Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Notable Quotes: Golf Central Live From Augusta National Women’s Amateur – Round 1

GOLF Channel Notable Quotes

Golf Central Live From Augusta National Women’s Amateur

Augusta National Women’s Amateur

First Round

Champions Retreat Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Augusta National Women’s Amateur First Round Leaderboard

Jennifer Kupcho       -4

Zoe Campos               -4

Kaleigh Telfer           -3

Maria Fassi                -2

Marta Perez              -2

Alessandra Fanali     -2

Maja Stark                -2

**GOLF Channel’s Morning Drive (7-10 a.m. ET and Golf Central Pre Game (10 a.m.-Noon ET) will deliver on-site news coverage of the second round from Champions Retreat Golf Club.

 ** Thursday Afternoon Potential Playoff – (Following Conclusion of Second Round): On Thursday afternoon, the 72-woman field will have completed 36 holes of competition, with the top-30 advancing to compete in the final round on Saturday at Augusta National. GOLF Channel will carry a live stream of the potential playoff, which will settle any ties to finalize the 30 women advancing to Saturday’s final round. Viewers can watch the live stream of the playoff via,, or on connected devices through the NBC Sports or GOLF Channel apps.

On the first round of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur

Kay Cockerill – “I’m completely overwhelmed and full of joy for these women who went out today under enormous pressure. This is arguably the biggest day in amateur women’s golf. They came here nervous, excited and full of anticipation. They just wanted to get out on the golf course and start to play this tournament. I’m impressed with the amount of good scores today. They weather was beautiful and they took advantage of this situation.”

Cockerill – “Players will be a lot more settled tomorrow. Today was very anxiety ridden. There were so many question marks as to how the course will play and how the players were going to play under this pressure. They are going to be more comfortable tomorrow. The ones that are over par are going to play aggressive tomorrow.”

On Jennifer Kupcho (world’s top-ranked amateur), co-leader at 4-under par 68

Steve Burkowski – “It was going to be a complete examination for all in the field on this Wednesday during the first round. I think it is safe to say that Jennifer Kupcho checked all of the boxes. She was up for the challenge mentally and physically.”

Burkowski – “If you’re Jennifer Kupcho, you could not have scripted a better start for her in this first round.”

Cockerill – “It just shows how mentally tough she is. All of the expectations that she is number one in the world – she has held that position for 26 straight weeks. Everyone is expecting her to come out and play well. She is expecting herself to play well but you still have to go out and get it done, and she did get it done. She is riding a huge wave of momentum.”

Cockerill – “She is coming off two straight collegiate wins and this was her seventh straight round in the 60s. Right now it is like she is going down the street and seeing nothing but green lights. She is on cruise control. Right now, golf seems easy for her.”

Kupcho speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Jennifer Kupcho – “I really wasn’t nervous until I got to the first tee. There were a lot of people there. It was nice to have Olivia there. We are pretty good friends so it was a lot of fun to be there with her and to hit the first tee shot. That was awesome.”

Kupcho – “I hit all the greens. I’ve done that before but this was definitely bogey-free. No three-putts and hit all of the greens. I think that is the first perfect round I’ve ever played. I was just playing really well. I definitely could have made some more putts but you can’t make everything out here.”

On 16-year old Zoe Campos, co-leader at 4-under par 68

Burkowski – “Zoe Campos wondered where her game stacked up with the world’s best. I think she figured out pretty quickly.”

Cockerill – “She is on the flip side of Jennifer Kupcho, who is the reigning number one. Zoe Campos has that wide-eyed naivete to her. Maybe she used that to her advantage. She told the media afterwards that she had really low expectations. She is just hoping to make the cut. Even she was really surprised that she put up a 68 today.”

Zoe Campos speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Zoe Campos – “I knew it was to tie the lead, but I wasn’t focused on that, I just wanted to make a birdie on the last hole.”

Campos – “It would mean so much and seeing where my game is at, at the highest amateur level, it is a really good experience. This is a really good place to see where I’m at.”

Kaleigh Telfer (3rd, 3-under par 69) speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Kaleigh Telfer – “It is a big event. Obviously I felt the pressure a little bit. I just went through my routine this morning. Felt the nerves on the first tee but once that tee shot was over it was all good.”

Maria Fassi (T4, 2-under par 70) speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Maria Fassi – “This is way different from any other event I’ve played. Not only because it is the first, but also because of what it means and where we are playing and the field that we are playing against. I’ve played in a few majors, professional tournaments and the NCAA’s and nothing is like this. I was nervous on the first tee, and I was loving that. I hit my first fairway and thought, ‘Ok, we’re good.’ From there, it was a really nice walk. I enjoyed it with my coach on the bag and it was really fun to be out there.”

Alessandra Fanali (T4, 2-under par 70) speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Alessandra Fanali – “I played really well. The golf course is tough but I think the course is so good. You have to be focused on every shot, especially on the greens. Today was really good and I did well.”

Haley Moore (T8 at 1-under par 71) speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Haley Moore – “I was a little nervous just because this is the inaugural event and the best 72 girls in the world are here. So you know it is going to be a great field and you are going to see some great golf. You have to perform well to be able to compete. I think after I got through my first couple of holes, I just felt right in and had some fun out there.”

Sierra Brooks (T8 at 1-under par 71) speaking with GOLF Channel following her round

Sierra Brooks – “It has meant so much to me. I’m really thankful Augusta gave me the opportunity to support this great tournament. It is incredible for the women’s game and growing the game in general. I’m just lucky to be a part of it.”

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