Sunday, August 4th, 2019


NBC Sports Notable Quotes
AIG Women’s British Open
Final Round
Woburn Golf Club
Woburn, England
Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019

AIG Women’s British Open Final Leaderboard
Hinako Shibuno -18
Lizette Salas -17
Jin Young Ko -16
Morgan Pressel -15
Ashleigh Buhai -14
Celine Boutier -12
Carlota Ciganda -11
Sung Hyun Park -10

On Hinako Shibuno, 2019 AIG Women’s British Open champion at 18-under par (birdied the 18th hole to win the championship, 4-under 68 on Sunday)
Terry Gannon – “The glass slipper fits. Hinako Shibuno wins the AIG Women’s British Open. And the clock never struck midnight for Cinderella.”
Judy Rankin – “I am having a hard time believing what I just saw. This is one of the most endearing stories that I have seen in my life in golf. I so appreciate that this talented young girl has done this.”
Rankin – “I think it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I love the way she plays. So fast and just gets up there. I wish I could watch somebody play like that every day.”
Gannon – “The smile never left her face. The best in the game competed at Woburn and she won it.”
Rankin – “This is a fairy tale come true. She played so well and so well under this spotlight. She is going to be on the world stage now.”
Gannon – “No matter what she does in her career, and it should be a long and really good one, I’m not sure you can have much more fun than she has had over the course of these four days.”
Rankin – “She may never top this. This has not seemed like work to her. It has been a great competitive experience. She has embraced all the people.”
Jerry Foltz – “Shibuno has not only embraced everything around here, the thousands of fans here had no idea who she was three days ago, and now they all rooted her on to win. They have absolutely adopted her.”
Karen Stupples – “She has a no fear attitude to how she tackles things on the course. She doesn’t dwell on her shots she literally gets over it and hits it. She is a very exciting player to watch.”
Gannon – “Came in just hoping to make it to the weekend. That was her goal, to make the cut. She has exceeded all expectations.”

On Lizette Salas, 2nd at 17-under par (7-under par 65 on Sunday)
Rankin – “Usually you can feel pretty good if you know that you have played well. This is a heartbreaker for Lizette Salas. Hopefully she takes some good stuff from it.”
Rankin – “Lizette Sales today is going to pass the 5 million dollar mark in her career, and Jin Young Ko is going to pass the 2 million dollar mark in her year. This is really a great, great contest with everybody on top of the leaderboard. I just think the golf is fabulous. I cannot help by adding that these big crowds, players in every sport respond to that. No doubt.”
Stupples – “She was so focused today. You could tell from the start of her round she was focused.”
Gannon – “This was some show that Lizette Salas put on today.”
Gannon – “She had a fight in her approach, her game that you just don’t see very often. Playing with the world number one and a determination to take charge, and she took charge.”
Gannon – “Best round of her season and the best round she has ever played under intense pressure.”

Lizette Salas speaking with NBC Sports’ Todd Lewis following the championship
Lizette Salas – “I’m taking away a lot of positives. We had a game plan at the beginning of the week and we stuck with it. We fought every single day. To play alongside the number one player in the world and to play the way I did, I’m really happy. Obviously I could have finished a little better and it stings a little bit. But I’ve just been working so hard this entire year and I’m so proud of my team. Patrick has done a phenomenal job. This is all great momentum going into Solheim and this is great for my confidence. I just turned 30 a couple of weeks ago and I feel like I’m kind of reborn, and I’m just happy to be in this position.”
Salas (on the missed birdie on 18) – “I told myself, ‘You got this and you are made for this.’ I put a good stroke on it. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous and I haven’t been in that position in a long time. I gave it a good stroke, I controlled all of my thoughts and it just didn’t drop. Congrats to our winner.”

On Jin Young Ko, 3rd at 16-under par (6-under 66 on Sunday)
Rankin – “She is an amazing player. You can see why she is number one in the world for sure.”
Stupples – “She keeps playing her own game and wait for other people to come back to her. She is very comfortable letting that happen. She doesn’t feel the need to force anything or to push it. She just plays her game and that’s a very dangerous player to play against.”
Stupples – “She is the best in the business at picking a target and sticking to it and not getting distracted.”

On Morgan Pressel, 4th at 15-under par (5-under 67 on Sunday)
Rankin – “It is one thing to play so well to get yourself into the Solheim Cup mix. But, when you play so well and you are right at that point in time when it is time for the captain to make some choices and you are playing so well under this pressure, very impressive.”
Rankin – “I think she is starting to have visions of winning again and being in contention again. She responded extremely well to being in contention this week. She did so many things so well, hit so many great shots and hits the ball a heck of a long way.”
Rankin – “I think she has some new found confidence, and there is still some golf to go this season.”

On the AIG Women’s British Open final round
Gannon – “How good is this. You love to see a major where people are going and getting it.”
Rankin – “They have played some spectacular golf and a lot of people got to see it in person and really realize what the talent level is with the best in the women’s game.”

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