Sunday, March 4th, 2018


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WGC-Mexico Championship
Final Round
Club de Golf Chapultepec
Mexico City, Mexico
Sunday, March, 4, 2018

On Phil Mickelson defeating Justin Thomas in a 1-hole playoff (both finished at 16-under par in regulation of play), first win for Mickelson since 2013
Dan Hicks – “Phil Mickelson’s day has finally arrived.”
Peter Jacobsen –“To see how hard he has worked to get back to the winner’s circle, its inspiring. It just goes to show you the golf ball does not know how old you are.”

Phil Mickelson speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following his playoff victory
Phil Mickelson – “I don’t know what to say. It has been a tough go the last four years. Not playing my best, but having the belief that I was going to get there and finally break through and to do it feels incredible. I believe that more is to come. I feel like I am starting to play some of my best golf and to culminate here in Mexico City with a World Golf Championship victory is exciting to me beyond words because it just validates the hard work that I’ve put in and the struggles for the last few years to finally get my game back.”

On the process getting back to the winner’s circle
Mickelson – “The thing about it is I love the challenge. It has been a difficult go and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Andrew Getson, who has really helped me get my swing back. My brother, who has done a phenomenal job and we have had a lot of fun this year. And the support of Callaway, to give me the equipment and support system through a tough time. They have been there through the good and bad. I am just very appreciative of the support system. Amy has been awesome too. My family has been very supportive over this tough time knowing the challenges I’ve been through, but I enjoy that challenge and to have something like this today makes it all worthwhile.”

On competing against the young guys on the PGA TOUR
Mickelson – “It is beyond belief and if you look at what Justin Thomas did this weekend, shooting 16-under on this golf course over two days, just incredible golf. Trying to compete against these guys I know and respect and admire how great these young players are, and yet I welcome and cherish the opportunity to compete against them. And to have a little taste of success this year is really encouraging.”

On sharing the victory with his caddie and brother Tim Mickelson
Mickelson – “It is hard to put into words because my brother is one of the people I love and respect the most in this world. To be able to share not only this moment but this journey, this challenge and this opportunity has been very meaningful for us.”

On today’s final round
Mickelson – “I tried to look calm on the outside but inside I am shaking and I enjoy that. That is what was so fun, and that nervousness starting the round, before the round and all of the preparation, all of those nerves that you feel. I haven’t felt that in a long time because I haven’t been in the last group in a long time so it has been really fun.”

Justin Thomas, runner-up, speaking with NBC’s Roger Maltbie following the playoff
Justin Thomas – “It’s a bummer. If you told me I was going to be in a playoff after two rounds I would have told you that you were lying. I played unbelievable golf these last two days. I’m probably more proud of myself than I ever have been. It takes a lot of patience and calmness for me to stay in it. That shot on 18 was unbelievable to even have a chance. But I hit a good shot here. I was just so pumped up and so much adrenaline. I didn’t think I was going to fly a gap wedge 162 or 163 yards, I guess even more than that. So it is a little crazy.”

I’ve got to ask you, did the cameraman back there shake you up a little bit?
Thomas – “Honestly, maybe I should have let him kick my ball, I might have had a better lie. Not that I can complain about missing the green with the gap wedge and having a bad lie, but that wasn’t exactly an easy chip. I would have liked to have at least hit a little bit better putt, but I’m happy for Phil.”

On Phil Mickelson, 2018 WGC-Mexico Championship winner in a 1-hole playoff
Jim “Bones” Mackay – “He has been playing so well for so long now and he is due. He wants it. You can see it in his eyes now.”
Hicks – “He is as focused as we have ever seen him.”
Jacobsen – “We could kind of feel it on the range this morning. Nobody wants it more than Phil.

On Mickelson’s shot on 14 shot through the trees
Jacobsen – “He is just going to try to pick a window up there, probably no bigger than a…look at that, I don’t even see the window.”
Maltbie – “Most people wouldn’t, trust me.”
David Feherty – “It was the size of a key hole.”

On Justin Thomas, WGC-Mexico Championship runner-up
Hicks – “What a stretch of golf he’s played after having not a lot of confidence earlier in the week.”
Gary Koch – “You know how they say it’s hard to back up a really low round with another low round? He’s doing it.”
Mackay – “I felt like I knew how good he was, and then I caddied for him and I realized how he truly has a chance to be great in this game.”

On Thomas’s hole-out for eagle on 18 (121 yards)
Mackay – “121 yards. The question he is going to ask himself here is does he want to attack this flag.”
Hicks – “Well, there’s your answer. It’s attacking, Justin Thomas has holed it.”
Hicks – “Ok, 64 just like that. We have seen a lot of things in this game through the years. That is right near the very top. A 62-64 weekend, capped off in unbelievable style.”
Jacobsen – “Coming from his press conference on Thursday, saying he has never felt worse over a golf ball in his life to holing it on the 72nd hole to take a two shot advantage.”

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