Saturday, June 17th, 2017


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Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open (primetime)
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Erin Hills
Erin, Wisconsin

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On Saturday’s record-breaking third round at the U.S. Open
David Duval – “My head is spinning still. Just really dizzying today.”
Brandel Chamblee – “Today was an instant classic. An absolute instant classic.”
Rich Lerner – “It was an absolute masterpiece.”
Duval – “You get the best players in the world a soft, receptive golf course in immaculate condition, it doesn’t matter if it is the U.S. Open or the Club Championship, they are going to shoot low scores.”
Frank Nobilo – “If you get a set of circumstances like this, records should fall. If it was firm, fast and windy, they probably would be shooting around par.”

On Justin Thomas shooting a record 9-under par 63 Saturday, breaking Johnny Miller’s U.S. Open record (8-under par 63 at 1973 U.S. Open). Currently T2 at 11-under par
Chamblee – “It takes so much talent and skill to be able to hit a 3-wood on a green, let alone laser-like back-to-back shots on 15 and 18. Instant classic. I was privileged to sit here and watch it unfold.”
Duval – “I think it is fascinating to watch these guys go out and do this. I can’t do it. How many people can do this under control. When they have this opportunity to free them up a little bit, put the drivers back in their hands and let them go, this could happen. It is a perfect storm and you expect nothing less.”
Chamblee – “When you look at what Justin Thomas is best at, it is an enormous amount and comprehensive amount of things. He is the very best on the PGA TOUR at being the most efficient with everything he needs to do to get every single ounce out of his club head speed.”

On Brian Harman, leader at 12-under par (5-under par 67 on Saturday)
Lerner – “He is riding a wave of confidence and he has shown that he is up to the challenge and that he likes the moment.”
Lerner – “This is a guy that I think American fans can and will get behind.”
Duval – “He’s scrappy, tough, not afraid. He’s confident in what he does and he’s a winner. He’s tough and knows he is fighting an uphill battle but he doesn’t give up.”

On Brooks Koepka, T2 at 11-under par (4-under par 68 on Saturday)
Chamblee – “It is surprising to me that he has only won once, but it won’t be surprising to me if he were to go on and win tomorrow.”
Duval – “He did exactly what he needed to do under the conditions and under that pressure that is the third round of the U.S. Open.”

On Rickie Fowler, 5th place at 10-under par (4-under par 68 on Saturday)
Duval – “I expect him to play a little better tomorrow than he has the past couple of days. He is going to have to play really solid tomorrow and give himself more looks than he gave himself today.”

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