Friday, August 2nd, 2019


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AIG Women’s British Open

Second Round

Woburn Golf Club

Woburn, England

Friday, Aug. 2, 2019

**Live round 3 coverage of the AIG Women’s British Open airs Saturday on GOLF Channel from 7-11 a.m. ET, continuing on NBC from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. ET.

AIG Women’s British Open Second Round Leaderboard

Ashleigh Buhai           -12

Hinako Shibuno          -9

Lizette Salas               -8

Bronte Law                 -8

Caroline Masson         -7

Celine Boutier            -7

Charley Hull               -7

Sung Hyun Park          -7

On Hinako Shibuno, 2nd at 9-under par (3-under 69 on Friday)

Karen Stupples – “I am so impressed with how she is playing golf. She gets on with it. She doesn’t overthink things. She knows what she has got to do and she has been hitting quality shots.”

Todd Lewis – “This 20-year old is showing some crafty work on this golf course.”

Judy Rankin – “You get the feeling somebody told her when she started to play the game, you want to start out with an extended left arm, and she took it to heart.”

Terry Gannon – “How about this effort over the past two days. First time here at a major championship, and she is smiling all the way around Woburn.”

Tom Abbott – “She is playing the best golf of her life, no doubt about it.”

On Charley Hull, T4 at 7-under par (2-under par 70 on Friday)

Rankin – “She doesn’t have a ‘lay up’ or a ‘lay back’ game. Just not in her nature.”

Jerry Foltz – “She has been swinging well with the driver all day long.”

Rankin – “She takes things as they come. When she works, she works hard at golf. When she doesn’t work at golf, she gets away from it.”

Charley Hull speaking with GOLF Channel’s Todd Lewis following her round

Charley Hull (on playing her home course)– “I kind of sometimes like being the underdog. When I play in Solheim, I prefer playing in America, like when the crowds are cheering against you. I have always preferred that, I don’t know why. I just need to stay focused around here.”

Hull – “He (fiancé Ozzie Smith) trains me really hard in the gym. Just little things like I could be slacking on the running machine and he just pushes me harder. To do that it helps you in your round as well mentally. Just keeps you fitter and mentally stronger in my mind, 100 percent.”

On Sung Hyun Park, T4 at 7-under par (2-under par 70 on Friday)

Gannon – “It is a sign of how good she is, because you could tell by her body language today she didn’t have it all there, everything she normally brings to the golf course, but she is only two back.”

On Danielle Kang, T9 at 6-under par (even par 72 on Friday)

Gannon – “She is not finishing the day in a comfortable way.”

Danielle Kang speaking with GOLF Channel’s Todd Lewis following her round

Danielle Kang – “To be honest, today was a rough 72. Nothing really felt as easy as yesterday. Obviously yesterday was an easy 66. I gave myself a lot of opportunities, yet everything was a little bit inconsistent. I tried to play a draw and I would pull-draw it. Or if I tried to play a cut, it would push-cut or pull-cut. I didn’t know how to gauge it because it wasn’t quite tuned. A lot of my putts I pulled. I pulled a lot of them for some reason. I’m trying not to pull them which makes them pull more. It’s ok, I’m just going to tune it up a little bit.”

Kang – “It’s golf. Four days is a lot of golf to play, and I guess today was one of those off days and yesterday was the day that everything came together. I know what I’m capable of. Even if I’m playing bad. I know I can give myself opportunities. Sometimes you have to capitalize on them. Today I did on some and others I didn’t. I’m just excited for the weekend. I’m still right at the top of the leaderboard and it’s exciting to be in the hunt playing for the Women’s British Open.”

On Bronte Law, T4 at 7-under par (5-under par 67 on Friday)

Stupples – “I think Bronte is a player that is very happy in her own abilities in where she stands. She knows she would be an asset to the European Solheim Cup team.”

Todd Lewis – She is definitely making an impression on European captain Catriona Matthew.

Abbott – “Good day and Bronte Law puts her name to win in contention on home soil. She will have a lot of support over the weekend.”

On Lizette Salas, 3rd at 8-under par (5-under 67 on Friday)

Stupples – “She is a player that feels so passionately and strongly about getting wins and being a champion. When she trusts her herself, that is when she plays her best.”

Rankin – “She has looked for a second win for a very long time. She has looked for a big win for a very long time. She is in a really good spot heading into the weekend.”

Lizette Salas speaking with GOLF Channel’s Jerry Foltz following her round

Lizette Salas (on birdies on her first four holes) – “Just to know that you can hit those shots early in the round and get things going on a positive note. Really got me fired up but at the same time this course is extremely tough and there are a bunch of challenging holes. A lot of holes where par is a great score and you just move on. I had a great mentality even prior to my round and I’ve been putting it solid and giving myself as many opportunities for birdies as possible. I think I did just that today.”

Lizette Salas – “I don’t make many mistakes. I keep it in the fairway and I feel like my accuracy and my longer irons are just as good as other players’ shorter irons. So, I’m not at all intimidated by long holes. I have to play strategically to give myself the best opportunity for birdie. Sometimes up and down for pars are good and you just move on. I like those kind of courses because it equals out the playing field and it is not really a birdie-fest. Just gotta play my game.”

Lizette Salas – “I’ve been working on shot-shaping a lot this past year. I feel like I have a lot more shots in the bag and I’m able to make shots and minimize my mistakes because I have those shots in my bag. I get to be aggressive and play the game I know how. Be visual. I think this is a good week for me.”

On Jin Young Ko. T9 at 6-under par (2-under 70 on Friday)

Stupples – “Jin Young Ko is doing exactly what she does. Just quietly creeping up the leaderboard.”

Stupples – “She is consistent across the board with every area of her game.”

Jin Young Ko speaking with GOLF Channel’s Jerry Foltz following her round

Jin Young Ko – “Today I had many loose shots on the front nine and back nine. The pin locations were very hard on the front nine. I needed birdies. I got just three birdies today but I still shot under par so I’m happy.”

On Georgia Hall, T9 at 6-under par (3-under 69 on Friday)

Todd Lewis – “Wonderful crowds out there following Georgia. This looks like the final round of the tournament, not Friday morning.”

Georgia Hall speaking with GOLF Channel’s Jerry Foltz following her round

Georgia Hall – “I’m playing great golf but I think it’s awesome to be at home, playing in England and have all of those people come out there and support me. I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of support I’m getting.

Hall – “I definitely have the same mentality, I think. I’m very confident and I’m not really thinking about where to not to hit it. Just try to hit it close to the pin and hopefully hole some putts.”

Hall – “We have had two majors in a row now but I’ve kind of prepared the same as any other tournament. But it is nice to have your own car and know the normal food here. I’m just really enjoying it.”

On the AIG Women’s British Open

Stupples – “There is a very special feeling walking up the 18th hole with your home fans, watching your home flag being waved everywhere and everybody shouting your name. It is very cool indeed.”

Rankin – “I find in all sports the really good players, whatever the sport is, they respond to crowds. They respond to cheers, and many of them respond to what they call support.”


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