Monday, October 1st, 2018


“Countdown to Tip-Off” Content Includes Videos, Articles, and Podcasts Setting the Table for the Trail Blazers’ Opener

Content Available on & NBC Sports Northwest’s Social Media Platforms

NBC Sports Northwest Introduces New Blazers Outsiders Hosts

PORTLAND, OR (October 1, 2018) – NBC Sports Northwest (NBCSNW) will surround the opening of the 2018-19 NBA season with “Countdown to Tip-Off,” featuring comprehensive Portland Trail Blazers digital coverage of all the latest storylines in the 17 days leading up to the season opener against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, October 18.

“Countdown to Tip-Off” content will include articles, videos, and social media integration from NBC Sports Northwest’s new Blazers digital team, including Trail Blazers Insider Dwight Jaynes, Trail Blazers Reporter Jamie Hudson, analyst Dane Delgado, and reporter Mike Richman.

Trail Blazers digital content will be the full-meal deal for content-hungry fans with player features and practice reports from Trail Blazers Insider Casey Holdahl on The weekly Rip City Report podcast hosted by Holdahl and The Oregonian’s Joe Freeman will guide fans through analysis of preseason play as the Trail Blazers set their player rotations and determine final roster spots. This and other social media content will be the perfect complement to Trail Blazers Courtside on NBCSNW every Monday at 7 p.m., breaking down the on-court backstory using interviews with players, coaches and journalists, hosted by Jordan Kent alongside former Trail Blazers player Michael Holton.

Following is a full list of content fans can expect on and NBC Sports Northwest’s social media platforms.


Home Opener Winning Streak: The Trail Blazers have won 17 consecutive home openers and will celebrate all 17 with highlight videos and articles containing stats and fun moments from each of the Trail Blazers’ victories.

Before They Were Blazers: In the weeks leading up to the season, Hudson brings us back to the high school and college histories of the players before they came to Portland. Fans will learn about CJ McCollum’s rise at Lehigh, Terry Stotts’ pre-coaching career as a player, and Damian Lillard’s emergence from Weber State including a unique video series with Lillard and NBC’s Jaynes’ breaking down a film room session from his first NBA Summer League experience in 2012 when Lillard was named Co-MVP.

“I’m Trying Jennifer:” Based on an internet exchange between Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum and a fan named Jennifer that went viral, Richman analyzes what needs to happen for the Blazers to succeed this season. His takes include a unique look at McCollum, Evan Turner, Jusuf Nurkic, and the team’s shooting performance in a three-part series all about the real difference between wins and losses for the Trail Blazers.

The Breakdown: Twice each week leading up to the season opener, Delgado will analyze specific plays in short videos on The videos will break down plays and schemes fans can expect to see the Trail Blazers deploy this season. In addition, content will include season previews of opponents on the team’s tough NBA schedule.

Zach Collins – Poised for a Breakout Season?: Hudson will contribute a one-on-one podcast and a feature story on Collins, and his anticipated jump in production from rookie to sophomore season.


In addition, as a part of its Blazers Outsiders program on non-game weeknights, NBC Sports Northwest will introduce three new “Outsiders” on the program: Chris Burkhardt, Jake McGrady and Alexandria Haigh. All three new hosts are Blazers die-hards who are active in the team’s social media community. They will discuss the team from the fan’s perspective, while also spotlighting other Blazers super fans. The show is a celebration of all things Blazers, and fans are encouraged to watch and talk about the game with the hosts. Click here for more information on Blazers Outsiders including the show’s new pre- and post-game format.

NBC Sports Northwest will broadcast at least 79 live games during the 2018-19 Trail Blazers season, including three preseason and 76 regular-season games. The network’s coverage of the regular season will include Blazers Outsiders ahead of the season opener against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, October 18, with game coverage on NBCSNW beginning on Saturday, October 20, when the Blazers host the San Antonio Spurs.


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