Saturday, July 13th, 2019


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American Century Championship
Second Round
Saturday, July 13, 2019
Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course
Stateline, Nevada

**Final round coverage of the American Century Championship will air live Sunday from 3-6 pm. ET on NBC.
**The 2019 American Century Championship features a field of 89 players from the worlds of sports and entertainment. The three-round tournament uses a modified stableford scoring system.

American Century Championship Leaderboard
Tony Romo       51 points
Derek Lowe      42 points
Mardy Fish       42 points
Jack Wagner     38 points
Mark Mulder     37 points
John Smoltz      36 points
Kyle Williams     36 points
Case Keenum    35 points
Jeremy Roenick 34 points
Dell Curry          33 points

On Tony Romo, leader with 51 points (2-under par 70 on Saturday)
Peter Jacobsen – “Tony is supremely confident right now with his golf swing.”
Notah Begay – “He has been playing some impeccable golf today.”
Begay – “He is going to be really tough to beat if he keeps up this type of play.”
Begay – “He wants to make everything out here. Just a true competitor and really loves this game.”
Jacobsen – “He is using his PGA TOUR experience out here to the American Century Championship.”

Tony Romo speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox
Tony Romo (on any additional pressure as defending champion)– “I don’t think it changes, I think you are just playing golf. You see your shot, see the yardage and you like the number, you hit it. If you can do it, usually you hit it closer than when you are not hitting it well. We are doing all right here this week.”
Romo (on playing his two PGA TOUR events) – “It helps to let you know what your weaknesses are so you can go home and practice. When you play against the top guys, you can see really quickly what your flaws are. I have worked pretty hard on a lot of them. A few of them have shifted and hopefully turning into strengths. Just a process.”
Romo (on Jason Whitten returning to the Cowboys) – “He loves the game. I think it is great, especially if you have the itch. When you get too far removed, your time has passed. If you have the ability like he does, I think it’s great. I’m happy for him.”

On Dell Curry (10th with 33 points, 5-over 77 on Saturday)
Steve Sands (reacting to Curry’s long par putt on 18) – “There are a lot of ways to get a par in this game. That, was spectacular. We were talking about saving a double. He ends up getting the point and a three-shot lead over Steph (Curry) heading into the final day. That was absolutely phenomenal.”
Sands – “If anybody is used to knocking it in from long distance, it’s Dell Curry.”

Dell Curry speaking with Heather Cox (speaking about his bet with his son Steph)
Curry – “We decided to go against jumping into the lake. I think we are going to try to embarrass somebody with karaoke next year, so we will stick with that.”
Curry (on making his long par putt on 18) – “My caddie was not happy with me on the layup shot and definitely when I chipped it in the water. He didn’t want to read that putt for me. I can putt that ball probably 10 times and won’t be able to make it. So, I’d rather be lucky than good.”

On Steph Curry, 14th with 30 points (5-over 77 on Saturday)
Sands – “Two Eagles in two attempts in two days. 18 seems to agree with Steph Curry.”
Peter Jacobsen – “Something tells me he rises to the occasion in big moments.”

On Justin Timberlake, T24 with 19 points (82 on Saturday)
Charlie Rymer – “I think he is pretty comfortable on this stage with the galleries.”
Jimmy Roberts – “You think? I get the sense that people yelling and screaming is he is used to.
Sands – “When he performs, it is high energy. And then he comes out here to perform in golf, in golf, he has got to calm himself down. Those are two opposite feelings for him when he is out there.”

Stephen Curry, Aaron Rodgers and Justin Timberlake Speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox
Aaron Rodgers – “It is a big crowd today. It takes a little pressure off of me because these guys get a little more comments than me.”
Stephen Curry (on chipping from the 14th hospitality tent)– “I was in that same hospitality tent two days in a row. This time I actually decided to hit it. Trying to have as much fun out here. JT, my caddie over here, he pointed me in the right direction.”
Curry (on the Warriors’ season) – “It was a great run. Toronto played amazing. We had some tough injuries but you get to game six of the finals, that is an accomplishment. We wanted to win. Look forward to next year. It is going to be a different setup, but we have a lot of confidence in what we are going to do.”
Justin Timberlake – “I just had to gain a lot of perspective from the finals as well. I kept texting Steph and telling him I am ready to go if somebody gets injured. I never got the call, so it is good to finally catch up with him.”
Timberlake – “I am enjoying my summer and just being with the family and trying to nurse all of the wear and tear from the 16 – month tour. I am happy to be here. American Century does so much good work and I think we are just happy to contribute. It is great to see all of these people out here and all of this energy.”

Charles Barkley speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox on the 17th Hole
Charles Barkley – “I’ve been really working hard on my game. I love to play. Golf is a great game. I’ve been working with a teacher called Stan Utley, he has been fantastic. I’m not playing as great as I did yesterday, but I’m playing well enough that I can go out and have fun. It was awesome yesterday.”
Barkley (on whether he plays better golf loose or under pressure) – “Since I have been rich and famous I’ve been loose. I don’t get too excited. I want to play better and I am playing better but it is not life or death for me. I drink beer and I smoke a couple of stogies. I just have fun. I am on the back nine of life, nothing upsets me.

On Charles Barkley
Peter Jacobsen – “He is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet in your life.”
Steve Sands – “How many people can get away with saying ‘When I am rich and famous,’ and how cool he is. Charles Barkley is so good for television, for the game of basketball, but for this sport in particular and this week, he really is one of the biggest stars each and every year.”

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