Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020


“It is, for many, many people, a distraction from the problems they may face every day. It is something right now the country misses tremendously.” – Brent Musburger on the sports void

“They have been trying to more so find out what kind of person I am. Not really what kind of player I am, but the person I am.” – Jeff Okudah on meeting with teams prior to tomorrow’s NFL Draft

“Gronkowski out-Belichick’ed Bill Belichick on this…It’s genius. Gronk and Gronk Corp. got what they wanted.” – Tom Curran on Rob Gronkowski’s trade to the Buccaneers

“Accuracy is the thing that translates to the NFL…One of the best college football seasons of all-time. So, the Bengals should be getting their franchise guy.” PFF’s Steve Palazzolo on Joe Burrow

STAMFORD, Conn. – April 22, 2020 – Mike Tirico hosted today’s episode of Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN and was joined remotely by:

    • Top Prospect and former Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb
    • Top Prospect and former Ohio St. CB Jeff Okudah
    • Legendary sportscaster Brent Musburger
    • Pro Football Focus draft analyst Steve Palazzolo
    • NBC Sports medicine analyst Mike Ryan


The Rich Eisen Show followed Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN, as host Rich Eisen was joined by:

    • Pro Football Hall of Famer & Fox NFL analyst Michael Strahan
    • NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran
    • VaynerMedia & VaynerSports CEO Gary Vaynerchuk


Following are highlights from Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN:

Brent Musburger on the importance of sports in everyday life: “It is, for many, many people, a distraction from the problems they may face every day. It is something right now the country misses tremendously.”

Musburger on the Raiders’ draft plan: “I can’t see them going anywhere except for wide receiver with pick No. 12 or maybe they are going to move up.”

Musburger on the draft not being held in Las Vegas as scheduled: “Someday the Draft will come back to Las Vegas and it will be spectacular. No one knows how to stage a party quite like Las Vegas.”

Musburger on the construction of the Raiders’ new stadium: “They are on schedule, due to turn it over at the end of July. They have had some isolated cases of the virus. They have quarantined a couple of the workers, but construction continues.”

Musburger on professional sports leagues beginning to accept legalized sports gambling: “I am rather surprised at how quickly the leagues have seemed to have accepted it.”

CeeDee Lamb on if he pays attention to the rumors of where he’ll be selected in tomorrow’s NFL Draft: “I’ve heard a lot of rumors. I’ve heard just about every conversation, but I try to turn a blind eye to it.”

Lamb on what he improved on this past season: “Just playing a lot strong and a lot faster…Going in attacking this season knowing I don’t want to be tackled by the first person.”

Lamb on why he thinks he is the best receiver in the draft: “There is a not a place at the receiver position that you can put me where I don’t feel like I’m comfortable at.”

Lamb on playing with QBs Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts at Oklahoma: “It has been great. Just kind of picking up and learning from the best guys at their position, at the hardest position in the game…Very beneficial.”

Lamb on Hurts: “Jalen is very different. He can beat you on the run or in the pass…He likes to prove people wrong and he’s a winner.”

Jeff Okudah on tomorrow’s NFL Draft: “I feel like I have been waiting all my life for this moment.”

Okudah on what teams have asked him in draft meetings: “What kind of leader you are…They have been trying to more so find out what kind of person I am. Not really what kind of player I am, but the person I am.”

Okudah on how the next month or two might look if there are no rookie camps and OTAs: “Probably a lot of FaceTimes and Zoom meetings. I know I want to reach out to some guys who have already been in the league and just kind of figure out what I can pick up from them to make my rookie year go easier.”

Okudah on Ohio State’s recent history of producing first-round defensive backs: “The expectation is almost like you have to be a first-round pick if you are a starting corner (at Ohio State).”

Steve Palazzolo on Rob Gronkowski joining Tom Brady in Tampa Bay: “I think it is a perfect low-risk, high-reward trade for the Bucs.”

Palazzolo on Joe Burrow being the most accurate quarterback PFF has ever scouted: “Accuracy is the thing that translates to the NFL. He just didn’t miss throws. One of the best college football seasons of all-time. So, the Bengals should be getting their franchise guy.”

Palazzolo on Chase Young: “We have graded Myles Garrett, the two Bosa’s. He surpassed them last year. The best season we have ever seen.”

Palazzolo on Jerry Jeudy: “The best route runner in the draft.”

Palazzolo on what the Dolphins should do in the draft: “I think they should do what they can to get Tua (Tagovailoa).”

Palazzolo on the Chargers’ QB plans at pick No. 6: “I don’t think they take (Justin) Herbert if he is there. I think they take Tua if he is there.”

Mike Ryan on the difficulty for teams’ medical staffs without having access to prospects: “Every injury has its own personality, so to take that evaluation from someone else is very different. Some of the grades this year are watered down…There is a lot of things you don’t necessarily see on the film or you don’t see on the video that goes into determining those grades.”

Ryan on providing a medical grade on draft prospects this year: “It is a difficult task but it something NFL athletic trainers are very capable of doing.”

Ryan on Tua Tagovailoa’s injury: “They had a great physical with him at the first combine but down the road with that hip, because the hip is very temperamental, is that hip going to become an issue and will his risk of missing time down the road and missing future games? That is the question everyone is having and remains to be unanswered to this point.”

Following are highlights from The Rich Eisen Show on NBCSN:

Michael Strahan on the Rob Gronkowski trade to Tampa Bay: “I’m happy for Gronk, Tom (Brady) and all Tampa Bay fans…Gronk wants to have fun with Tom.”

Strahan on if he ever considered coming out of retirement: “I did…For about 30 minutes I was ready (to come back), but I decided to stay retired…You play with your heart if you want to be a great player, and I couldn’t stand going out there and not giving it everything that I have.”

Strahan on the COVID-19 pandemic: “This is a good time to reset what your priorities are, what’s important…If there’s ever a lesson to come out of all this, time is very precious. (It’s) one thing in the world that you cannot get more of and you better savor and enjoy every bit of it because you never know when it all ends.”

Strahan on Lawrence Taylor: “He is the defensive GOAT in my opinion.”

Tom Curran on the Rob Gronkowski trade to Tampa Bay: “I was caught completely flat-footed. I didn’t see this in the offing. I think it was a stealth move by Gronkowski. What’s fascinating to me is that Gronkowski out-Belichick’ed Bill Belichick on this…The business savvy of the Gronkowski’s really boiled the gears to have this happen. It’s genius. Gronk and Gronk Corp. got what they wanted.”

Curran on the Buccaneers: “It gives Tampa Bay a quick cheat code for (Tom) Brady to feel comfortable with a player he’s so familiar with, because with COVID-19 wiping out the offseason and not being able to spend time with (Mike) Evans and (Chris) Godwin. He has spent so much time with Gronkowski.”

Curran on the Patriots’ draft options: “There are places all over this roster for the Patriots to improve, but I would put my money cautiously on a trade down…(Oklahoma QB) Jalen Hurts and (Washington State QB) Anthony Gordon would be smart (in later rounds).”

Gary Vaynerchuk, a Jets fan, on the New York Jets’ draft options in the first round: “Anyone with half-a-brain knows we’re going left tackle at that spot. (The Jets) have two second-round picks. This is the greatest wide receiver class ever, depending on how it plays out, but the talent (at wide receiver) is enormous.”

Vaynerchuk on his participation in the ‘All-In Challenge’: “We’ve raised $16.1 million dollars (for charity)…It’s been unbelievable…A win-win situation.”