Sunday, November 25th, 2018


“Nobody’s going to be eliminated tonight, but it feels like it.” – Al Michaels on Packers-Vikings

“They have not replaced their passing game — their receivers — with star players…When we had Peyton Manning, we stocked it up, always.” – Tony Dungy on the Packers front office not helping QB Aaron Rodgers

“I don’t like him moving forward if I’m the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s too inconsistent. He had his opportunities.” – Rodney Harrison on Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston

“He’s a dual-threat quarterback, extremely talented. When they get some more help around him, he’ll do some special things.” – Chris Simms on Bills QB Josh All

STAMFORD, Conn. – Nov. 25, 2018 – Mike Tirico hosted the Week 12 edition of Football Night in America tonight from NBC Sports’ International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn., in advance of the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

Tirico was joined on the set by analysts Tony Dungy, Rodney Harrison, and Chris Simms, as well as NFL Insider Mike Florio. Liam McHugh co-hosted Football Night on site from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. He was joined by the SNF team of Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Michele Tafoya.

Pre-game coverage on Football Night included a feature in which Pro Football Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre, who played 16 seasons with the Packers and two for the Vikings, spoke about the NFC North rivalry. Another taped piece examined the state of the Packers as compared to previous seasons in which the team was able to rally from slow starts to make the playoffs.

McHugh also conducted a pre-game interview with Vikings WR Adam Thielen. FNIA looked back at the life of Texans owner Bob McNair, who died this past week at age 81.

Following are Notes & Quotes from the Week 12 edition of Football Night in America:


Michaels: “It’s kind of a battle for survival. Nobody’s going to be eliminated tonight, but it feels like it.”


Collinsworth on head coach Mike McCarthy being on the hot seat: “As long as their franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers is at the helm, they (the fans) expect more than one Super Bowl championship, and it is rough to be the head coach of this team.”

Collinsworth on RB Aaron Jones: “Everybody in Green Bay is clamoring, ‘Give the ball more to Aaron Jones.’ Who would have ever thought the cry would have been, ‘Take the ball away from Aaron Rodgers. Give the thing to Aaron Jones.’ But he has been fantastic.”

Harrison: “I just see, offensively, a lack of creativity. As a defensive player, nobody is afraid. I wouldn’t be afraid of this offense. They don’t make you think, they don’t make you adjust, and the only thing really exotic about their offense is Aaron Rodgers running around, scrambling, and making incredible throws down the field.”

Dungy: “I’m going to go one step above that to the front office. They have not replaced their passing game — their receivers — with star players. They have Rodgers; he’s one of the three best players in the league. When we had Peyton Manning, we stocked it up, always. Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Brandon Stokley — make sure you get him stars. They only have one big-time player and that’s Devante Adams.”

Simms: “I look at the Green Bay offense a lot of the time and go, ‘Man, this is still the same Green Bay offense they ran in 1997 with Brett Favre.’ There’s been a lack of innovation, a lack of new ideas in the building. And yes, I think if they don’t make the playoffs, Mike McCarthy is in big trouble because of that.”


Collinsworth on Danielle Hunter: “Only 24 years of age and already exhibits signs of greatness.”

Simms: “Their offense is not as good as last year. They’re not running the ball as well. That’s not helping Kirk Cousins out. They had injuries in their offensive line to start the year as well.”

Thielen to McHugh on Kirk Cousins: “A lot of people don’t understand how big of a leader he is; how he just comes to work every single day and gives it his all. Another thing is that he’s the guy that takes advantage of every opportunity. Whether that be OTAs, minicamp, training camp; he was out there after practices to make sure we are getting on the same page. I think it shows on Sundays.”


Dungy: “Watch out for these guys. Their offensive line is coming around, they are running the ball, playing defense, and they’ve got Russell Wilson making big plays.”

Harrison: “The run game has really changed this team. They do a good job of rotating running backs, and wearing you down. But I think the main benefit is you don’t have to worry about Russell Wilson running around and getting injured like he did the last couple of years.”

Dungy: “Seattle’s offensive line, I think, is the most improved unit in the NFL.”

Tirico on pick plays, including the one that led to Panthers RB Christian McCaffery’s receiving touchdown: “Seriously, in the NFL league office, will you help the defensive guys? This has become ridiculous and obscene.”


Tirico: “They’ve got a lot of folks’ attention now.”

Dungy: “At the beginning of the year, I tried to tell my compadre on my left (Harrison) to watch out for the Colts. They’ve got a nice formula, they’ve got Andrew Luck back, and they’ve got some playmakers on offense. They can do something, and I love their defense.”

Harrison: “They are right here in the seventh spot, and if everyone is fighting for that sixth spot, I don’t really like any of these teams, but if I had to ride with one team, yes, I would ride with your Colts because of Andrew Luck in the quarterback position.”

Dungy: “Our Colts.” (laughter)


Dungy on the interception at the goal line: “I don’t like these RPOs down near the goal line. You’re trying to fool the linebackers and there is no room to run away from them. It’s too tight…the linebackers actually get blocked back into the end zone.”

Harrison on James Conner’s fumble: “This is the reason why a lot of people say ‘pay Le’Veon Bell’ because veteran players don’t make those types of mistakes.”


Harrison: “Like I said last week, if I’m the Ravens, I’m sticking with Lamar Jackson. He’s 2-0, he’s coming and giving them a spark, and it’s very difficult for defensive coordinators to game plan against him.”


Simms on Buffalo QB Josh Allen: “The stats aren’t going to be pretty. There’s not a lot of help around him in Buffalo, but he’s got some raw, big-time talent that we saw today. His arm can change field position, it can make huge, 75-yard touchdown passes, and then he almost ran for 100 yards. He’s a dual-threat quarterback, extremely talented. When they get some more help around him, he’ll do some special things.”


Harrison on Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston: “I don’t like him moving forward if I’m the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s too inconsistent. He had his opportunities, and I just don’t trust him.”

Dungy: “He was their No. 1 pick. I say play him the next five weeks, make a decision. But let me give you some names — Steve Young, Doug Williams, Trent Dilfer. All No. 1 picks, all went on to win Super Bowls in other places … I think he should be the future.”


Tirico: “Woeful season for the Jaguars.”

Tirico following a report from Florio that RB Leonard Fournette is not expected to be suspended for today’s fight: “That’s interesting because it’s an automatic suspension in every other pro sports league if you’re not on the play and then you come in and get involved in an altercation. It will be interesting to see if the NFL goes in the opposite direction.”

Below are Brett Favre quotes excerpted from tonight’s feature:

  • “What’s special about our division — it’s about heart, it’s tough, it’s gritty, and presently the biggest rivalry is the Vikings versus the Packers.”


  • “Being a Green Bay Packer was extremely special. To be in the Ring of Honor, to be on Lambeau Field where Vince Lombardi and some wonderful players who played before me, it’s something I never dreamed was possible, but yet something I’m extremely grateful for.”


  • “Aaron Rodgers, he’s just a special player. Could very easily go down as the best to ever play.”


  • “Kirk Cousins is the roll-up-the-sleeves, go work, battle type of guy, and I like him.”