Wednesday, September 26th, 2018


Golf Channel Notable Quotes

Golf Central Live From the Ryder Cup (Wednesday)

Le Golf National (Albatross Course), Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

Wednesday, Sept. 26


Below is a collection of notes and quotes from Wednesday afternoon’s Golf Central Live From the Ryder Cup. Coverage of Golf Central Live From the Ryder Cup continues Thursday from Le Golf National at 6 a.m. ET on Golf Channel.

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On the perceived disadvantage in driving accuracy for the United States

Brandel Chamblee – “When you start to look at how the United States drove the golf ball on Sunday [at the TOUR Championship], only two players hit more fairways than Tiger Woods. Only two players hit more fairways than Rickie Fowler… And the knock on the United States is that they don’t drive the ball that straight. And so to whatever extent you’re going to give the edge to Europe, you give it to them on that. But when you watched the TOUR Championship, you said ‘well hold on a second here’. Everybody thinks Tiger Woods is a bad driver of the golf ball, and he just said ‘I can pull a driver out and I can gut the fairway.’”

On Tiger Woods’ potential impact this week

Chamblee – “When you have a guy that can drive the ball as well as Tiger Woods is driving the golf ball right now on a golf course that punishes you when you miss the fairways… Until the last two or three times that Tiger played, I wouldn’t have said he was going to play five [matches]. But he’s 42, not 82.

On trying to predict the United States’ pairings this week

Frank Nobilo – “It sounds like America is in a predicament [with pairings], but they actually have more options this year than they’ve ever had. They’re actually in a good spot to have that many options.”


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