Wednesday, May 29th, 2019


GOLF Channel Notable Quotes
NCAA Men’s Golf Championships
Championship Match
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Blessings Golf Club
Fayetteville, Ark.

**Stanford defeated Texas 3-2 to win its ninth NCAA Division I Men’s Golf National Championship.
**GOLF Channel will replay the championship match today from 4:30-8 p.m. ET and 9 p.m.-12:30 a.m. ET.

Championship Match Results
Henry Shrimp (Stanford) 2&1 Spencer Soosman (Texas)
Isaiah Salinda (Stanford) 4&3 Cole Hammer (Texas)
Brandon Wu (Stanford) 4&3 Pierceson Coody (Texas)
Parker Coody (Texas) 6&5 Daulet Tuleubayev (Stanford)
Steven Chervony (Texas) 1up David Snyder (Stanford)

On Stanford defeating Texas 3-2 in the championship match
Arron Oberholser – “Usually when you are an underdog, you need a complete team effort. That is what they got today. They got a complete team effort from the top. This whole week they got a team effort.”
Oberholser – “Conrad Ray could not have asked anything more from his seniors today.”
Notah Begay – “Just the momentum they created. Talking to Conrad over the last couple of weeks, he kept talking about that they were starting to play better and starting to gel. It is a real thing. You start creating momentum and you start creating confidence. “
Begay – “You’ve got to have guys come up big that you don’t expect in unpredictable moments. That is what you saw this week from the Stanford Cardinal.”
Steve Burkowski – “We’ve had drama all week long and the Blessings, and it continued today in this championship match.”
Curt Byrum – “I don’t know who hit it better today, Wu or Salinda.”
Byrum – “Wipe away those scores from stroke play and let’s restart in match play. That is what Stanford did.”
Byrum – “They had so much confidence. They won their last four team events leading into the NCAA’s. That’s huge confidence and the seniors led them today.”

Stanford’s Conrad Ray speaking with GOLF Channel’s Steve Burkowski following Stanford’s victory
Conrad Ray – “It was right after the first of the year. We went out to UNLV, played in Las Vegas. We didn’t win in Vegas, but we played really well. It was against a strong field. I felt like the momentum shifted and from that moment forward, they didn’t look back. Just so proud of these guys. We battled all week. It is the longest week in golf and to play that fine Texas team and to do what we did today, I can’t say more about my guys.”

Stanford’s Isaiah Salinda speaking with GOLF Channel’s Bob Papa following his match
Isaiah Salinda – “I think starting on the back nine is when I started to hit it well. We were all square through nine and it was a really tight match. I was able to win 10 and 11 and from then on I was able to put the pressure on and just hit a lot of good shots coming down the stretch.”
Salinda – “I was excited. I wanted to play him really bad. I have the most respect for his game. He is one of the best players in college as a freshman. It was fun to go against him and happy to come out on top.”

Stanford’s Brandon Wu speaking with GOLF Channel’s Notah Begay following their victory
Brandon Wu – “I was definitely confident in my teammates. That was the biggest thing. You go out, you don’t have to play with any fear because you know all your teammates have your back. So I just went out and played my game. I have been playing well. I had a tough final round in stroke play but I was confident and ready to go.”
Wu – “Coach Conrad always says momentum is a real thing in college golf. Once we started to get on a roll I think we couldn’t stop. Just trusting each other. I think that is the biggest thing. Playing for each other is huge.”

Stanford’s Henry Shimp with speaking with GOLF Channel’s John Cook
Henry Shimp – “I give a ton of credit to assistant coach Matt Bortis. He does a great job of keeping me calm out there. He left me for a couple of rounds in stroke play this week, but decided in match play to go back with me when is what we have done all spring. We just kept it really relaxed and talked about things other than golf. I just stayed confident and tried to hit good shots. Fortunately, around the turn I finally hit some.”
Shimp – “It is unbelievable. To win with this group of guys is just so cool. I live with a few guys who are out here playing. Two of our teammates who weren’t even on the trip this week flew in overnight last night, bought their own tickets. It is amazing to do it with your teammates like this. Especially when we get off to such a tough start in the year. As Coach Ray has said, I think we’ve worked harder than any Stanford team ever has. Working out, going to class, grades have been great this year, practicing really hard. To cap it all off with an NCAA Championship is something incredible. Something we’ll never forget.”

Texas head coach Coach John Fields speaking with GOLF Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following the match
John Fields – “This really stinks. Last year we got eliminated in the first round. We were a five-iron away from getting into the semifinals and it didn’t happen. This year we are bringing in three new freshman, enthusiasm, talent, energy and we get all the way to the finals. Only to get beat in the end by a really good team. And that is what I’ll tell my players, we got beat by a really good team in Stanford today. Well coached, great players.”
Fields – “Golf is healthy. Division I golf is healthy. You guys have done a great job bringing it to the world. I’m excited for my guys. This is painful for us because we’re competitors. But I want to be in those other shoes pretty soon and I know all of our guys do too and we’re not going to stop. This is just fuel for the fire.”

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