Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Notable Quotes: Golf Central Live From the Masters – Saturday’s Third Round – Molinari Leads Woods and Finau By 2 at -13

GOLF Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From the Masters (Third Round)
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.
Saturday, April 13, 2019

**Due to potential inclement weather on Sunday, tee times have been moved up. As a result, Golf Central Live From the Masters on Sunday will air from 6-9 a.m. ET on GOLF Channel.

**Immediately following network coverage of the final round, Golf Central Live From the Masters will air for two hours to recap the final round, replaying at 7 p.m. ET.

The Masters (Third Round Leaderboard)
Francesco Molinari -13
Tony Finau -11
Tiger Woods -11
Brooks Koepka -10
Webb Simpson -9
Ian Poulter -9
Dustin Johnson -8
Xander Schauffele -8

On Saturday’s third round at the Masters
David Duval – “If you look at the leaderboard and you paid attention to what happened today and the golf that was played, it was no less than stellar. Tomorrow could be a historic day on many fronts.”
Frank Nobilo – “Let’s face it, it was just perfect today.”

On Francesco Molinari, leader at 13-under par (6-under 66 on Sunday)
Brandel Chamblee – “The standard of excellence has long been set here at Augusta National on many fronts but I believe Franceso Molinari has given Augusta National a run for their money as it relates to excellence. This is the greatest do-over of a player since Godfather 2.”
Duval – “I love watching him move around the golf course. It’s efficient, stress free and he is putting himself in the proper places.”
Nobilo – “Everybody loves a return match. Molinari is going to be ready for it tomorrow.”
Chamblee – “Since they started this event in 1934, no one has played this cleanly to the lead. Big part of the reason he has only had one bogey is because he has been leaving himself in the right spots this week, and that has been repeated for 54 holes.”

On Tiger Woods, T2 at 11-under par (5-under 67 on Sunday)
Brandel Chamblee – “Once he gets off the tee, he is just as good with his irons as he’s ever been. It’s amazing. There is only one player in the field hitting more greens than him. He is hitting stunning approach shots. He still has that part of the game and that matters more than anything here.”
Duval – “He has put himself in position and given himself this opportunity. He has gotten some good breaks, but if you go into the annals of history, anybody who wins these tournaments gets good breaks. It happens. I think tomorrow is going to be a big day. It was important for him to get into the last group.”
Duval – “If he brings the game he has been playing with and has it tomorrow, we are going to see what type of Tiger effect there is on this generation.”
Duval – “One of the things that makes me think there is a good chance tomorrow. Look at his eyes. They look like they did 10 years ago.”
Rich Lerner – “He has that zen look within the ropes that I don’t think you see anywhere else.”
Lerner – “Tiger Woods has crawled through a painfully human stretch. Should he win tomorrow, he’ll stretch the meaning of sports immortality.”
Chamblee – “If he wins, it will be one of the most important victories in the history of the game…we love a good comeback story. We love somebody who has recognized mistakes they made, and rather than just give it lip service, actually walks the walk. And he has walked the walk.”
Chamblee – “He is so appreciative of the opportunity and that is why I think tomorrow– should he go on to win – it gets the historical train back on track. More than that, this lays out a prime example of how to dig yourself out and come back.”

On Tony Finau, T2 at 11-under par (8-under par 64 on Saturday)
Chamblee – “It is not fair when you see someone come along with the touch and the power that he has.”
Nobilo – “Tomorrow, I think he stands up. I don’t know if he goes the whole distance, but he certainly can.”
Duval – “It is hard to look at any scenario where the flood gates don’t open for Tony Finau winning golf tournaments, and that includes the big championships. And it couldn’t happen to a better guy. Somebody you want to root for, there he is.”

On Brooks Koepka, 4th at 10-under par (3-under 69 on Saturday)
Chamblee – “10 under for the week and 9-under on the back nine. He could be 3 or 4 back tomorrow, make the turn and turn this tournament upside down.”
Duval – “There is no denying the talent and the ability to play golf and the freedom with which he does it. The utter belief in himself and his abilities to get things done.”

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