Monday, August 7th, 2017


Notable Quotes – 99th PGA Championship
Golf Central Live From the PGA Championship (Monday, Primetime)
August 7, 2017
Quail Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.

On the potential for Jordan Spieth to win the career grand slam this week
Frank Nobilo – “Normally when you come to North Carolina the talk is always about Jordan – normally Michael Jordan… Jordan Spieth has only played Quail Hollow once, so you could argue that he does not have home field advantage.”

Brandel Chamblee – “We should have all seen this coming. For all Jordan Spieth’s talents, I think his most palpable characteristic is that he’s always chomping at the bit. And along the way, he’s rewriting history books, and redefining a career.”

Johnny Harris, President, Quail Hollow Club speaking about the club’s first major
Johnny Harris – “There are three kinds of people in this world: the people who fear change; the people who watch change; and the people who embrace change. And this city has gone from a city that can-do to a city that will-do. And this club knew they could do the job if they were given the chance. Everybody embraced it, and over that time, we played golf 89 days after we tore it up.”

On Rory McIlroy’s chances this week on a golf course that suits his eye
Chamblee – “From 125-150 yards, [the statistic] only goes to 202 on the PGA TOUR. Now he hasn’t played enough rounds to be ranked, but if he had, he’d be 203, dead last. There were 76 players that made the cut last week. Do you know where he finished? 76th. Something about this place brings the best out of him. Something about this place fits him perfectly, but he’s going to have to hit his irons better than last week.”

Nobilo – “Mother nature this week, it looks like we might get a few storms. Rory’s four major wins have all either been rain-affected or softer golf courses. Quail Hollow with a little bit of water and Rory, that’s a good mix.”

On changes to Quail Hollow for the PGA Championship
Nobilo – “I think the only hole that will probably really be talked about is the 4th hole, the par-3… Keith Wood, the superintendent [has been] effusive in praise of his team. I can’t lay sod on my lawn in six months, but they can rebuild a golf course in 89 days. I just think it’s phenomenal.”

Chamblee – “I love the changes, and I think the players are going to love them as well.”

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