Sunday, October 1st, 2017


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The Presidents Cup
Sunday Singles Matches
Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017
Liberty National Golf Club
Jersey City, N.J.

**Daniel Berger defeated Si Woo Kim 2&1 to earn the winning point for the U.S. Team in retaining the Presidents Cup.

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On Daniel Berger defeating Si Woo Kim 2&1 to retain the Presidents Cup

Dan Hicks – “No one more excited to be a part of this team atmosphere for the U.S. than Berger.”

Hicks – “Berger and Kim have been lighting up Liberty National.”

Johnny Miller – “He [Kim] has really bought into this today. He has had more emotion today than anybody”

Feherty – “He [Kim] has been a great character and has enjoyed the match between Daniel Berger. They have been giving each other a hard time today.”

U.S. team captain Steve Stricker speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following the U.S. Team’s victory

Steve Stricker – “It has been a great ride. There is a lot of hard work from everybody involved. All of the players, the assistant captains. It was just a great group of guys. They played so well together. They get along so well. They came in here riding a ton of momentum and a ton of confidence. It was just about getting out of their way, really. Put some good pairings together and get out of their way. They just played unbelievably well.”

Stricker – “Our guys just came in with a little bit better form than the International team, I think is the bottom line. They have great players on their team but I think some of their great players weren’t playing up to their capabilities, and our guys were. And we’re playing right here in front of a home crowd. All of that makes a huge difference. So proud of my guys.”

Stricker – “Guys talked about it last night. They wanted to make a mark. But ultimately this was the goal. Win the thing at the start of the week. Keep the Cup where it belongs here in the U.S. But we had to have something to go for today. We had to set another goal today. Winning the session was another goal. I don’t think any team has ever won all of the sessions. So that was another big goal of ours today, too. I don’t know if we’re going to get to that point today, but I had to try to keep them going. It was easy for them to come out lazy and lax. They fought hard still to begin today.”

Daniel Berger speaking with NBC’s Jimmy Roberts following his match

Daniel Berger – “Captain Stricker came up to me on 16 and told me that we had clinched it. What a feeling. We’ve been here for the past week but we’ve been planning this for months. It is just a great feeling.”

Berger – “It was more about the team. It wasn’t about me. I was just really happy to be able to close out my match today. Si Woo played great. We exchanged a bunch of birdie putts coming down the stretch. Just so happened that I came out on the right side of that.”

Berger – “It is definitely high up there. I’m speechless right now. Just so excited for the team. Hopefully the rest of the guys go out there and finish off some of their matches and then we celebrate tonight.”

International team captain Nick Price speaking with NBC’s Jimmy Roberts

Nick Price – “I just said [to Stricker] you’ve got a hell of a team, enjoy the ride. This is a juggernaut of a U.S. team. I think we all knew that going into this week. And every time we had any momentum early on in the rounds, they would shut our momentum down. And that’s a sign that they’re an overpowering team. They’ve played some phenomenal golf this week. The quality of golf yesterday in that breezy, cool weather was just incredible. We kept losing holes to birdies. It wasn’t like we were making bogeys and double bogeys. These guys were firing on all eight cylinders and it was tough to watch. Especially being on the receiving end of it.”

Price – “I said [to Si Woo Kim] that I know he’s going to play in a lot more of these. He has got some guts. He’s got a big heart and we saw that yesterday how fired up he was. And again today I walked three of four holes with him and he made some great putts to counter Daniel Berger. And I think he’s going to be a great team member because he really gets it. He understands the match play and the pride in it and what the team spirit is. And he’s going to be a great asset to our team.”

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