Tuesday, September 26th, 2017


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From The Presidents Cup
Tuesday, Sept. 26 2017
Liberty National Golf Club, Jersey City, N.J.

On The Presidents Cup
Justin Leonard – “I remember the first team I played on in 1996. I was more nervous playing a practice round on Tuesday than any golf event I had played. And that just was the practice round.”
Mark Rolfing – “When I walked out on the set for the first time today and saw the Statue of Liberty, I got goosebumps. I can’t imagine what the players are experiencing today seeing this backdrop as they prepare for the week. This is a different kind of pressure.”
Leonard – “Team golf is a total different animal. It is all about that flag and not wanting to let your peers down.”
Rolfing – “This is a wonderful stage for The Presidents Cup in a lot of ways.”

On the U.S. Team
Justin Leonard –
“Where is the weak link on this team? There isn’t one.”
Leonard – “Being able to pick a brain like Tiger Woods. That is the beauty of these young players making these teams.”

On the International Team
Justin Leonard – “The Internationals will really need the young guys to step up this week.”
Leonard – “The International Team is going to have a lot of support this week, more so than any other city or venue in the United States, just because of the diversity in this area.”

On Assistant Captain Tiger Woods
Leonard – “Tiger is the kind of guy that we thought 15 years ago when he is done, we are never going to see him again. Here he is this week as an assistant captain giving the young guys putting lessons. It is pretty cool.”
Rolfing – “Tiger Woods has written his legacy on the golf course. One of the things I am starting to see from Tiger is this mentorship quality that he is taking on with the young players.”

On Phil Mickelson, making his 12th Presidents Cup appearance
Kelly Tilghman – “Pride and respect seemed to be the two things resonating out of his press conference.”
Leonard – “He enjoys these weeks. He is like another assistant captain. He is a guy that you love to have on your team. He keeps things pretty loose and is not afraid to needle in the guys.”

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