Sunday, July 16th, 2017


NBC Notable Quotes
American Century Championship
Final Round
Sunday, July 16, 2017
Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, Stateline, Nevada

On Mark Mulder, 2017 American Century Championship winner (73 points, 3-under-par 69 on Sunday), first 3-time consecutive winner in tournament history
Jimmy Roberts – “As Mardy Fish would say, ‘Game, Set, Match.’”
Notah Begay – “I think he has really set himself apart with his short game. His wedge and distance control has been remarkable, as well as his overall course management.”
Steve Sands – “Mark Mulder has not had a double bogey all week. Very steady the entire three days.”

Mark Mulder speaking with NBC’s Jimmy Roberts following his victory
Mark Mulder – “It is really cool. My kids put more pressure than anyone else. They jokingly say prior to this tournament, ‘Dad, when do we get to go to that tournament where we get to run out on the 18th green? I know that sounds ridiculous but that is what they think. They are used to that. It has now been three years in a row. I honestly feel it more for them then I do anywhere else. I am just here to have a good time.”
Mulder – “I was more nervous this year than the other two years. I’m not going to lie. The first two years, I just wanted to compete. I happened to get it done. This year, knowing that no one had ever three-peated, it was on my mind. I kept saying to my caddy, let’s stick to our game plan and the putts are going to fall. Eventually they did and it worked out.”

On Stephen Curry, 4th place with 60 points (4-under-par 68 on Sunday, low round for the championship)
Peter Jacobsen – “He’s definitely warming up for the tournament coming up.”
Sands – “An amazing day for Steph Curry.”
Charlie Rymer – “Walking up here on 18, I said to Steph, ‘What a great way to finish off this week,’ and Steph told me, ‘This feels so good.’
Jacobsen – “Completely different stage that he is not as comfortable with, and he eagles the last hole. He is having so much fun.”
Jacobsen – “He knows what he is doing with the basketball in his hands, and he is proving he knows what he’s doing with a golf club in his hands as well.”

Stephen Curry speaking with NBC’s Charlie Rymer following his round
Stephen Curry – “I had an amazing time. Played with great competitors in Justin Timberlake and Tony Romo. Just to be in this atmosphere, like we have said all week, is totally different for us. Totally different than an NBC arena. The adrenaline was unbelievable and obviously to play well meant a lot.”
Curry – “This is no exaggeration, this is the best complete round of my life. I think I am one off from my best score, but considering the environment, how terrible I played earlier in the week, and to finish like this was the definitely the best round of my life. To finish like that on 18 was really, really fun. I’m going to be bragging about that for a long time.” 

On Curry’s Tour Expectations
Curry – “It is going to be a totally different environment, but hopefully I play like I did today and everything will be alright.”

On Derek Lowe, T2 with 62 points (2-over par 74 on Sunday)
Begay – “Derek Lowe had his chances today. He had a few real nice looks throughout the day.”

On Mardy Fish, T2 with 62 points (4-over par 76 on Sunday)
Sands – “One of these years Mardy Fish is going to get to the finish line here at the American Century Championship.”

On Sunday’s final round at the American Century Championship
Jacobsen – “28th edition of the American Century Championship, easily the best field from top-to-bottom, not only golf but personalities, entertainers and fun.”

On Sunday’s grouping of Stephen Curry, Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake
Jacobsen – “The wonderful thing about Justin – and all of these players this week – is they are giving back. They come here and know what they are going to be doing – signing autographs, posing for pictures, talking to people and giving hi-fives and handshakes. They do it with a smile on their face. That is the huge part of the American Century Championship.”
Sands – “It is one of the joys of this event. The interactions with the fans and the stars each and every year.”
Jacobsen – “Arnold Palmer was my hero. Everybody told me, be careful when you meet your hero, because they might disappoint you. Guys here this week, much like Arnold Palmer, you meet them and they exceed your expectations.”

Aaron Rodgers (Eighth place with 54 points) speaking with NBC’s Michele Tafoya on 17
Aaron Rodgers – “I’ve never seen crowds this big on Sunday. One of my favorite moments in sports, right up there with playing my game, going to the Kentucky Derby and NCAA March Madness, is 17 at Lake Tahoe. I love this event. I love this atmosphere, it is incredible. This is a great event and I’m happy to be playing pretty good this year. This is a staple every year.”

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