Sunday, October 27th, 2019


“Don’t ever doubt the greatest kicker of all time.” – Rodney Harrison on Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning kick

 “They’re just going to get better as the season goes on.” – Tony Dungy on the Patriots

“I’m told to watch the Eagles, they may be looking to do something fun now that they’re 4-4 and they’re in the mix.” – Mike Florio on the trade deadline

STAMFORD, Conn. – Oct. 27, 2019 – Mike Tirico hosted the Week 8 edition of Football Night in America tonight from NBC Sports’ International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn., in advance of the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Tirico was joined on the set by analysts Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, and Chris Simms, as well as NFL Insider Mike Florio.

Liam McHugh co-hosted Football Night in America from an outdoor set outside Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. He was joined by SNF analyst Cris Collinsworth, with Al Michaels and Michele Tafoya also reporting from inside the stadium.

McHugh interviewed Chiefs CEO and co-owner Clark Hunt from outside Arrowhead Stadium. Tirico also interviewed Rodgers earlier in the week, which can be seen in full on

FNIA also included highlights, analysis, and news from around the league.

Following are highlights from Football Night in America on NBC:


Collinsworth on Matt Moore’s receivers Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins: “Just get it to Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen, right? You’ve got some of the great athletes in the history of the National Football League out there running on the outside…Just get them the ball and let them go.”

Tafoya on Mahomes’ injury: “Moments ago (Mahomes) told me if tonight was a playoff game, he would definitely be playing. But he understands the Chiefs need to take a more conservative approach.”

Dungy on Chiefs ruling Mahomes out: “They’re doing the right thing. Be safe with him.”


Collinsworth on new Packers offense: “We see a little traditional and then you always see a little flair off it…They’re able to stay within the system but there also is that Aaron Rodgers flair that still exists.”

Simms on Aaron Rodgers: “Unreal to throw the ball like that…I wish I could throw the ball like that. I wouldn’t be hanging out with you guys, if I could throw the ball like that.”

Harrison on Rodgers: “He looks so happy. It’s not like he’s stressed out. He doesn’t feel like he has to do everything, and it’s a great job by him after the game always giving credit to his teammates.”


Michaels: “I was at Super Bowl I (between the Packers and Chiefs)…The AFL had never met the NFL even in a preseason game. Could they hang in there? And the Chiefs did…The average ticket price for that game, $12. We sat on the 50-yard line. They tell me the average ticket price for the next Super Bowl in Miami in February will be $5,000.”


Harrison: “The offensive line is still a problem. Tom Brady didn’t play great today. But like coach (Bill) Belichick says, a win is a win.”

Dungy: “We’re used to seeing these guys lose a couple of games early in the season when they aren’t playing great. I think they’re just going to get better as the season goes on.”


Dungy: “I’ve been all over their defense, but their offense today really impressed me. Very diversified. They took apart a very good Carolina defense.”

Tirico: “The 49ers have outscored their name. The 49ers have 51 (points).”

Simms: “It’s the whole run scheme…They come at you in so many different ways. (Kyle) Shanahan has it rolling on the offensive side of the ball right now.”


Tirico: “Drew Brees, ‘Boy, maybe he shouldn’t have played.’ Did you hear all that talk? Shh…That thumb is fine.”

Florio on Michael Thomas: “Thomas told me after the game that he’s never going to take for granted being in the huddle with a Hall of Fame quarterback. But he said there’s no difference between Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater. This team is focused in every phase.”

Harrison on Thomas: “I think he’s the best wide receiver in the National Football League. He’s not the fastest, but he’s very consistent and he produces every single week.”


Dungy on Cooper Kupp: “We forget what a difference he makes in this offense. He does so much and Jared Goff really loves to throw the ball to him.”

Harrison on Kupp: “Just good to see him back coming off that ACL. I mean he’s back, he’s playing 100% and he’s unstoppable.”

Florio on Brandin Cooks: “This is the fourth concussion he’s had since Super Bowl LII when he was with the Patriots…Concussion number four in less than two years…He’s getting up into a range where we have to be concerned about his ability to recover and contribute.”


Harrison on Adam Vinatieri’s game-winning field goal: “Don’t ever doubt the greatest kicker of all time.”

Dungy: “I’m giving about 10 game balls to Adam Vinatieri, for sure.”

Harrison on Jacoby Brissett: “I think we underestimate how athletic this guy is.”


Tirico: “There is a super seven teams in the NFC. They have separated from the rest of the bunch here, and it’s going to be a great second half to the season.”


Tirico: “Matthew Stafford is having the best first half of a season in his 11-year career.”

Simms: “We only talk about Matt Stafford when things are bad…but he’s playing really good football.”


Simms on Eagles running game: “Big difference-maker (today)…This is when the Eagles were at their best in 2017 when they were on a Super Bowl run…They came at you with their big offensive line. They overpowered the line of scrimmage.”

Dungy: “This was their formula in their Super Bowl year…They got back to it today and it paid dividends.”

Florio on trade deadline: “I’m told to watch the Eagles, they may be looking to do something fun now that they’re 4-4 and they’re in the mix… They tried to get Jalen Ramsey…the Eagles may have something cooking now that they’re at .500.”


Harrison on Matt Nagy’s decision to kneel before game-winning field attempt: “How do you settle for something like that when you’ve had so many problems with the field goal kickers this year?”

Dungy: “Matt Nagy, have some confidence in your run game. You might not score, but you’ll get closer. Don’t rely on your field goal kicker.”

Simms: “Their offense has been the downfall of the team this year…It’s been too much pressure on the defense. (Mitchell) Trubisky has to be better. Nagy has to be better. The run game has to be better.”

Harrison: “All the gimmicks and trick plays are fine, but sometimes you have to line up and you’ve got to hit somebody in the mouth.”


Simms: “Leonard Fournette is the MVP of the team…They run the ball, their defense is really good. I don’t know what they’ll do at quarterback when Nick Foles comes back, but don’t forget about Jacksonville.”

Simms on Jaguars defense: “This was really the story of the day. The Jacksonville defense, ‘Sacksonville’ as they say, was all over (Sam Darnold) and giving him issues.”


Dungy on Ryan Tannehill: “He gave them some confidence and made some good throws today.”

Harrison on Tannehill: “He’s not losing games for them and he’s giving them an opportunity to win games in the fourth quarter.”


Harrison: “Austin Ekeler, I don’t know why they take him out and put Melvin Gordon in. I just don’t get it.”