Thursday, April 5th, 2018


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From the Masters (Thursday, primetime)
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.
Thursday, April 5, 2018

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On Jordan Spieth, leader at 6-under par
Brandel Chamblee – “There is an incongruous adult genius to him. This golf course really does require a childlike fearlessness and an adult genius. When you put those two together, that exactly sums up who Jordan Spieth is.”
David Duval – “It was a fascinating day of golf and to see what Jordan Spieth did late in the day. He has talked about the fact that he knows how to play this golf course. He has a game plan and knows how to get around this course. Today was exhibit No. 1 of that proof.”
Frank Nobilo – “The best rounds starting to come later in the afternoon. When the dust settled and everybody realized that nobody was going to post early, it gave Jordan and people in the afternoon a chance to attack the par-5s.”
Rich Lerner – “Jordan Spieth turned it on late and did he ever electrify the patrons here at Augusta National.”
Duval – “In the past he seems to have been incredibly hard on himself in the past in tournaments leading up to here. What I saw today was maturity and patience. He didn’t seem to get worked up today. The maturity that we see from Jordan Spieth on this golf course and in this tournament is second-to-none.”
Chamblee – “23 putts today. That is a bad omen for everybody chasing him.”
Lerner – “Solid character will always outlast occasional lapses in putting. When they merge, as they always seem to do here, look out.”

On Tony Finau, T2 at 4-under par
Lerner – “This is a memorable Masters debut for Tony Finau to say the least.”
Duval – “He is one of the really good guys in professional golf. Yesterday was unsettling and disturbing, with what happened with that ankle. The story today of him going out and playing as well as he did is the best story of the day in my opinion.”

On Tiger Woods, T29 at 1-over par
Duval – “He comes back kind of a wounded hero in a way to major championship golf.”
Lerner – “He has that aura that nobody else has and the fans feel it.”

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