Thursday, April 6th, 2017


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From the Masters
Thursday, April 6, 2017 (primetime)
Augusta National Golf Club
Augusta, Ga. 

On Thursday’s opening round at the Masters with the windy conditions
David Duval – “I’m excited to see the first round having gotten under way. The golf was incredible. What you saw today was give the greatest players an opportunity to play and they will perform regardless of the conditions.”
Frank Nobilo – “It was a day for plain sailing, if you are a sailor. For a golfer, this was hard.”
Rich Lerner – “It was a day to hang in, and some ways, hang on.” 

On the ceremonial first tee shots by Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player and paying tribute to Arnold Palmer
Lerner – “When Arnold Palmer was 34 years old, when he was 54 years old, when he was 84 years old, we always rooted for him to give us a smile, to give us a thumbs up and to give it a good rip. And that is just what Jack and Gary did.”
Brandel Chamblee – “What an emotional tribute. Jack, Gary and the rest of the world teared up. It was a thoughtful, poignant and very respectful tribute to the great man, Arnold Palmer.”
Nobilo – “I thought it was golf’s 21-gun salute. It was everything you wanted it to be.”
Duval – “A legend like Arnold Palmer never leaves us really. He’s around, he’s here. He will forever be missed.” 

On Charley Hoffman, leader at 7-under par after Thursday’s opening round
Chamblee – “They give out a crystal vase for the low round of the day. They should give Charley Hoffman a crystal chandelier, or a house made of crystal. This is one of the greatest rounds ever played in the history of the Masters.”
Duval – “This is one of the greatest rounds of golf that you will see. It was an incredible day by Charley Hoffman.”
Lerner – “He played as if it was a windless day in Palm Springs.”
Duval – “Absolutely dialed in on a difficult day.”
Nobilo – “I didn’t think a round like this was out there, to be honest. Nobody did.” 

On World No. 1 Dustin Johnson, withdrawing from the Masters prior to the start of the opening round due to injury
Lerner – “A healthy Dustin Johnson could have left here Sunday night in a 43 long as a dominant and even intimidating figure. Instead, he departs a sympathetic one without having hit a single shot.” 

On Lee Westwood, in third place at 2-under par after Thursday’s opening round
Duval – “He has a great attitude, great ability to play this game and incredible confidence.”
Duval – “It is hard not to root for Lee Westwood to win, especially here. He is one of the classiest people in golf.”

On Phil Mickelson, T4 at 1-under par after Thursday’s opening round
Duval – “Today required touch, imagination and experience. Phil had all of that today.”
Chamblee – “When he is pitching, I’m paying attention. I’m always intrigued with his ability to make something so difficult look so easy. This place was made for him.” 

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