Thursday, October 10th, 2019


New Podcast Features Rotation of NHL on NBC Commentators; Jeremy Roenick and Keith Jones Host Debut Episode

Pierre McGuire Interviews Vegas Golden Knights President of Hockey Operations George McPhee

“He’s making sure that everyone knows what the protocol is going to be. They need to show a little bit more jam.” – Jeremy Roenick on Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning

“The finest line it’s ever been for the Penguins at least in the last 12-13 years.” – Keith Jones on Penguins’ playoff chances

“The talent was undeniable – the leadership is what you crave.” – McPhee on Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury

STAMFORD, Conn. – Oct. 10, 2019 – NBC Sports’ new weekly NHL podcast – Our Line Startshas launched and is available now on all podcast platforms. Our Line Starts will highlight the top stories of each week, including behind-the-scenes content and interviews conducted by NBC Sports’ NHL commentators.

This week’s episode is hosted by Jeremy Roenick and Keith Jones and features Pierre McGuire’s interview with Vegas Golden Knights President of Hockey Operations George McPhee.

Roenick and Jones also share their thoughts on the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins, the rivalry between Drew Doughty and Matthew Tkachuk, and take a phone call from a Patrick Roy impersonator. Click here to listen to the show.

Following are additional highlights from this week’s debut episode of Our Line Starts:

  • 1:10-4:35 – Pressure mounting for the Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 4:35-9:20 – Is Pittsburgh’s playoff streak in jeopardy?
  • 9:20-12:25 – Drew Doughty-Matthew Tkachuk rivalry
  • 12:25-14:45 – J.R.’s battle with Craig Berube
  • 14:45-18:00 – Jonesy gets under Steve Thomas’ skin
  • 18:00-20:05 – “Would you fight “Tie Domi?”
  • 20:05-35:30 – Pierre McGuire interviews George McPhee
  • 35:35-42:30 – “Patrick Roy” calls into the show

Following are excerpts from this week’s episode of Our Line Starts:

Roenick on Steven Stamkos’ criticism for Tampa Bay’s start: “A lot of people are talking that they didn’t have the ‘Playoff Heavy’ game. I love the fact that Stamkos has said, ‘Listen, we are not going to have any room to maneuver here…’ He’s stepping on it, he’s making sure that everyone knows what the protocol is going to be. They need to show a little bit more jam.”

Jones on the Penguins: “There are holes in this lineup but they are still a Playoff team. My concern is the Eastern Conference, and more importantly their division, is getting better quickly…that is the challenge for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I still believe they are a Playoff team, but it’s a fine line – the finest line it’s ever been for the Penguins at least in the last 12-13 years.”

Jones on Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk: “I don’t think there’s any fear in Matthew Tkachuk from any player in the league, and there isn’t a guy on the Kings that Matthew Tkachuk is scared of. He’s going to continue to bother Drew Doughty, and the more he recognizes it bothers Drew Doughty, the more he’s going to continue to do that. It’s something that benefits the Calgary Flames.”

Roenick on fighting former Philadelphia Flyer and Blues’ Stanley Cup-winning head coach Craig Berube: “I ran Ron Hextall in the crease and (head coach) Paul Holmgren sends Craig Berube out there to beat me up…the referee had his arms all locked up, I’m ready to go, I have my hand cocked. It’s the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. ‘What should I do?’ Well, I listened to the wrong one, knock him out, and he wasn’t too happy with me…we know what Craig Berube is like, he will get retribution, and he chased me around for four years.”

Jones: “So day of the game, you know you’re playing him again, what’s going through your mind?”

Roenick: “Making sure I know where he is at all times…he finally got me in the locker room in Philly. When I signed there, he signed as a player-coach…he came down to the locker room, I was taping my stick – BOOM – on the ground. ‘I told you I’d get you.’…we played golf that afternoon and we’ve been great friends ever since.”

McPhee on his vision for the Golden Knights: “The vision was to put the best team we could on the ice. Get the best players we could in expansion and get surplus draft picks, but I felt we really had to put a good team on the ice to give this market a chance. We weren’t sure what would happen here. No one knew two years ago that we’d have this extraordinary support in this market.”

McPhee on impact of Marc-Andre Fleury: “The talent was undeniable – but the leadership is what you crave. To find people that are that good, that humble, that great in the community – it’s hard to do. We don’t have a captain on this team. I feel like we have 23 captains, but guys like him are big leaders on this club.”

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