Sunday, September 24th, 2017


NBC Sports Group Notable Quotes
TOUR Championship
Final Round
Sunday, Sept. 24 2017
East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Ga.

On Xander Schauffele, 2017 TOUR Championship winner at 12-under par (2-under on Sunday); Finishing 3rd in the FedExCup points standings
Johnny Miller – “How about that putt. That went off in his hands and barely got in. he just killed this putt. That would have been six or seven feet by.”
Dan Hicks – “In one of the most improbable playoff runs we have seen in a long time, Xander Schauffele becomes the first PGA TOUR rookie to win the TOUR Championship.”
Miller – “This is quite a performance. This ranks way up there with a guy that came out of nowhere, so to speak, in a big championship. You never would have picked him. He has not leaked any oil.”
Notah Begay – “He really hasn’t backed down at all today.”
David Feherty – “He has made pretty much everything that he should have made today.”
Feherty – “Never been in this position before and he is performing like a veteran.”
Gary Koch – “What an amazing first year on the TOUR.”
Steve Sands – “His world has been turned upside down in a very positive way.”
Miller – I’m almost stunned by how he is playing today and how he is holding it together. He has got the right stuff.”
Begay – “He is someone that is comfortable in these types of situations. He has definitely proven that today. His course management has been flawless and his execution and recovery has been pretty spot on.”

Xander Schauffele speaking with NBC’s Dan Hicks following his victory
Xander Schauffele – “It has been a wild ride. I weaseled my way in just from last week. I’ve just been weaseling my way around all year. So to stand here and hold this trophy is truly an honor.”
Schauffele – “My hands were shaking so much and I was so nervous. I figured I would just brush it in. I thought I missed it. That’s why my reaction. I was embarrassed. Don’t want to win with a huge whirl-around lip in, but very fortunate it went in.”

On Justin Thomas, 2nd place at 11-under par (4-under 66 on Sunday); 2017 FedExCup Champion
Hicks – “This is going to be one of those years that is going to stand the test of time. “
Miller – “An amazing year for Justin Thomas. Really knows how to play this game.”
Mark Rolfing – “He is only thinking about winning this tournament. He didn’t want to know yesterday after the round to win the FedExCup and hasn’t wanted to know today, just wants to win this tournament.”
Miller – “I think he might be giving some viewers an ulcer here today.” 

Justin Thomas speaking with Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller following his round
Justin Thomas – “It’s a really weird day. As soon as I finished I got asked what it was like to win the FedExCup. It is hard at first because as a competitor you are mad that you didn’t win the tournament. And then you have to realize what an unbelievable honor this is. The fact that you can win something over the course of an entire year. I played really well all season and it was nice to play well in some playoff events finally and have it all pay off. It was a grueling day for sure and very nerve wracking. Xander is a tremendous champion and I’m very pleased to be walking away with this.”
Thomas – “I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot of these moments with my parents and my family this year. The first two events in Malaysia, it was a little hard for my parents to make that one. So this being an easy trip from Louisville, it was nice having mom and dad here and friends to share this with.”Thomas – “It was a lot of hard work for sure. I put in a lot of hard work in on the off weeks and the offseason. In terms of the actual golf game, my short game helped me out a lot. In the weeks that I was playing well, I was making putts like I was today and that’s why I spent all of the time working on it. So I was glad that it paid off.”
Thomas – “All of us. Definitely Jordan, but guys like Xander, Rickie, Rory and DJ. We’re all battling against each other and we all want to beat each other. Odds are that if you are beating that crew then you have a good chance of winning the golf tournament.
Thomas – “I’d put our class up against anybody else. I think that speaks for itself.”

On Kevin Kisner, T3 at 10-under par (even par 70 on Sunday)
Hicks – “There is no quit in Kisner. A classic grinder.”
Hicks – “He really grinded today even though it didn’t turn out the way he wanted.”

On Russell Henley, T3 at 10-under par (5-under 65 on Sunday)
Miller – “I like the way he plays golf. He doesn’t mess around.”
Miller – “That was a big money putt for birdie right there at 18.”

On Paul Casey, T5 at 8-under par (4-over 74 on Sunday)
Roger Maltbie – “At the end of the day, there is going to have to be a lot of soul searching here. He has had some opportunities this year. He just hasn’t been the same player today that he was the past few days.”
Hicks – “It has not been his day today.”
Koch – “It has been a rugged day.”

On Jordan Spieth, T7 at 7-under par (3-under par 67 on Sunday); Finishing 2nd in FedExCup points standings
Jim “Bones” Mackay – “Jordan trying to make things happen with a wedge, looking to hit something really stiff here.”
David Feherty (after holing out for eagle) – “That would be stiff. Jordan Spieth looking for something low on the inward half starts with an eagle 2 on number 10.”
Johnny Miller – “Talk about a perfectly played hole. Killed a drive of his life and then holes it.”
Feherty – “That will make the hair stand up on Michael Greller’s beard.”

Jordan Spieth speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following his round
Jordan Spieth – “I didn’t have much going the middle two rounds. Needed a really good one today and I also needed help. I lost control of my own destiny. Played well. I really had a lot of chances today. This was my worst putting week of the year unfortunately. But what a great season it was. I’m very pleased with the way 2017 has gone and we have a chance to cap it off next week in New York.”
Spieth – “It just wasn’t meant to be today. Fortunate to have won this tournament before and look forward to coming back in the future. JT obviously is very well deserved to win the FedExCup this year. It is rightfully so given his season.”
Spieth – “It has been an amazing year. A couple of years ago was his rookie season and my second year on TOUR. The progression that he has made this year into becoming such a tremendous closer has been phenomenal to watch.”

On Sunday’s final round at the TOUR Championship
Miller – “This was quite the day. So many twists and turns. Not like you are driving down the freeway in Nevada dead straight. This was all over.”
Peter Jacobsen – “How about the shots we have seen from the last couple of groups. Just spectacular.”
Miller – “This is going back and forth all over the place. Fun to watch.”
Hicks – “One of the crazier Sundays we’ve seen.”


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