Sunday, October 2nd, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From the Ryder Cup (Sunday primetime)
Sunday, Oct. 2, 2016
Hazeltine National Golf Club, Chaska, Minn.

**The Ryder Cup Sunday singles matches will replay on Golf Channel in its entirety Monday from Noon-6 p.m. ET.**

On the United States defeating Europe 17-11 to win the 2016 Ryder Cup
Rich Lerner – “They are delirious with joy in Minnesota. Because at long last, America has won the Ryder Cup. One of the most entertaining days. One of the most thrilling, draining, riveting events in the history of this sport. All of that frustration. All of that doubt. It is all gone. The celebration is underway.”
David Duval – “This has been a long, hard road for the American Ryder Cup team…Looks like all of the collective ideas have paid off, and paid off in a big way.”
Frank Nobilo – “No disrespect for alcoholics anonymous. These boys deserve a drink, that’s for sure. You wait for eight years, you can have more than one.”
Nobilo – “Hazeltine has been absolutely phenomenal. That’s the 13th man for the United States team this week.”
Lerner – “They rallied the 13th man. Such a huge boost from the galleries this week. They rode that adrenaline train.”
Brandel Chamblee – “It is just an amazing transformation at the Ryder Cup the past couple of years.”
Lerner – “What these athletes delivered to us and to fans around the world today was extraordinary. On both sides.”
Duval – “As a group of players, it is sheer elation. A big weight has been taken off of their shoulders.”
Nobilo – “The golf that was delivered these three days at this level and under this scrutiny is by far the best golf I have ever seen in my life.”
Nick Faldo – “The quality of golf was amazing all week. Every other sport needs to have a look. Three days of this intensity, this excitement. Unprecedented.”
Faldo – “No other event is anything like this.”
Lerner – “It’s only a game but they care. We care. Yes, they lost and they won, but we won. Golf won. Sports won.”

On Patrick Reed (U.S.) defeating Rory McIlroy (Europe) 1up
Duval – “We were talking about Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth being the new bosses of the American Ryder Cup team. Patrick Reed certainly went out and did that today.”
Duval – “It was inspired, wonderful golf. To top it off, the sportsmanship was second to none. Everybody enjoyed seeing that.”
Chamblee – “In 2008, Boo Weekley did a great job of keeping everybody loose. But I think this Ryder Cup will be remembered for Patrick Reed firing everybody up.”
Chamblee – “The Ryder Cup slogan is ‘Where Legends are Forged.’ No doubt his legend was forged this week.”
Chamblee – “Patrick Reed is the player the United States has been looking for, waiting for, dreaming of, for over 20 years. He said, ‘I’ve got this, get on my back and let’s go.’”
Nobilo – “The match took on a totally different level once when they both started to play better and better.”
Chamblee – “It exceeded all of our expectations. One of the best back-and-forths – certainly in the history of the Ryder Cup – maybe in the history of golf.
Faldo – “The quality of golf and the quantity of their enthusiasm were outrageous.”

On Phil Mickelson (U.S.) and Sergio Garcia (Europe) halving their match (both shot the equivalent of 9-under-63)
Chamblee – “Besides Jack Nicklaus in 1986, this might be the best golf ever a 46-year old has played in the history of golf.”
Chamblee – “He has become a better Ryder Cup player at 42, 44, 46 than he was in his 20s and his 30s.”
Nobilo – “To finish the week off shooting the equivalent of a 63 against one of Europe’s greatest. To put up something like that, in the spotlight, under the scrutiny…He put himself in the
situation where I guarantee you 99.9 percent of people would have failed.”
Duval – “Phil Mickelson, victorious at last. Vindicated. Validated.”
Duval – “The back and forth was unlike anything I have ever seen in a Ryder Cup match.”
Chamblee – “Something about the Ryder Cup has brought about the best in Sergio Garcia.”
Duval – “This might be the greatest round he [Garcia] has ever played today. Might be argued that this is one of the best rounds of golf these two players, in these circumstances have ever played. It was remarkable to watch the back and forth between these two players.”
Duval – “They birdied over half the holes they played today. I don’t know if we will ever see that again in the Ryder Cup.”

Phil Mickelson speaking with Golf Channel’s Steve Burkowski following United States’ victory
Phil Mickelson – “I’ve have had a lot of fun this week. More fun than you can ever imagine. What is so impressive is watching the way these guys play. Some of the golf played by the U.S. team is just incredible. It is so fun to be together, to work together and to achieve something like this and to have these memories and emotions that we all share. Awesome week.”
Mickelson – “When you share such pressure-packed experiences and emotions with each other, they are relationships and experiences that you share for a lifetime.”

Patrick Reed speaking with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis following United States’ victory
Patrick Reed – “Relationships are everything. We have mad respect for the guys on the European Team, and they also do for us. To go out and to be able to let loose…There are a lot of things that you can do at a Ryder Cup that you normally can’t do at a TOUR event. To be able to get the crowd going. To be able to yell, to be able to point, bow and sush, the finger-pointing, whatever it is. It is all fun and games and all done out of respect. It’s kind of giving them answer, a more show of  respect for what they did and vice-versa. We are getting everyone fired up and getting the crowds fired up and getting the teams fired up. At the end of the day, we are all one big family, trying to play some good golf and do something good for our team.”
Reed – “I haven’t been a part of the Ryder Cup at home, and to be a part of it this week at home has been out of this world.”
Reed – “The whole team got really close and we all believed in the same thing. Go out and do your job and if you do that, we will win at the end. That’s what we did. To have 12 guys come together and to have the vice captains come together…so many different types of guys, so many different types of personalities. For us to all to come together and to be one is just awesome.”

Jordan Spieth speaking with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis following United States’ victory
Jordan Spieth – “We worked so hard. Worked for the last two years for this kind of moment. I didn’t get my job done today but this week it was a complete team effort. Some really special golf was played and it is an amazing feeling being on this side of things. We stood on the stage in ’14 and had to watch the Euros lift the Cup. It is special doing that with this group of guys. We just had an unbelievable time together.”
Spieth – “Phil [Mickelson] stressed hundreds of times this week, he called this week ‘The beginning.’ This is the beginning. That is what we believe. We believe we have a great mix of young studs and veterans who can still shoot 9-under on Sunday against arguably one of the best players in Ryder Cup history in Sergio Garcia, the way Phil did. That mixture is going to continue within our team. Now we have a formula for success. Boy, it is lot of fun to be on this side.”
Spieth – “Patrick Reed was a hero this week for our country. To watch what he did was incredibly special…We all do different things and have different personalities and do different things on the road. We were all one family this week. We were all one team, and we believed it.”

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