Saturday, July 15th, 2017


NBC Notable Quotes
American Century Championship
Second Round
Saturday, July 15, 2017
Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

**NBC will air final round of the American Century Championship, the premier celebrity golf tournament, on Sunday from 3-6 p.m. ET**
**Tournament scoring is based on a modified stableford format with 10 points for a double eagle, 8 for a hole-in-one, 6 for eagle, 3 for birdie, 1 for par, 0 for bogey, and minus 2 for double-bogey or higher.**

On two-time defending champion Mark Mulder, leader after two rounds with 48 points (3-under par 69 on Saturday)
Steve Sands – “Mark Mulder sitting atop the leaderboard once again just like he did in 2015 and 2016, when he won in back-to-back fashion.”

On Derek Lowe, T2 with 45 points (1-over par 73 on Saturday)
Peter Jacobsen – “I’m impressed with his attitude this week. He’s smiling, having a good time. Let’s see how he handles the pressure on Sunday.”

On Mardy Fish, T2 with 45 points (even par 72 on Saturday)
Jimmy Roberts – “You guys know how I love a good story. This story of Mardy Fish is a remarkable one. Had to pull out of the 2012 U.S. Open with an anxiety disorder. He has gotten his life back together, and is quite a golfer. Having a great time this week.”

On Chad Pfeifer, in 4th with 42 points (1-under par 71 on Saturday)
Jacobsen – “Chad Pfeifer hanging in there and playing really well. This would be one incredible story if he were to be able to climb to the top of the leaderboard on Sunday.”

On Stephen Curry, T13 with 32 points (1-over par 73 on Saturday)
Charlie Rymer – “He has a got a great feel for this game. Wonderful pair of hands.”

On Justin Timberlake, T51 with 10 points (82 on Saturday)
Rymer – “I like watching him go through his routine. It is clear that he plays with a lot of great players. Elegant in his approach to the game.”
Jacobsen– “He is s student of the game. He asks a lot of questions and he goes through his fundamentals.”

Stephen Curry speaking with NBC’s Michele Tafoya on 17
Stephen Curry – “It is always fun the people you play with, the courses that you get to see. Obviously I’m competitive so I like to challenge myself. Just have a passion for it and every time I get to play I love it.”

Justin Timberlake speaking with Michele Tafoya on 17
Michele Tafoya – “A little birdie told me that you are back in the studio. What are you working on?”
Justin Timberlake – “I was mostly making excuses for my golf game [to NBC’s Charlie Rymer but yeah I have been in the studio for a month straight mixing what maybe something coming soon.”

On Saturday’s grouping of Curry, Timberlake and Romo
Jacobsen – “They love the fans. They interact with them, which is what makes this event so special.”
Sands – “As star-studded a group as you can have at this event. Justin Timberlake, Steph Curry and Tony Romo putting on a show for the thousands of people here at Edgewood Tahoe.”
Roberts – “What a day. What a hole. What a whole bunch of fun. This will be a moment the fans at 17 will remember for a long time. Romo, Timberlake and Curry.”

On Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course
Jacobsen – “This is a perfect golf course for the American Century Championship.”
Sands – “It is not an easy golf course by any means but 6200 feet and the yardage being on 6700, you would think it is an easy golf course, it is not an easy golf course but it is the perfect golf course for these players and this type for format.”

On the 17th hole atmosphere at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course
Sands – “World class people-watching.”
Roberts – “There are no words for what this thing is. Every year it is just more and more energy.”

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