Sunday, September 16th, 2018


Golf Channel Notable Quotes

The Evian Championship

Final Round

Evian Resort Golf Club

Evian-les-Baines, France

Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018


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Final Leaderboard: Evian Championship Leaderboard

Angela Stanford         -12

Austin Ernst                -11

Sei Young Kim           -11

Mo Martin                   -11

Amy Olson                  -11


On Angela Stanford, 2018 Evian Championship winner at 12-under par (3-under 68 on Sunday)

Grant Boone – “Angela Stanford, at age 40, is a major champion. Her first win in six years.”

Judy Rankin – “She has to be so proud of herself for the way she played the last two holes.”

Rankin – “I walked a couple of holes with her in Portland when she was playing in the pro-am and we had a really serious talk. It was almost a true confession. I have always called her the classic underachiever. She really has fought with herself in the last few years. Oh my gosh, what an emotional thing. So happy for Angela Stanford.”

Richard Kaufman – “What a roller coaster ride her last few holes have been. Eagle, double bogey, birdie [15-17]. That’s golf.”

Boone – “The former TCU star leapfrogs to victory at the Evian Championship.”


Angela Stanford speaking with Golf Channel’s Tom Abbott following her victory

Angela Stanford – “I have no idea what just happened. I’m grateful. I’m so happy for everybody at home. Everybody that has always cheered for me. They never gave up on me. God’s funny. He catches you off guard just when you think that maybe you’re done. It is amazing. I don’t think I could have asked for it any other way. It is not my plan, so it is pretty cool.”

Stanford – “I know me very well and I do a bunch of stupid stuff. Deep down I’m a fighter. I’m a grinder. I’ve always been that. I just kept telling myself, ‘you just have to be who you are. And maybe you’re not good at certain things but you got to be who you are right now and you’ve got to just fight.’ That was it.”

Stanford – “I’m glad she [her mother] got to see it. She might be the first to drink out of the trophy.”


Angela Stanford speaking with Golf Channel’s Tom Abbott at the trophy presentation

Angela Stanford – “All 18 years have been an emotional roller coaster for me at the majors. I love them. It is the one thing I couldn’t get my hands on. I’m not letting go now. The very end, I knew Friday on number 15 we had already hit that shot before. 16, I wasn’t comfortable on that tee. And then I just had to get back to hitting golf shots on 17 and 18. I thought if I could get to -12 and post something maybe I’d have a chance. I wasn’t going to give up. That’s for sure.

Stanford – “You always hope and think it is and you prepare for it. But you just never know. These are the best players in the world out here. It takes a lot of luck and hard work but a lot of things have to go your way. I knew I was playing well. And I knew that our last three events, I played well but nothing was clicking. So I didn’t imagine this this week, no.”

Stanford – “She [her mother] gave me some swing tips in Portland this year so I put those to work this week. Thanks mom.”


On Mo Martin, T2 at 11-under par (1-under 70 on Sunday)

Rankin – “She is quite the manager of a golf course, especially when she is in trouble.”

Jerry Foltz – “For four years now she has probably wondered if she would have another chance to win another tournament. Impressive stuff. As much as she has gotten out of her game this week to be in this position is remarkable.”

Rankin – “She is one of finest players I know in the game. Just because she doesn’t rocket it 280, don’t ever short change this player.”


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