Wednesday, July 18th, 2018


Carnoustie Golf Links, Carnoustie, Scotland

Wednesday, July 18

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On Carnoustie Golf Links’ conditions heading into Thursday’s opening round
Frank Nobilo – “When you look at [Carnoustie’s] landscape, you see beige or brown and really when you look at it, there’s actually more permutation to get the color brown. And I think that’s the style of golf we’re going to see this week. It’s going to be an interesting landscape for them to show their skills. There’s going to be so many different types of strategy, and I think it’s going to be more like a 1500 meter race. Four laps around, some will try and sprint out there, some will try and be patient. In the end, I don’t think we’ll have a real sort of snapshot of this until Saturday night.”
Brandel Chamblee – “Because of the conditions, I think it’s going to be that rare major that’s going to be won by somebody who spends more time in the rough than the fairways. Going back to 1999 that’s only happened in The Open three times… The point is, the fairways are so firm and fast and narrow… You’ve also got some windy conditions that are going to pop up. Just imagine how difficult it’s going to be to hit these fairways.”

On Rickie Fowler
Nobilo – “His attitude, Rickie is one of those guys, live by the sword, die by the sword. We talk often how he’s probably the double-bogey king. And I don’t say that as a detriment. The fact that he bounces back so often, when he has a double he doesn’t change his game plan. Doesn’t change his attitude. And on this golf course here, the last time they played here each player nearly averaged a double bogey a day. So, if you don’t have that resilience in you, then you’re not going to be successful come the end of the week.”

On Tiger Woods
Chamblee – “He’s not as intimidating as he used to be. He’s far more accommodating. Many in the media appear to be equal parts I think perplexed and happy with that trade. But truth be told, I’d rather him win now and talk later… He’s a long way from his awe-inspiring years, but he’s a long way from his awful years too.”
Chamblee – “I couldn’t imagine a golf course that sets up any better for him than this one. He can hit irons off the tee. He’s marvelous at working the ball left-to-right; there are no right-to-left holes here to speak of. I think he’ll have a sniff of it earlier – because he’s gotten off to really troubled starts this entire year.”
Nobilo – “If he gets through the season and there’s no complications, then come 2019, yeah I’ll give him a shot. I still think it’s early. I know he’ll put more pressure on himself. But I think you’ve got to give him the year. But, he’s Tiger Woods.”

On Jason Day
Chamblee – “He’s got several top-10s in every other major championship, but only one top-10 in The Open… He’s not particularly good out of the rough. Great putter, but the fact that the greens are flat and slow, that mitigates his advantage.”

On Rory McIlroy
Nobilo – “I actually think golf has made him unhappy… We expect so much. We demand their time. We demand their brilliance… But we demand him to win each and every week, and I think he’s suffocated by that.”
Chamblee – “You have to have the perspective that success comes with the tax. You don’t get to take the money and run. It comes with the tax… And I must say that Rory pays that tax beautifully.”

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