Monday, May 22nd, 2017


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NCAA Women’s Golf Championships
Individual National Championship
Monday, May 22, 2017
Rich Harvest Farms
Sugar Grove, Illinois 

Note to media: The low eight teams from today’s individual national championship advance to match-play competition starting Tuesday to determine the team national champions.

Golf Channel / NCAA Tuesday airtimes:
Quarterfinals – Team Match Play       11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. ET
Semifinals – Team Match Play           4-8 p.m. ET

Schools advancing to team match play quarterfinals include:
Arizona State
Ohio State
Southern California
Kent State

Quarterfinal Matchups:
Northwestern vs. Kent State
Stanford vs. Baylor
Arizona State vs. Florida
Ohio State vs. Southern California

Full information on teams advancing to match play, scores and results can be found at

On Arizona State’s Monica Vaughn, 2017 NCAA Women’s Individual National Champion at 1-over par (1-under par 71 on Monday’s final round)
Karen Stupples – “I’m blown away. This is the agony and ecstasy of tournament golf. The ecstasy of wining and the agony of coming so close and having your hands on the trophy only to have it slip away.”
Bob Papa – “She showed a lot of perseverance. She was trailing the whole way but she stuck with it and stayed within her game.”

Monica Vaughn speaking with Golf Channel’s Kay Cockerill following her victory
Monica Vaughn – “This is everything. The team has been through so much together and to end it like this is a great way to go out my senior. So great to be a Sun Devil today.”

Head Coach Missy Farr-Kaye speaking with Golf Channel’s Kay Cockerill on not looking at the leaderboard
Missy Farr-Kaye – “I made a promise to the team because they told me that apparently I’m a better coach when I don’t look at Golfstat. It was time that I behaved the way I coach. Stay in the moment, control what you can control, focus on staying in the present. I didn’t do as good of a job on the second day so I said, ‘Ok, that is my commitment to you guys, we are going to go out and have a good time.’ I’m more relaxed and enjoying it, watching them make great shots. Neither of us had any idea.”

On Wake Forest’s Jennifer Kupcho, T2 at 2-over par that included a triple bogey at 17 (2-over par 74 on Monday’s final round
Stupples – “Pressure does funny things to people, no doubt about that.”
Stupples – “When you are in that moment, it feels like things are escalating quickly and time almost feels like it is speeding. It is a really tough spot to be in. It feels like, ‘Oh my goodness, it was there, now it is all gone.’ And you get into a panic to try to get it back.”
Papa – “She played flawless golf through incredible conditions, and one misstep and 17.”

Kupcho speaking with Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following the round
Kupcho – “Me and Ryan [Potter] were calculating the wind. I thought we had it perfect. When I got over the ball I thought it was not as strong as we thought it was. Still hit the shot. Thought I hit is perfect, looked right online, looked so good. Just came up a couple of yards short. It landed halfway up the hill and just rolled back down.”

Wake Forest head coach Dianne Dailey speaking to Golf Channel following the round
Dianne Dailey – “There are not many weak points in Jennifer’s game. She is such a strong, consistent player. She has played so well this week and all year long. She came in here with 12 consecutive rounds under par and played super here, just had one bad hole.”
Dailey – “We can build a team around her. She is such a wonderful young lady and an outstanding player. People will want to be on her team, and I think it will help us.”
Dailey – “She did everything she could do. She tried and did the best that she could do. That is all you can ask of yourself and anyone else is do the best you can do and hopefully learn from it.”

On Kent State advancing to team match play
Kent State head coach Greg Robertson talks to Golf Channel after Kent State advances to team match play with the eighth and final spot
Greg Robertson – “I peaked at live scoring a little bit and knew that we were comfortably inside the number with five or six holes to go and it certainly got a little bit together at the end.”
Robertson – “I just let her play. With so many players out there and shots being hit I wanted her to take care of her game. She didn’t know where she stood. We just let her play and it turned out ok for us.”

Kent State’s Michaela Finn speaking to Golf Channel after clinching the eighth place spot and qualifying for match play
Michaela Finn – “I was just taking it shot by shot today. It has been a tough day with the wind and the weather. It has been a challenge. I feel really good about my golf, it just wasn’t always there today.”
Finn – “I’m really proud of this team. I felt like our team has just a big of chance to match play.”

On Northwestern, top-seed advancing to quarterfinals of team match play
Stupples – “Northwestern is a team that has been gradually improving over the past several years.”

Northwestern Head Coach Emily Fletcher speaking with Golf Channel
Emily Fletcher –“I knew the forecast called for incredibly tough conditions. As coaches, we try to have the same mantra as we tell our kids, which is to keep your head down and play hard on every hole and every shot. These kids did a tremendous job with that these past three days. This golf course, it is a big course, conditions are incredibly demanding and I’m just so proud of our effort.”

On Baylor advancing to team match play
Baylor coach Jay Goble speaks with Golf Channel on advancing to team match play
Jay Goble – “I’m extremely proud. I honestly didn’t look at the scores all day. I didn’t look at my phone and I didn’t look at the leaderboard. It was really hard not to do, but all we have talked about is fighting and controlling what we can control out here. This group is a bunch of fighters right here. I’m super excited for the next couple of days. I’ve got a great group that is going to do really well.”
Goble – “I’ve got a good feeling about our team. They fight hard.”
Goble – “Match play is a different beast. It is a different animal from stroke play. You just have to go out there and play your game and forget about everybody else. I’m confident in this crew, they are going to go out there and play great tomorrow.”

On Stanford advancing to team match play
Steve Burkowski – “This course and this weather is certainly a great equalizer but there is something about Anne Walker at Stanford and what she has been able to do this season. She has a grasp on just to handle this match play dynamic.”

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