it is fair to ask an executive their plan beyond Charlotte…I am going to do what I’m told.”

Elliott on his training during quarantine: “I’ve been doing a lot of iRacing for the past month to month and a half. It’s not bad. For the past 10 years, (simulation racing) has advanced a lot…Obviously, there are some differences from the real thing, but it’s keeping me sharp and things of that nature from a reflex and training aspect.”

Will Perdue on reliving his Chicago Bulls memories through “The Last Dance”: “It’s brought back a lot of memories, but also a lot of emotions. It’s almost kind of been a little reunion for a lot of the players by reaching out to get former teammates on podcasts, Zoom calls, and things like that. It also has been a vivid reminder of some of the sacrifices we had to make, the drama that was involved, and some of the tension.”

Perdue on being Michael Jordan’s teammate: “It was tough because of the expectations. I think at times, Michael felt if you work as hard as him, you can be as good as him. We were all out there busting our butts, but at some point, you have to learn that we as players have certain limitations.”

Perdue on Michael Jordan’s competitiveness: “The only emotions we really had seen from Michael was frustration and anger because of the inability to beat Detroit. This dude was not happy when he lost to anything…that’s how competitive he was.”

Perdue on his fight with Michael Jordan: “One time I hit him pretty hard and he told me if I did that again he was going to punch me…so, I thought to myself, if I’m going to get punched by this guy, I’m going to make sure to get my money’s worth. I made sure it was an illegal screen and knocked his butt to the ground. He got up and swung at me. We settled down and kept practicing. That stuff happened more than people think.”

Thomas Lennon, a Chicago native, on the Bulls: “When the Bulls were playing, I never missed a televised Bulls game ever.”

Lennon on his favorite Chicago athlete: “(Michael) Jordan is the only thing. My Dad worked at the Art Institute in Chicago and used to have to move paintings if they were on loan. He went to Russia and ended up getting me one of my most prized possessions — I have a set of Russian nesting dolls of the great Bulls lineup.”