Tuesday, May 28th, 2019


GOLF Channel Notable Quotes
NCAA Men’s Golf Championships
Team Match Play, Semifinals
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Blessings Golf Club
Fayetteville, Ark.

Semifinal Matches Results
Stanford (6) defeated Vanderbilt (2) 3-2
Texas (5) defeated Oklahoma State (1) 3-2

**Stanford will compete against Texas for the 2019 NCAA D1 Men’s Golf National Championship.

**Wednesday Airtimes Update: Due to potential inclement weather, tee times and live tournament coverage for Wednesday’s championship match has been moved up.
**Morning Drive will kick off GOLF Channel’s coverage from 7-8:30 a.m. ET.
** Championship match live coverage will air from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. ET.

On Wednesday’s team match play semifinals
Curt Byrum – “You can be the best team in the country by a mile, like Oklahoma State is, but in match play, anything can happen.”
Bob Papa – “One of the great things about sports, its unscripted. The drama continues to unfold here in match play.”

Stanford defeats Vanderbilt 3-2
Papa – “Stanford was in control all day long, and then hung on.”
Byrum – “Conrad Ray is coaching up a storm trying to get Tuleubayev into the clubhouse. Telling Daulet, ‘Calm down dude, calm down.’”
Byrum – No way Tuleubayev sleeps tonight. No chance, he’s so excited.”
Notah Begay – “Coach Ray deserves a lot of credit for bringing that one to the house.”

Stanford head coach Conrad Ray speaking with GOLF Channel’s Chantel McCabe following her match
Conrad Ray – “He [Tuleubayev] had a nice lead and he played so well throughout the early round – feels like this morning. We’ve been out there a while. But in match play, crazy things happen. He kept fighting. He was unfortunate on 17, he just needed to hit it out to the right, but his adrenaline was pumping and he’s a freshman and he’s still learning. He hit a great shot out of the hazard and unfortunately had a weird deal there, he just nicked the ball and it was moved and had a penalty. But I was proud of him. To make that, he hit a five iron 15 feet behind the hole, draining for birdie on the last is pretty impressive.”

Texas defeats Oklahoma State 3-2

On Texas’ Cole Hammer defeating OSU’s Matthew Wolff 4&3
Steve Burkowski – “Impressive to say the least. The Texas freshman [Cole Hammer] making a statement against the national champ.”
Billy Ray Brown – “The performance that Cole Hammer put on today, I don’t care if he is a freshman or not, this is one of the best rounds in college golf I’ve seen to date.”
Burkowski – “From his approach shot on the opening hole to within a few feet, Cole Hammer never let up. An impressive performance by the Texas Freshman.”

On Texas’ Steven Chervony defeating OSU’s Zach Bauchou in a playoff (19 holes) to advance to the championship match
Bob Papa – “Back and forth they went. At no point in this match was either player more than 1up.”
Papa – “Bauchou misses the par, Chervony saves the day and Texas moves on to the championship match and Oklahoma State has been eliminated.”

Texas head coach John Fields speaking with GOLF Channel’s Notah Begay following the match
John Fields – “I’m feeling it for Oklahoma State right now. They are a great team. Great players, all of them. Great coaches, Alan Bratton, Donnie Darr, Mike Holder. It is an incredible program. To have it come down the way it did, that’s tough for Zach. On the other hand, I’m excited for our guys. We worked really hard this year. I think our coaching staff did a good job not getting in the way of our guys’ dreams. And we’ve dreamt about this moment and here we are.”
John Fields – “It’s validation. As Chis Del Conte our AD said, ‘We’re trying to put the T back in Texas right now. He is doing a great job for us. All of our coaches have support right now and we feel it. I’m excited the fact that golf was out there in a big way today. College golf is growing, getting better and I’m happy that we’re a part of it right now. I’m happy with all of the things that we’re doing up to this moment. We’ve got a big day tomorrow against Stanford.”

Texas’ Cole Hammer speaking with GOLF Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following his victory
Cole Hammer – “I played some similar golf last summer towards the end of it, right before my freshman year started but to make six birdies on the first eight holes on a track like this was pretty special. Matt and I kind of went back and forth there quickly and it was a lot of fun.”
Hammer – “I think we found out that we were first team All Americans right before the match started so that was pretty cool. Matt and I have been friends for a long time. To play with him this deep in the NCAA tournament was a lot of fun and to play the way we did was really cool.
Hammer – “I stuck a pitching wedge in there to about four feet and got off to a hot start. Hit a solid putt to get things going and it just snowballed from there.”

Texas’ Steven Chervony speaking with GOLF Channel’s John Cook following the match
Steven Chervony – “I had experience in this match play last year. I relied on that a lot. We play a lot of match play at home, so four years of that playing against great players definitely helped.”
Steven Chervony – “We were going back and forth all day. I knew there was still one more hole, anything could happen, it’s match play and that’s what happened.”

Oklahoma State coach Alan Bratton speaking with GOLF Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following the match
Alan Bratton – “We had a fantastic year. What good theater that was right there. Hate to see it end that way, you don’t see lip outs like that very often, but there was no one on our team I’d want to end that spot other than Zach, that’s why he was in that spot. He has been a star for us. We had a fantastic week. It’s not hard to find positives at all. That is not the way we wanted to week to end but you’ve got to give Texas credit. They got three points and that is what it takes to win.”

Oklahoma State’s Viktor Hovland speaking with GOLF Channel’s Chantel McCabe following his win
Viktor Hovland – “I really hadn’t made any birdies coming up to that point and hadn’t made any putts so to hit a wedge really close on 11 got me going and I hit a really close shot on 13 as well and that really got the momentum going.”

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