Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

Notable Quotes: NCAA Women’s Golf Championships, Tuesday’s Quarterfinal Matches

GOLF Channel Notable Quotes
NCAA Women’s Golf Championships
Team Match Play, Quarterfinals
Blessings Golf Club, Fayetteville, Ark.
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

**Wednesday programming update: Due to weather delays, GOLF Channel will air live coverage of the semifinal matches and the team championship match.

Golf Channel / NCAA Wednesday airtimes:
Semifinals – Team Match Play 9 a.m.-1 p.m. ET
Finals – Team Match Play 4-8 p.m. ET

Quarterfinal Matches Results:
Arizona (6) defeated Southern California (3) 3-2
Duke (2) defeated Stanford (7) 3-2
Wake Forest (5) defeated Arkansas (4) 3-2
Auburn (8) defeated Texas (1) 3-2

Wednesday’s Semifinal Matches (live on Golf Channel from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. ET)
Arizona (6) vs. Duke (2)
Auburn (8) vs. Wake Forest (5)

On Tuesday’s quarterfinal matches
Curt Byrum – “Match play is a funny game. Momentum is key.”
Karen Stupples – “Those matches today. I tell you what, I don’t have any nails left.”

Arizona defeated Southern California 3-2
Bob Papa – “And she’s done it again. Haley Moore delivers the winning point and they are on to the semifinals.”
Steve Burkowski – “In the past 12 months, we have seen this young woman, Haley Moore, take it to a whole new level of confidence from the national championship last year.”

Arizona’s Haley Moore and Head Coach Laura Ianello speaking with GOLF Channel’s John Cook
Haley Moore – “I took a lot of confidence out of that [2018 national championship win], and having the weather delay really boosted my confidence. I told myself that this is a new round, just go out there, play golf and anything can happen.”
Laura Ianello – “I’m so proud of her because nobody deserves it more than her. She works really hard and she battled today, and I’m so proud of her.”

Duke defeated Stanford 3-2
Byrum – “This was an amazing match that Duke and Stanford had today.”

Duke’s Virginia Elena Carta defeated Ziyi Wang in 24 holes
Stupples – “This is some crazy good golf from these two under the pressure they are in right now.”

Virginia Elena Carta speaking with Golf Channel’s John Cook after her victory
Virginia Elena Carta – “It was dark. Having the team out, I told myself to never lose hope. Even if it was dark, I wanted to finish this hole. I knew I had a good opportunity to just make a birdie and end the match. It was a close match all the way so it was nice.”
Carta (on thoughts of hitting driving on the last hole) – “Many thoughts of hitting driver. But this morning I struggled a little bit with the driver on this hole, so I thought it was better to lay up and give myself 70 yards, which is my favorite distance.”

Wake Forest defeated Arkansas 3-2
Papa – “Only fitting that Wake Forests’ chances to advance came down to their senior, Jennifer Kupcho.”
Burkowski – “Struggled early, but by the second nine, Maria Fassi turned on the turbochargers.”

Jennifer Kupcho speaking with GOLF Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her match
Jennifer Kupcho – “Just hitting it up there on the green I’ve had some weird yardage. I had those the last couple of days on this hole and didn’t hit the green, so I was trying to hit the green, make a two putt and see what she was going to do.”

Maria Fassi speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her match
Maria Fassi – “I think this morning wasn’t how I wish I would have felt. I was a little bit tired and had a hard time going to bed last night. But I tried to get warmed up and played four holes and then got pulled off the golf course. We had to wait for a little bit and I had a slow start. But really excited that I was able to come through and get a point for the team.”

Auburn defeated Texas 3-2
Kay Cockerill – “That is one for the history books. Very impressive job today.”
Papa – “What an incredible turn of events.”
Burkowski – “Auburn was down and out, but there were not going anywhere.”
Byrum – “Auburn, which barely made it into match play, has taken down the number one seed. Remember, they were fighting tooth and nail just to get into match play. They were leaking oil.”

Auburn’s Brooke Sansom speaking with GOLF Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following their match
Brooke Sansom – “Just got to take it shot by shot. That is what we were doing all day.
We knew they were the underrated team coming into today. We just had to stick to the plan that our coaches were telling us to do all week. Thankfully I just made a few more putts today than I did in stroke play. I’m glad we pulled it off today.”
Sansom (on the weather delay) – “Lots of stretching beforehand. We were just trying to have the same mindset that we had earlier today because we were all in the zone and got all focused when we had to sit inside for six hours. We had a pep talk on the range. Just the five of us girls and we had some inspirational words to share with each other. That pumped us up.”

Auburn head coach Melissa Luellen speaking with GOLF Channel’s with Kay Cockerill following their quarterfinals victory
Melissa Luellen – “We were down, it was looking a little dismal there through hole 12. A spark lit…just knowing that your teammates were fighting back…Mychael answered the scratch. She was rock solid. She has been having some chipping competitions with Coach Pratt so I told her, ‘You’re just chipping against Coach Pratt, you’ve been beating him all of the time.’ She made a great up and down.”

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