Sunday, September 18th, 2016


Golf Channel on NBC Notable Quotes
The Evian Championship – Sunday’s Final Round
Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016
Evian Resort Golf Club, Evian-les-Bains, France

On In Gee Chun, 2016 Evian Championship winner at 21-under par (2-under par 69 on Sunday)
**Chun set a new major championship record – male or female – for a 72-hole score in relation to par at 21-under par.**

In Gee Chun speaking with Golf Channel’s Tom Abbott following her victory
In Gee Chun – “I just cannot believe I won The Evian Championship and made 21-under par. I’m not dreaming right? I had a really great time this week. Most people say golf is in an individual sport, but I believe it is a team sport. My manager, my caddie, my coach, my family and my team prepare for this game and play this game together. I love my team. Thank you so much. All of the volunteers and greens keepers, you did a great job. Thank you so much. And with Evian, I was never thirsty during the play. So, thank you so much Evian.”

Gannon – “In Gee Chun has gone where no one has gone before. 21-under in a major championship and the winner here at the Evian.”
Rankin – “I really think she has worked very hard mentally to get a new picture of each shot she was going to play and visualizing each shot…She has done it successfully and has done it consistently, and I think that is why you don’t see nerves.”
Gannon – “What a performance over the course of four very soggy days here on the side of the Alps.”
Rankin – “Don’t you think those people that finished in 17th place at 3-under par under are thinking, “What course did she play?”
Gannon – “On the outside it has been a stress-free week for her at Evian. On the inside it is different, but she has never looked in doubt about her swing.”

On So Yeon Ryu, T2 at 17-under par (5-under par 66 on Sunday)
Rankin – “She has been working tremendously hard. I like her golf swing as much as I ever have. She has made great improvement in this last year…I don’t think it will be very long until she hits the winner’s circle again.”
Sandy Mackenzie – “She has played well. Any other week she would have won.”

On Sung Hyun Park, T2 at 17-under par (2-under par 69 on Sunday)
Jerry Foltz – “She has got a steely gaze,  the power that very few ladies possess and a self confidence in the way she conducts herself on the golf course which is rare.”
Rankin – “Players like Park who can rocket the ball up very high in the air are rare in the women’s game. That is an advantage.”
Gannon – “If you are just watching her for the first time, you’ll see a lot more of her through the years.”
Rankin – “Her career is just beginning.”

On Shanshan Feng, fourth place at 15-under par (2-under par 69 on Sunday)
Foltz – “She said yesterday ‘The putter has been cold for three days, certainly it can’t be cold for four.’ She hasn’t made many today when she’s needed them the most.”
Rankin – “She is quite the comedian on the LPGA Tour. It is a lot of fun if you are on the practice tee when Shanshan is there.”
Rankin – “She has played with great confidence this week. You can tell she believes in what she is doing and that she feels she is up to the task.”

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