Tuesday, March 17th, 2020


NBC Sports Chicago & to air Blackhawks & Bulls “Classic” Championship Season Replays Nightly at 7:00 PM CT

Chicago, IL (March 17, 2020) – NBC Sports Chicago has announced its primetime pro game replacement programming as the network will be re-airing all 16 Stanley Cup Playoffs wins from the Chicago Blackhawks 2010 championship season, with this year marking the team’s 10th anniversary of their first NHL championship since 1961, along with all 15 victories from the Chicago Bulls incredible NBA Playoffs title run from 1996.  NBC Sports Chicago is currently scheduled to carry a “Classic” Blackhawks or Bulls telecast every evening at 7:00 PM CT starting tonight through Thursday, April 16.  Authenticated NBC Sports Chicago subscribers can also stream every “Classic” match-up online via NOTE: Game replays will only be made available to viewers within NBC Sports Chicago’s designated viewing territory.

Please note NBC Sports Chicago’s Blackhawks & Bulls nightly 7:00 PM “Classic” game schedule beginning this evening:

Tuesday, March 17

Round 1-Game 2: Nashville at Blackhawks (From 4/18/10 — 2-0 Blackhawks win; Niemi 23 saves, first playoff shutout since Belfour in ‘96)

Wednesday, March 18

Round 1-Game 1: Miami at Bulls (From 4/26/96 — 102-85 Bulls win; Jordan gets championship run in motion with 35 points)

Thursday, March 19

Round 1-Game 4: Blackhawks at Nashville (From 4/22/10 — 3-0 Blackhawks win; Niemi 33 saves, two goals from Sharp)

Friday, March 20

Round 1-Game 2: Miami at Bulls (From 4/28/96 — 106-75 Bulls win; Pippen w/24 pts, 8 rebounds and 8 assists)

Saturday, March 21

Round 1-Game 5: Nashville at Blackhawks (From 4/24/10 — 5-4 OT Blackhawks win; Kane game-tying SHG w/:14 left in reg., Hossa OT goal)

Sunday, March 22

Round 1-Game 3: Bulls at Miami (From 5/1/96 — 112-91 Bulls win; Pippen triple-double propels Bulls to series sweep)

Monday, March 23

Round 2-Game 1: New York at Bulls (From 5/5/96 — 91-84 Bulls win; MJ tears it up with 44 points in series opener)

Tuesday, March 24

Round 1-Game 6: Blackhawks at Nashville (From 4/26/10 — 5-3 Blackhawks win; Toews go-ahead goal in 1st period caps opening round series clincher)

Wednesday, March 25

Round 1-Game 2: New York at Bulls (From 5/7/96 — 91-80 Bulls win; Rodman dominates the boards with 19 rebounds)

Thursday, March 26

Round 2-Game 2: Vancouver at Blackhawks (From 5/3/10 — 4-2 Blackhawks win; Versteeg goal w/1:30 left in reg. proves to be GW)

Friday, March 27

Round 1-Game 4: Bulls at New York (From 5/12/96 – 94-91 Bulls win; Bulls hold on to key road victory thanks in part to a solid offense outpourings via Jordan and Harper, along with the usual stellar defense provided by Rodman)

Saturday, March 28

Round 2-Game 3: Blackhawks at Vancouver (From 5/5/10 — 5-2 Blackhawks win; Byfuglien scores hat trick)

Sunday, March 29

Round 2-Game 4: Blackhawks at Vancouver (From 5/7/10 — 7-2 Blackhawks win; Toews hat trick and two assists)

Monday, March 30

Round 1-Game 5: New York at Bulls (From 5/14/96 — 94-81 Bulls win; MJ pumps in 35 sending Bulls to conference finals)

Tuesday, March 31

Round 2-Game 6: Blackhawks at Vancouver (From 5/11/10 — 5-1 Blackhawks win; Brouwer & Versteeg score :36 apart in series clincher)

Wednesday, April 1

Conference Finals-Game 1: Orlando at Bulls (From 5/19/96 – 121-83 Bulls win; Bulls dominate 4th quarter 40-24 to offset solid road performances by Orlando’s O’Neal and Hardaway)

Thursday, April 2

Conference Finals-Game 1: Blackhawks at San Jose (From 5/16/10 — 2-1 Blackhawks win; Niemi 44 saves; goals from Sharp & Byfuglien)

Friday, April 3

Conference Finals-Game 2: Orlando at Bulls (From 5/21/96 — 93-88 Bulls win; Shaq outscores MJ 36-35, but Bulls take 2-0 series lead to ORL)

Saturday, April 4

Conference Finals-Game 2: Blackhawks at San Jose (From 5/18/10 — 4-2 Blackhawks win; goals from Ladd, Byfuglien & Toews)

Sunday, April 5

Conference Finals-Game 3: Bulls at Orlando (From 5/25/96 — 86-67 Bulls win; Bulls hold host Magic to just 10 points in 4th quarter, Rodman w/16 boards)

Monday, April 6

Conference Finals-Game 4: Bulls at Orlando (From 5/27/96 — 106-101 Bulls win; Jordan’s dominant 45-point performance completes series sweep and sends Bulls back to the NBA Finals)

Tuesday, April 7

Conference Finals-Game 3: San Jose at Blackhawks (From 5/21/10 — 3-2 OT Blackhawks win; Byfuglien game-winner in OT)

Wednesday, April 8

NBA Finals-Game 1: Seattle at Bulls (From 6/5/96 — 107-90 Bulls win; MJ and Pip pace Bulls with 28 and 21 points respectively, but Kukoc comes through with some key 4th quarter scoring to help Bulls take a 1-0 series lead)

Thursday, April 9

Conference Finals-Game 4: San Jose at Blackhawks (From 5/23/10 — 4-2 Blackhawks win; Hawks reach Stanley Cup Final for first time since ‘92)

Friday, April 10

NBA Finals-Game 2: Seattle at Bulls (From 6/7/96 — 92-88 Bulls win; a superior game by Rodman, who grabbed 20 rebounds, including an NBA Finals record 11 from the offensive end, puts the Bulls up 2-0 and sends the series to SEA)

Saturday, April 11

Stanley Cup Final-Game 1: Philadelphia at Blackhawks (From 5/29/10 — 6-5 Blackhawks win; Kopecky GW in third period)

Sunday, April 12

Stanley Cup Final-Game 2: Philadelphia at Blackhawks (From 5/31/10 — 2-1 Blackhawks win; Hossa & Eager score :28 apart)

Monday, April 13

NBA Finals-Game 3: Bulls at Seattle (From 6/9/96 — 108-86 Bulls win; Jordan’s 36 points, along with a solid offensive effort from Longley w/19 pts gives Bulls a commanding 3-0 series lead)

Tuesday, April 14

Stanley Cup Final-Game 5: Philadelphia at Blackhawks (From 6/6/10 — 7-4 Blackhawks win; pivotal victory featuring three 1st period goals)

Wednesday, April 15

NBA Finals-Game 6: Seattle at Bulls (From 6/16/96 — 87-75 Bulls win; after dropping Games 4 & 5 in Seattle, the Bulls returned to the United Center on “Father’s Day” as NBA Finals MVP Michael Jordan pumps in 22 points, Rodman ties his own NBA Finals record with 11 offensive boards, and the Bulls conclude their historic 1995-96 season with their 4th NBA title)

Thursday, April 16

Stanley Cup Final-Game 6: Blackhawks at Philadelphia (4-3 OT Blackhawks win; Kane with memorable OT GW…Blackhawks earn first Stanley Cup Championship since 1961)


All games are 7:00 PM Central Time

Schedule Subject to Change


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