Saturday, July 1st, 2017


NBC Sports Notable Quotes
KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
Third Round (3-6 p.m. ET)
Saturday, July 1, 2017
Olympia Fields Country Club
Olympia Fields, Illinois

**NBC will air live coverage of the final round of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship on Sunday from 3-6 p.m. ET**

On Danielle Kang, co-leader at 10-under par (3-under par 68 on Saturday)
Jerry Foltz – “She is a young lady with a very strong will who pulls no punches when you talk to her. Gives you an honest answer every time you talk to her.”
Karen Stupples – “She is having fun on the golf course, she is smiling, she has been able to maintain her temperament and she has been very even keeled. She is going to be in a really great spot going into tomorrow.”
Tom Abbott – “She has been really good tee to green all week.”
Dan Hicks – “She has had a fine comeback year in 2017 and could be culminating to the biggest week of her career.”
Hicks – “Kang is hanging in there with the pressure of the weekend of a major.”
Foltz – Danielle has hit the driver exceptionally well today. I’ve never seen her in this much control of her golf ball.”
Foltz – “They have figured something out between Leadbetter and her brother, because she is clicking very nicely right now.”
Gary Koch – “It is amazing how quickly talented players can latch on to something and execute it shot after shot.”

On Chella Choi, co-leader at 10-under par (4-under par 67 on Saturday)
Hicks – “An impressive bogey-free round for Chella Choi.”
Koch – “She relies a tremendous amount on her dad, her caddie. He said he had a game plan on how to play the golf course. She is listening to her dad and it is paying off.”

Chella Choi speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following her round
Chella Choi – “I had four birdies and was bogey-free today. I was very focused today, which is why I played good.”

Choi speaking with Sands on why she enjoys playing on the weekends
Choi – “Because on Saturday and Sunday, I make more birdies and more money, so I’m very excited to play on the weekend.”

Jiyai Shin, 3rd place at 8-under par (7-under 64 on Saturday) speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following her round
Jiyai Shin – “I enjoy this golf course, the golf course is gorgeous.”
Shin – “I played on the LPGA for five years, but I got homesick and I missed my family, which is why I moved back to Asia to play.”
Shin – “When I was number one, I had a lot of pressure, like I have to hit everything perfect. So I gained a lot of pressure, which was too much for me. That is I wanted to take a little step back on golf and life.”

On Brooke Henderson, 4th place at 7-under par (2-under par 69 on Saturday)
Stupples – “She has the expectations of basically all of Canada on her shoulders to perform and play well on these big stages. She takes it all in her stride and she is such a darling with the media.”
Stupples – “Henderson’s biggest quality is her heart and her fire. She really enjoys the competition and being in the heat of the moment.”

Brooke Henderson speaking with NBC’s Steve Sands following her round
Brooke Henderson – “2-under on this course is a really good score. Of course I would like to have 17 and 18 back. Very similar putts I just missed both on the high side. That could have jumped me up the leaderboard more. But I’m still in great position and hopefully tomorrow I can go out and make putts like that and climb up a little bit faster.”

Henderson speaking with Sands on her past 12 months since winning the 2016 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
Henderson – “It has been amazing. Definitely has changed my life, but for the better. A lot more attention from fans, media and it has been great. It has all been a big learning curve but I think I’ve dealt with it pretty well. I’m really excited to be back here and to have the opportunity to go out and shoot a great score and maybe hoist that trophy once more.”

On Sei Young Kim, T5 at 6-under par (1-over par 72 on Saturday)
Hicks – “This has been a nice comeback today for Sei Young Kim.”

On Michelle Wie, T7 at 5-under par (1-under par 70 on Saturday)
Mark Rolfing – “She plays the best when she’s happy and this “whatever method” in her putting has freed her up from her normal, analytical system.”
Hicks – “Nice ending for Wie. Off to a good start, kind of lost it, but kept her head together.”

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