Thursday, August 29th, 2019


The Mike Tirico Podcast Returns with NFL Season Preview Featuring Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison & Mike Florio

Philip Rivers on The Peter King Podcast: “I thought we were going to win the whole deal last year. I thought last year was the year, and to lose in the way we lost, we felt so dejected.”

Carson Palmer Reacts to Andrew Luck Retirement on The Peter King Podcast: “He was getting smoked, every game, every week, and I think the 2012-14 seasons are why we’re seeing him retire in 2019.”

Tom Brady on Quick Slants the Podcast: “I’ve worn them [his shoulder pads] for 25 years. 25 years. They’ve gotten reconditioned a little bit, but once you find something you like, you kind of stick with it.”

STAMFORD, Conn. – August 29, 2019 –  With just one week until kickoff of the NFL’s 100th season, NBC Sports presents a comprehensive slate of NFL podcast content. This week, Peter King reacts to Andrew Luck’s retirement and looks ahead to the upcoming season on The Peter King Podcast, as he speaks with Chargers QB Philip Rivers and former NFL QB Carson Palmer. In addition, The Mike Tirico Podcast returns for its first episode of the season with a NFL preview featuring Mike Tirico and his Football Night in America colleagues Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison and Mike Florio.

NBC Sports Regional Networks also present several NFL-themed podcast episodes this week: Quick Slants the Podcast features an interview with legendary Patriots QB Tom Brady, all-pro cornerback Richard Sherman joins the 49ers Insider Podcast, and the Redskins Talk Podcast and Eagle Eye Podcast look ahead to the teams’ final roster decisions.

In all, NBC Sports presents 17 new podcast episodes this week, including a discussion with the NFL’s Senior VP of Officiating Al Riveron on PFTPM, an interview with Roger Bennett of THE MEN IN BLAZERS SHOW on White Sox Talk, and a conversation with U.S. Solheim Cup Captain Julie Inkster on The GOLF Channel Podcast.

New episodes will be available for download on all major podcast platforms including:, NBC Sports’ Scores app, Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, TuneIn and iHeart.


Rivers on his team’s potential for a Super Bowl:“It’s a nice mix of young and old, and I think we’re in a window here to have a chance. I know we’ve got to get in to have a chance, and it starts in the division and all those things. We have a nice little window, much like the window we were in ‘06-‘09, where we gave ourselves a chance every year. We probably should’ve won two and didn’t, but I think we’re kind of in that window to make a run at it again.”

Rivers on coming off a blowout playoff loss last season: “I thought we were going to win the whole deal last year. I thought last year was the year, and to lose in the way we lost, we felt so dejected because you know how long it is to get back to that point. It’s a whole other year, and you’re not guaranteed to win. It was tough, but I think for our football team to win close games again in Pittsburgh and Kansas City, and win a playoff game…we got some things done together that we had not done with this group, so I think that’s valuable experience for us moving forward.”

Palmer on Andrew Luck taking sacks: “He wasn’t just taking sacks. He was getting pummeled. They were awful up front. He was taking shots from every direction, he was having three hitters come at him in the pocket with nowhere to go and getting just physically slammed into the ground and getting his face smashed in. They weren’t tic-tac sacks. He was getting smoked, every game, every week, and I think the 2012-14 seasons are why we’re seeing him retire in 2019.”

Palmer on being an injured franchise quarterback: “I remember walking through the locker room every day, coming to work every day, after my injury, and you can’t help it but it feels like everyone is looking at you like ‘oh man he’s hurt, here we go’, and that guilt and that shame, I know Andrew felt it, and I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it, and he’s talking about other things, but that guilt and that shame from your teammates is the most pain that he felt”


Brady on his shoulder pads: “I’ve worn them for 25 years. 25 years. They’ve gotten reconditioned a little bit, but once you find something you like, you kind of stick with it, and I’ve always kind of liked the way they felt, the shape of them”

Brady on his helmet: “I’ve been wearing the same thing for a long time. I’ve been wearing the same thing for forever, so you get used to one thing, one feel. This is a pound heavier, so it’s 25% heavier on your head, so that takes a lot of getting used to. So, I wish it was lighter. I tried to make it lighter. They couldn’t make it lighter.”


Sherman on his mindset around physical limitations:This is a physical sport that everyone plays injured. Everybody has something ailing them, so it’s a mentally tough sport and you’ve just got to be mentally tough. You focus on the things you can control and you’ve got to understand that if you’re out there on the field then nobody is going to feel sorry for you. You can’t feel sorry for yourself, so you’ve just got to go out there and do your job to the best of your ability for as long as you can, and the chips will fall where they may.”

Sherman on his determination driving: “I mean it’s just probably coming from the neighborhood I come from. You just don’t have a choice. Either you eat or get eaten and so you can’t ever allow circumstances to dictate your mentality in those situations. Because if you show weakness, you get eaten. You show weakness, you show you’re down, you show hurt, then everybody will take advantage of it. So you learn to overcome that, to overcome your obstacles, to overcome your own body, your own ailments and push through.”




  • The Mike Tirico Podcast: From the Olympics, to The Open Championship, to the NFL, Mike Tirico has covered some of the biggest sporting events in history. Join him as he shares insights from the broadcast booth and talks with special guests about their careers, sports and life.
    • On this week’s episode: With the NFL’s 100th season approaching, Mike Tirico sits down with his NBC Football Night in America pals Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, and Mike Florio to preview the 2019 season. The group discuss several questions: What will the Patriots look like post-Gronk? Can the league catch up to Patrick Mahomes? And is the Browns hype real? In the NFC, can the Rams overcome Todd Gurley’s injury? How will the Aaron Rodgers-Matt LaFleur marriage work out? And should the Eagles or Cowboys be favored in the NFC East?
    • When: Wednesday, August 28


  • Chris Simms Unbuttoned: NBC Sports’ Chris Simms examines everything happening in the NFL and around the sports world. Joined by a rotation of NBC Sports hosts Ahmed Fareed, Paul Burmeister and Liam McHugh, Unbuttoned features in-depth Xs and Os analysis; one-on-one interviews with players, coaches, executives, and draft prospects; game recaps and previews; gambling segments; extensive player analysis leading into the NFL Draft; and much more.
    • On this week’s episodes: Simms and Burmeister discuss the shocking news of Andrew Luck’s retirement, and explain why it sucks that he retired and why they like him even more now. Then, they break down some QB film from preseason, with discussions including Jimmy Garoppolo’s improvement, Kyler Murray’s comfort, and why you still need to look out for Big Ben and those Steelers. Then, they go through projected win totals for the AFC teams, and explain the bets over/under bets and why the Chief’s won’t match last year’s output.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27 and Thursday, August 29


  • The Peter King Podcast: The Peter King Podcast is the ultimate destination for all things pro football. Led by one of the most influential storytellers in all of sports media, three-time NSMA Sportswriter of the Year Peter King delivers an access-driven experience that brings fans into the locker room, the press box and the front office with the biggest influencers in professional football.
    • On this week’s episode: King is joined by retired NFL quarterback Carson Palmer, and current Chargers QB Philip Rivers. King and Palmer discuss Luck’s shocking retirements, and the similarities between Palmer’s and Luck’s careers. Then, Peter talks to Rivers in front of a live crowd at Chargers camp to chat about capturing that elusive Super Bowl title, not cursing, and the quest for 10 kids. Plus, Peter shares some stories about Andrew Luck, and talks to Colts Insider Stephen Holder of The Athletic to discuss what’s next for the franchise. Finally, “5 minutes with a writer” features Gregg Bell on the sidelines at Seattle camp to break down what’s in store for the Seahawks.
    • When: Wednesday, August 28


  • Quick Slants The Podcast: NBC Sports Boston Patriots Insiders Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry break down every game, plus talk about the issues on and off the field with the team.
    • On this week’s episode: Tom catches up with Patriots QB Tom Brady and talks with him about which piece of equipment he’s superstitious about and why, and also hits the podcast with a trivia question on 33 year-old receivers. Plus, Tom and Phil break down Gronk’s announcement that he’s partnering with CBDMedic, what could have been if Josh McDaniels actually went to Indianapolis now that Luck is retiring, and a discussion if Carli Lloyd should try out for an NFL team after hitting a 55-yarder in Philadelphia.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27


  • 49ers Insider Podcast: 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco brings you comprehensive NFL coverage of all things San Francisco 49ers. Don’t miss weekly in-depth interviews all year long with players, coaches, front office personnel, alumni and fellow media members
    • On this week’s episode: 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman joins the podcast to discuss his optimism for the upcoming season, being healthy again, his motivation for playing the sport, the reaction to Andrew Luck’s retirement, and more.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27


  • PFT PM: Mike Florio has conversations with top names and newsmakers in the NFL, while updating his fans on breaking news and story lines that take place during the day and preparing listeners for what is coming next.
    • On this week’s episode: On this week’s episodes, Florio analyzes the most shocking retirements in NFL history, coming off Andrew Luck’s stunning decision to hang up his cleats. Then, Simms joins Florio on Thursday to preview the last week of the pre-season, and discusses what to expect when the season comes. Plus, Mike is joined by Al Riveron, senior Vice President of Officiating for the National Football League.
    • When: Multiple times per week


  • The Leisuremen: The Leisuremen podcast features popular personalities/producers Paul Pabst and Andrew Perloff, who bring their entertaining brand of humor, fun, and passion to listeners each week. The show touches on a wide range of topics that go wildly beyond sports – from food, drink, cars, travel, and money to how to properly wear plaid pants.
    • On this week’s episode: Pabst and Perloff are back for their 2019 Football countdown! They take a look at both the upcoming college and NFL season, and also discuss what the Colts and the rest of the league will look like without Andrew Luck as Indy’s signal caller.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27


  • Rotoworld Football: From fantasy implications to NFL draft analysis to major events, the Rotoworld Football staff has the NFL landscape covered. Listen as Josh Norris, John Daigle, Ian Hartitz, Hayden Winks, and Patrick “RotoPat” Daugherty give their analysis and opinions on everything happening in the NFL.
    • On this week’s episode: After a shocking Saturday, Josh Norris shares everything you need to know to recover from Luck’s retirement and Lamar Miller’s torn ACL. He explains why not to be wary of Hilton and the new tier Marlon Mack now belongs in, in addition to updated projections for Eric Ebron, Devin Funchess, Parris Campbell, and Nyheim Hines. Norris then discusses the Texans backfield situation, and why Duke Johnson should be drafted even higher than where Lamar Miller was.
    • When: Multiple times per week


  • Redskins Talk: The Redskins Talk podcast is anchored by NBC Sports Washington’s Redskins Insider JP Finlay and members of the Redskins coverage team, including Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey, along with special guests. The cast brings a fresh and engaging style to interviews with Redskins players, coaches and alumni, as well as experts from around the NFL.
    • On this week’s episode: Brian McNally joins JP and Pete from Redskins Park to react to Jay Gruden naming Case Keenum the week one starter against Philly. They ask how confident should people feel about Keenum as the guy, how long he will hold onto the job, and if this is best for Haskins. Then, they discuss Andrew Luck’s retirement, and evaluate if it sheds any light on Jordan Reed’s situation, as he has had a tough career with injuries. Then, ESPN’s John Keim and The Washington Post’s Kareem Copeland join the crew to breakdown the Redskins’ 52-man roster.
    • When: Multiple times per week


  • Eagle Eye: Rueben Frank and Dave Zangaro break down the key matchups, and discuss the key topics and issues surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles.
    • On this week’s latest episode: On the latest Eagle Eye podcast, Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro get ready for the final cuts of the season, breaking down a bunch of Eagles players on the bubble and projecting the shape of the final 52-man roster.
    • When: Multiple times per week


  • Under Center Podcast: Hosted by NBC Sports Chicago’s team of Bears/NFL experts, the Under Center Podcast features lively discussion on the hottest pro football topics of the day, along with exclusive interviews with Bears players, coaches, and local/national NFL media members. New episodes of the Under Center Podcast and can be found daily throughout the duration of Bears Training Camp at or via the new MyTeams by NBC Sports app.
    • On this week’s episode: On this week’s episode of the Under Center Podcast, J Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis react to some of the crazier predictions various outlets have for the Bears this season, including a 7-9 prognostication from Sports Illustrated. They also react to Phil Simms calling Chase Daniels one of the worst backup QBs in the NFL, and JJ explains why Daniels is better than previous Bears starters. Plus, they break down the depth of the Bears’ roster, and discuss which Bears depth players could start on other teams. Finally, they share their thoughts on Luck’s surprise retirement, and Moon talks comparisons to the news and when Bears former linebacker Bryan Cox opted to have thumb surgery mid-season in 1996.
    • When: Monday, August 26



  • NASCAR on NBC: Host Nate Ryan interviews NASCAR stars and insiders each week. Nate also discusses the latest NASCAR news, including a weekly recap of races, and looks ahead to what’s next in the sport.
    • On this week’s episode:  Parker Kligerman and Steve Letarte, who are both NASCAR on NBC analysts and iRacing team owners, join Ryan to discuss the simulation racing phenomenon. First, Kligerman dives into conversations around the differences between iRacing and the eNASCAR leagues, making the transition from the virtual world to a real-world track, his long-term vision of bringing motorsports to the masses, and more. Then, Letarte joins Ryan to explain how he got involved in iRacing, how he decided to draft his two drivers, and the appeal of bringing motorsports to youth.
    • When: Wednesday, August 28



  • GOLF Channel Podcast: Golf Channel writers, analysts, and editors discuss and debate the world of golf from the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA, Tour, Champions Tour, College Golf, and the amateur game.
    • On this week’s episode:Will Gray sits down with U.S. captain Juli Inkster prior to next month’s Solheim Cup at Gleneagles. Inkster discusses why she used her two captain’s picks on veterans Stacy Lewis and Morgan Pressel, and breaks down the U.S. teams’ chances to win their third straight Solheim Cup.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27
  • Brandel Chamblee Podcast with Jamie Diaz: GOLF Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee and award-winning journalist and GOLF Channel Insider Jaime Diaz are teaming up for a monthly podcast where they discuss, debate and break down some of the more interesting topics in golf.
    • On this week’s episode: On this latest installment, Chamblee and Diaz sit down to discuss one of the hottest topics in golf today, the distance debate. Plus, the pair offer an interesting take on how to effectively rate today’s golf instructors.
    • When: Friday, August 30





  • The 2 Robbies: Robbie Mustoe and Robbie Earle discuss and dissect the top Premier League storylines of every match. Together, the former Premier League players and current NBC Sports analysts provide fans with top-class punditry on the most exciting soccer league in the world.
    • On this week’s episode:  Mustoe and Earle recap Match Week 3 of the PL starting off with a worrying performance from new-look Arsenal after Liverpool’s 3-1 dismantling of the Gunners, more penalty kick issues for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Man United after their 2-1 defeat at home to Crystal Palace and a slip-up from Spurs as Newcastle came to London to steal all three points at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Plus, Man City cruise to a 3-1 win at Bournemouth, Frank Lampard gets his first win as Chelsea boss at Norwich, and the 2 Robbies share their underappreciated performances of the week.
    • When: Sunday, August 25
  • Premier League on NBC: NBC Sports’ Premier League newest podcast features interviews with the biggest names in the PL, a collection of spirited in-studio debates with Robbie Earle, Robbie Mustoe and Kyle Martino, and features exclusive on site-interviews and access with Arlo White, Lee Dixon, and Graeme Le Saux.
    • On this week’s episode: Martino and Earle are joined by Rebecca Lowe to share their key takeaways from Match Week 3 of the Premier League. Plus, the episode features the latest Boat Room segment.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27




  • White Sox Talk: Hosted by NBC Sports Chicago’s trio of White Sox experts Chuck Garfien, Ryan McGuffey, and Chris Kamka, the White Sox Talk podcast provides fans with in-depth White Sox discussion on the hottest topics and latest breaking news all year long. In addition, fans can look forward to exclusive one-on-one interviews with White Sox players, coaches, front office execs, along with MLB media insiders from coast-to-coast.
    • On this week’s episode: Among the offerings this week, the “White Sox Talk presented by Wintrust” podcast features an interview with Roger Bennett of THE MEN IN BLAZERS SHOW. Bennett discusses his lifelong fandom for the White Sox and his expectations for throwing out Thursday’s first pitch. Plus, pitcher Ivan Nova sits with Chuck Garfrien to discuss his upbringing, where he and his five siblings shared 2 beds growing up in the Dominican Republic. Finally, the crew discusses the high expectations on the pitching rotation for 2020 after completing their best stretch collectively of the year.
    • When: Multiple times per week
  • Cubs Talk: Hosted by NBC Sports Chicago’s Luke Stuckmeyer, featuring Cubs digital reporter/producer Tony Andracki, and special appearances by David Kaplan andKelly Crull, the Cubs Talk podcast provides die-hard Cubs fans with detailed discussion on the hottest topics and latest breaking Cubs news throughout the year. In addition, fans can look forward to exclusive one-on-one interviews with Cubs players, coaches, front office execs, along with MLB media insiders from coast-to-coast.
    • On this week’s episode: This week includes two editions of the “Cubs Talk presented by Wintrust” podcast, focusing on a discussion of what Cubs fans can expect from Ben Zobrist, and a reaction to the series against the Mets.
    • When: Multiple times per week
  • Rotoworld Baseball: Rotoworld’s DJ Short, Drew Silva, and Matt Stroup, and more members of the Rotoworld crewdetail everything happening in fantasy baseball and what’s happening in MLB.
    • On this week’s episode: Matt is joined by Nate Grimm to look at some notable late-season hot streaks, ranging from Mark Canha to Willie Calhoun to Nick Ahmed, and try to determine what to expect from each club down the stretch. Then, they break down the potential impact of Dodgers shortstop prospect Gavin Lux if he gets the call to join the big league club in September.
    • When: Tuesday, August 27 & Thursday, August 29



  • Rotoworld Fantasy Basketball: Matt Stroup and Mike Gallagher have you covered from every angle. Joined by Steve “Dr. A” Alexander, Ryan Knaus and the rest of the Rotoworld crew as they cover everything from the latest injuries, waiver wire pickups, DFS strategies and much more!
  • On this week’s episode: On last Friday’s episode, Gallagher and Knaus discuss Zach Collins getting back on the track after an angle injury, how Karl-Anthony Towns looks poised for a big year, and more. On Wednesday’s episode, Stroup and Alexander look at 10 players who seem to be undervalued or a bit under the radar in fantasy leagues.
  • When: Friday, August 23 and Wednesday, August 28