Wednesday, April 29th, 2020


GOLFNOW Industry Report Providing Real-Time Data

ORLANDO, Fla. (April 28, 2020) – As golf courses across North America begin to reopen, GOLF Channel’s Morning Drive today introduced one of two weekly segments produced from daily data released by GOLFNOW, which provide viewers with the latest industry news and the opportunities for recreational play.

Today’s segment showed the pace at which states are reopening for golf across the country. Sunday’s report will feature the GOLFNOW Industry Weekly Report video feature, anchored by GOLF Channel’s Gary Williams, which covers the biggest stories in golf each week and a look at the data that is driving the industry.

Released daily, the GOLFNOW Industry Report offers a variety of resources from real-time market data detailing rounds of golf being played across the country, as well as the open/closed status of every course in every state – public and private.

“Since the availability of golf in every state has been a moving target throughout this pandemic, GOLFNOW has been doing a great job of collecting the latest data to keep the industry informed,” said Morning Drive executive producer Kevin Schultz. “We’re excited about the opportunity to tap into that data with the latest information for our Morning Drive viewers.”

For more information about the latest golf industry news, as well as state-by-state details about golf course openings, visit the Golf & COVID-19 page on GOLF Advisor. If you are in the golf business, you can get the latest market data information at GOLF Business Solutions.

GOLFNOW is an innovative technology company that creates seamless ways for golfers and golf courses to better connect. GOLFNOW operates the largest online tee-time marketplace in the world, offering 3.5 million registered golfers a variety of ways to stay connected to their favorite courses and the ability to easily book tee times online and via mobile devices any time of day. GOLFPASS members receive special playing perks through GOLFNOW, including tee time credit and rewards, with GOLFPASS+ members benefiting from waived booking fees, cancellation protection and 25% more rewards points. GOLFNOW is an extension of the GOLF Business Solutions’ suite of digital businesses, owned by NBC Sports and managed by GOLF Channel. With offices in Orlando, Fla., and Belfast, Northern Ireland, GOLF Business Solutions also provides technology, support and marketing services to more than 9,000 golf courses in 24 countries around the world.

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