Wednesday, April 4th, 2018


Notable Quotes – Golf Central Live From the Masters (Wednesday, April 4 – Reaction to Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship announcement)
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.
Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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On the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship announcement
Annika Sorenstam – “I am smiling. I thought it was terrific. Obviously since I’ve stopped competing, the ANNIKA Foundation has been working on growing the game, especially through young girls, and to hear an initiative like this where young women get the opportunity to play on the greatest stage in golf, it doesn’t get any better than that.”
Sorenstam – I think they (Augusta National) are certainly setting the stage. We know they have a high standard but they are making a big investment in growing the game globally. It is everywhere now and everybody will get a chance to make their dreams come true. I applaud them for their initiatives. It is fantastic. If anyone can move the needle, they are the ones.”
Sorenstam – “What a dream come true. A lot of golfers around the world are dreaming to play at Augusta National. This is happening. This is happening for the best female up and coming young golfers. They get a chance to play here. It doesn’t much better than that. This is historic.”
Sorenstam – “I think a lot of progress has been made. We all know that junior golfers are the fastest growing segment in the game of golf. This is another opportunity for these girls to dream. Little girls have dreams too, and this is great news.”
Sorenstam – “I think Augusta National is doing all of the right things. I have a lot of admiration and respect for Chairman Ridley and all of the members at Augusta National. They are doing things right. It is great for golf.”
Paige Mackenzie – “When you think about it, it is the biggest and brightest stage in the game. There is not a place in the world like it. Chairman Ridley said he wanted this to make a statement. It has and it will continue to make a statement because there is not a greater compliment than to be asked to play at a major championship tournament venue the weekend prior to it being played against the best players in the world. That is exactly what this statement was. They are giving an opportunity to the women across the world to be able to come here and play on the biggest stage in the game.”
Mackenzie – “This is a game for everybody. With the announcement of the Drive, Chip and Putt and now the announcement of the Women’s Amateur Championship, you are seeing this kind of inclusion, that this place is for everybody and this game is for everybody. It sets a tone. I think this is what was most important about what Chairman Ridley said, that the Drive, Chip and Putt’s greatest impact is at the grassroots level. You are seeing courses open their doors to junior golfers. Now in the case of the Women’s Amateur Championship, you are going to see courses and people look at women’s golf differently. The perception is changing. That is what is the most important takeaway of this.”
Karen Stupples – “Growing up in the U.K., the Masters is on TV late at night so it was the one event that my parents let me stay up to watch. I used to go to bed really late at night and would go to school early Monday morning. But I never once allowed myself to dream that that I would have the potential to even go there, let alone play a tournament there. Now, it is a reality for young women all across the world to live that impossible dream of playing a tournament at Augusta National. It really is a special moment for all of those people and really gives them something to aspire to achieve. Something they can drive themselves forward. There is this opportunity that lies ahead of them now.”
Steve Burkowski – “My immediate reaction was, ‘Look how far the game has come that this opportunity is here.’ What better way for some of the very best women’s college players to get ready for the NCAA postseason run than have the chance to play at Augusta National.”

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